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  1. Hi all, I’ve recently become a huge convert of the Kamado grill. After some very positive reviews On this site of the Masterbuilt unit, I took the plunge and have zero regrets. Because of its great value (here in the UK I picked mine up for just shy of £600), I feel I can justify pimping it up to the Joe’s level of kit, which I understand will all fit, due to it basically being a repainted Classic Joe (?)


    Firstly, I’d love to fit the ash tray in the bottom (not the charcoal basket, although more on that in a bit) I can’t for the life of me find that mentioned anywhere as a purchasable spare part, can anyone help?!


    Then secondly, I’m looking to add the genuine Joe half moon deflector plates, half moon cast iron and stainless steel grates, the ‘divide and conquer’ flexible cooking rack and also the charcoal basket. Are there any cheaper options out there or is the quality not worth the trade off?


    Many thanks in advance!!

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