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  1. Just curious. what's the advantage(s) of soapstone griddle over a cast iron griddle? And, being totally off the wall, would a granite griddle offer any pluses? (seeing as my buddy has granite shapes and rounds just sitting in his backyard from his house remodel)
  2. OK, I can give the full load'o'lump test and see how it works. Thanks!
  3. heh...good point. I'm new enough that I never even knew about those options. This is me scribbling furiously for new things to try. Right now I'm going for your basic 'smoked hunk of beef' for slicing.
  4. You know, this is a good thought I had not even considered. I'm using the ceramic stone because I could get it, and figured that the 5/8" thickness makes good thermal mass to maintain temp. Never dawned on me the heat could just go up and around. I'll do the experiment this weekend. Thanks!
  5. Greets to all. WARNING: Long, and kind of garbled. I am new all this and experimenting with a Golden's 'lil brother' cast iron kamado that is on 'long term loan'. I attempted to smoke a 3+ pound chuck roast last week and it did not perform as expected. I'd like some opinions (other than my own clueless guesses) the kamado is a cast iron unit, about 14" across. I'm using a 5/8 inch ceramic 'pizza stone' as a heat diffuser (the original cast iron heat diffuser is apparently long since gone somewhere else). Charcoal is the Royal Oak hardwood br
  6. When grilling meats I usually put a coat of cooking oil on them. Is this advisable when smoking a piece of meat? or will the oil prevent the smoke from penetrating? Thanks!
  7. I've been looking at rub "recipes" and almost all of them have sugar of some variety in them. Is there a reason for that, or is it just for flavoring? It seems to me that all the sugar will do is caramelize and make a mess on your diffuser (or drip catcher) and otherwise be wasted? If I don't like the sweet tasting stuff can I just leave the sugar out of whatever rub mix I decide to try? thanks!
  8. Thank you for the reply. In fact just a couple of hours ago I was able to track down a local guy with a stash of DIP sockets. They were REALLY dusty I did not intend to say that anyone on the board was rude. The board (I assume a bot or some such) simply refused to let me join. Thank you again for finding and posting the answer.
  9. so the twvbb bbs or whatever it is that hosts the heatermeter forum decided it didn't like me for some reason. So here I am. You're my only hope.... I've got the 4.3 kit, I've assembled the base board. I'm waiting on a 16pin DIP socket from amazon for the LCD and button board. I have the RPi Zero. Can I use the heatermeter baseboard and RPi WITHOUT the LCD/button board? Or is the LCD/Button board required? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply! How much 'chip' wood? It seems like it will all burn off pretty soon with an all day smoke. Or is that a 'play with it over time and add more if you need to' thing?
  11. Hi. Rank newbie question, but here goes...what do I actually use to do the long smoking sessions with? I have a 14" cast iron kamado. It burns charcoal, but what can I actually use? I have a bag of the Royal Oak Natural Hardwood charcoal. Is that all I need? Or do I need to put some sort of wood chips in there....somewhere? Back in university I used to soak some hickory or mesquite chips in a pie tin of water for a day or two before putting the whole tin into the Old Smokey with the ring of charcoal and the meat. That always seemed more like steaming to me, but hey, it
  12. Thank you. I'll go have a look around her shed again then.
  13. Last week I 'inherited' a Golden's Cast Iron 14 inch 'Lil Brother' Kamado. (price was right! Just haul it away!) Never used until now. Interesting little unit, and I have some questions. If anyone has one of these I'd like to learn a bit. * Is the 'heat deflector plate' supposed to be included with it? Or does that need to be purchased separately? I basically want to know if I need to go back and look for it. Otherwise I'll either order one or come up with an alternative. * As far as alternatives...I'm thinking maybe a 12in or 13in pizza stone from amazon, and
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