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  1. I’m dealing with the EXACT SAME THING!!! Mine is in the same area too. It was very fine when I unpacked. I did two cooks and it got worse each time. It took KJ several days to respond but they said they don’t know when I’ll receive a replacement. Have you grilled yet and if so did it get worse???
  2. DQW


    They emailed me back and said they don’t know when I will receive the replacement parts. They said I can continue using the grill. I think I’m gonna follow your advice. It has already gotten worse
  3. DQW


    They emailed me and said somebody will reply within 5 business days. I wanna grill lol
  4. DQW


    I purchased through Atlanta Grill Company. It arrived with a small crack and one of the firebox plates chipped. I cooked twice and the crack got worse each time.
  5. DQW


    I was afraid someone was gonna say that. I watch all your videos and definitely respect you opinion based on experience. Hopefully they reply and send it soon
  6. DQW


    Ok will do!! Thanks!!
  7. DQW


    I received my KJ classic 3 last week with a small crack in the dome. It has gotten worse with each of my two cooks. Will they replace this? Are they really fragile and crack a lot. One of the plates for my firebox was badly chipped too
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