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  1. for me I'm happy with the masterbuilt if you after a KJ classic. Got everything I need. As it came with a full moon stainless steel grill and deflector/pizza stone. Blagged a free Kamado Joe cover in purchase from Homebase. have since purchased Divide n conquer System. X accessory. Cast iron reversible grill. Half moon stainless Steel, half moon deflectors . KJ ash basket all for less than £800. Which I think is not bad going. Been using some restaurant quality charcoal that bnq are selling for £12.50 fir 12kg. Half the price as online .
  2. what size pan would best suit a KJ classic?
  3. I bought the kamado joe charcoal basket as my first addition after the reading John's list of must haves. And asking him which he preferred. I think I'm now happy with my set up for this summer. Thanks for responses.
  4. So what I have ordered is one stainless steel half moon grid and a reversible cast iron griddle to go with the flexible cooking rack. . My thought process is that I can still use my full moon stainless steel grate for low and slow cooking. But also have the ability to decent burgers with extras. Hope I chose well.
  5. I ended up buying kamando joe bits from bedsbbq. As they had them.in stock.
  6. I have just ordered some Kamado parts as they seem to be back in stock in the uk stores, to go with my Masterbuilt. On ordered I have the Classic Joe Flexible Cooking Rack, x Accessory Rack, Half Moon Deflector Plates. Now the reason for my email, what would you suggest as best set up , most likely use. Ie 2 stainless steel griddle. 1x stainless steel or cast iron grate, reversible cast iron griddle, soapstone etc, so I can purchase the correct stuff. thanks in advance
  7. Did you find your parts. Just noticed last night that Kamado Joe parts ate now available in uk. I've just ordered some bits for my Masterbuilt from bedsbbq.
  8. Just downloaded. I look forward to picking up some good tips. Thanks for sharing your knowledge
  9. Luckily Homebase still had the demo model , so managed to get they to swap the part with no problems at all. Not only was the bar drilled in wrong places, it was also a few millimetres longer. Probably made for a larger model. Anyway its now erected. Cherry wood has arrived. Gloves, chicken and ribs stands, Bluetooth temp probes too. Now just waiting on my deliveries for charcoal and JC ash basket. And when I can order the divide n conquer. Only thing left to do is research the best butcher in Poole/bournemouth and fire it up.
  10. Thank you John. I better get that ordered now before they too get snapped up down to single numbers already. D&C is on my list too, struggling to find any in stock over here. Now for some gloves research. Thanks again
  11. Thank you for the tips. One question I have as you mention you own kich ash baskets , would you recommend one of those above the Kamado Joe baskets. I have only just purchased a Masterbuilt Kamado not yet fired up. I believe I'll need a classic size. Here in UK I can get the kamado joe basket for £75 . Kick ash (£?) and Ynni (£57) are both out of stock at present. Thanks
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