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  1. Magazine Cover from Deya brewing, very good! The air leakage isn't really anything to be worried about, there are two holes either side of the joetisserie for the spit to sit in so there is no perfect seal. If the lid on the kamander was heavier, I guess it might be better but to be honest I don't think it makes a lot of difference. You could probably do the whole cook with the lid open and just manage the fire/fuel. I was worried that it was stupidly expensive and did look at some of the cheaper alternatives but the sizing wasn't as close as the Joetisserie. This is my
  2. If you were still unsure, the Joetisserie is awesome!! Leg of lamb, rubbed with, fresh rosemary, garlic, juniper berries, Himalayan salt, black pepper and extra Virginia olive oil. Cooked around 190⁰c for around 90 mins. I'm not a believer that lamb has to be pink, I was aiming for 60⁰ internal and want far off. Delicious!
  3. 1kg back ribs from my local butcher, cooked using a modified 3-2-1 method over charcoal and cherry wood. And finished with a Bulleit bourbon glaze. Really pleased with how these came out, not fall of the bone but tender and juicy just how I like them!
  4. Hi @wooperjay, to be fair, I've only used the billows a few times and it seems to work OK. As you may already know, it has a very powerful fan (maybe too powerful for a lot of BBQs) and is essentially either on or off at full power. It does pulse when nearing target temperature so as not to overshoot but there isn't any user control over this. Thermoworks do sell a damper for the fan but it is not available in the UK - I got one sent over from the US but have not yet tested it thoroughly. One of the big advantages of the fan is being able to increase the temperature of
  5. I’ve used it a few more times, it’s really, really good. Mains powered and solidly built. Did a half leg of lamb yesterday was fantastic, so easy to use.
  6. First attempt at chicken shawarma last night on the Joetisserie. Came out really good, very pleased with the result and so easy. Juicy, tender moist chicken, with gnarled crispy edges. Followed Smoking Dad's recipe from his YouTube video.
  7. Was really good, juicy and succulent but could have done with another 10/15 mins to crisp up the skin a touch.
  8. Ran out of light, time and patience tonight but it works really, really well! Going to try some more at the weekend. Need to work on my trussing up and give myself more time.
  9. Think this counts as cooking surface, going to test it out later on today!!! It was expensive but seems well made, fits perfectly and most people rave about them.
  10. After a bit of research, I just picked one of these up for my Char-Broil Kamander, fits perfectly, first cook tonight...
  11. Saw this post far too late! Grate (sorry) looking set up. As a fellow Kamander owner I have done much of the same research as yourself! I found this Char-Broil griddle for their Patio Bistro gas grill on Amazon warehouse for £10.96!!! Its 38cm in diameter and fits perfectly on the spider/rack/thing Not yet used but will be smashing some burgers at some point soon.
  12. Has the black just been scrubbed off?
  13. I’ve had a bag of BigK restaurant that was horrendous, Smokey from start to,finish even at 400c! In fairness they sent me a replacement but not a good first impression. Two bags of globaltic that were brilliant. Plus a really good bag of fruit wood offcuts from a farm off eBay that don’t seem to exist anymore. And some Alder from Amazon was v good.
  14. Out of interest, what setting/number do you have your exhaust (top) vent set to when using the billows. And do you get to your target temp and then set it up or light and go?
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