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  1. Little drop off this beauty this evening.
  2. How about this one, not sure how much difference the inch will make: https://www.kamado.co.uk/YNNI-Kick-Ash-Basket-for-25-YNNI-Kamado-or-similar-TQKAB25_p_259.html
  3. I used my billows again yesterday, second time of using it with the damper that @BillCarr very kindly sent me I hadn't really used it as like most others I find the Kamander can hold temp very well all on its own. My previous experiences with the fan weren't great, I had overshot the target temp by quite a long way. However with the new damper installed on the fan, I found that I had a lot more control and it worked a treat. Pork belly burnt ends rubbed with my own five spice blend and finished with a honey sriracha sauce.
  4. I think you’ve just misunderstood someone else’s comments in another thread. The internal temp is the way to tell if your food is cooked. “Oven” temp will depend on the type of cook you are doing, as others have mentioned. Both are important and most people I know and speak to monitor both.
  5. I have had this happen on my Kamander (almost a year old) once, quite recently and I couldn't work out why! I don't even remember what I had cooked but the next morning the grill was still warm and when I mixed up the ash in the bowl it was still very warm and stayed that way for a couple of hours. I did tighten the two daisy wheels when I got it to ensure they couldn't move around too freely and I have added a gasket to the main body of the grill - the lid gasket is a good one and I would not change that if I were you. So its sealed up well in that sense, the only place where the seal isn't the best is on the ash trap at the bottom of the inlet pipe. Hope you get to the bottom of it!
  6. I know, it’s daylight robbery!!!
  7. No idea about infringement or patents but we have the same grill in the UK called the lifestyle Black Dragon egg! https://onsen-living.co.uk/products/lifestyle-black-dragon-egg-barbecue?currency=GBP&variant=39770739015873&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwpPYj7Kz8AIVc4BQBh05VAl1EAYYAiABEgKZefD_BwE
  8. Magazine Cover from Deya brewing, very good! The air leakage isn't really anything to be worried about, there are two holes either side of the joetisserie for the spit to sit in so there is no perfect seal. If the lid on the kamander was heavier, I guess it might be better but to be honest I don't think it makes a lot of difference. You could probably do the whole cook with the lid open and just manage the fire/fuel. I was worried that it was stupidly expensive and did look at some of the cheaper alternatives but the sizing wasn't as close as the Joetisserie. This is my fifth cook with it and I can only see myself using it more and more to be fair.
  9. If you were still unsure, the Joetisserie is awesome!! Leg of lamb, rubbed with, fresh rosemary, garlic, juniper berries, Himalayan salt, black pepper and extra Virginia olive oil. Cooked around 190⁰c for around 90 mins. I'm not a believer that lamb has to be pink, I was aiming for 60⁰ internal and want far off. Delicious!
  10. 1kg back ribs from my local butcher, cooked using a modified 3-2-1 method over charcoal and cherry wood. And finished with a Bulleit bourbon glaze. Really pleased with how these came out, not fall of the bone but tender and juicy just how I like them!
  11. Hi @wooperjay, to be fair, I've only used the billows a few times and it seems to work OK. As you may already know, it has a very powerful fan (maybe too powerful for a lot of BBQs) and is essentially either on or off at full power. It does pulse when nearing target temperature so as not to overshoot but there isn't any user control over this. Thermoworks do sell a damper for the fan but it is not available in the UK - I got one sent over from the US but have not yet tested it thoroughly. One of the big advantages of the fan is being able to increase the temperature of the grill remotely, for example if you are away from the grill and want to speed up cooking times. I'm not sure I could recommend the billows as I just haven't used it enough. If you're set on the Thermoworks Signals (which is excellent) then its a great little add-on for a small price. I think you will find a lot more information on this forum with regards to other temperature controllers, especially the Fireboard which seems to get a lot of positive feedback. Good luck! https://www.thermoworks.com/TX-1609X-BD
  12. I’ve used it a few more times, it’s really, really good. Mains powered and solidly built. Did a half leg of lamb yesterday was fantastic, so easy to use.
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