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  1. As above it wouldn’t be a reverse sear and I suspect over cooked!
  2. Having jumped the gun and already commented on a few posts, I thought I best say hello!
  3. I have just bought one of these for my Char Broil Kamander, I have to have the top vent almost closed For low & slow but this is the same without the Billows attached, it works perfectly!
  4. I have just bought the Signals/Billows combo here in the UK for my Char Broil Kamander. I have only used it a couple of times for some shorter cooks but it worked perfectly, straight out the box. Just one thing, the instructions state to connect everything up and light the charcoal. This overshot the target temp by quite some way on my first use. For the next couple of cooks, I got the grill/oven up to temp myself and then connected the billows to the intake. This seemed to work really well. If you do decide to go this route, Thermapen/ETI offer a 20% discount scheme fo
  5. Non ceramic kamado owner but I'm pretty sure you need to keep the vents open when covered to allow the kamado to "breathe".
  6. Cheers @evilnim Angus & Oink The General Tex Mex BBQ dust. Below is the finished article.
  7. I finally pulled the trigger on the Signals with Billows offering from Thermoworks. Managed to get 20% off by referring a friend to Thermapen UK, which made the Signals/Billows combo an absolute steal at under £200. I bought three tube cap ends to seal up the three unused vent holes and the Billows fits the fourth hole perfectly. This is my set up, currently roasting a chicken at 170⁰C just to test it out, so far, so good.
  8. I removed the grill grate so it sits right over the ash pan, no difference in height.
  9. I've been looking all over for something like this! There's a chap on YouTube (Tim's budget BBQ) who made a clever adapter that fits onto the bottom of the intake pipe, replacing the end cap. I had thought about the IQ110 or similar that has the hose you could drop down the pipe and then blank off the inlet. I'm not keen on taping up the holes on the daisy wheel (not sure why) but great idea and good to see it working well.
  10. It's brilliant! Has a divider so you can do indirect 50/50 without the water pan or deflector, good do or wings or reverse dear. Clean up is s breeze and sit flow is awesome.
  11. HI and welcome - I bought myself a Kamander earlier on this year, you won't regret it! You may be interested in this "kick" ash basket from Ynni Kamado. Mine arrived today, it fits like a glove, seems to be really well made, solid, heavy bit of kit. https://www.kamado.co.uk/YNNI-Kick-Ash-Basket-for-25-YNNI-Kamado-or-similar-TQKAB25_p_259.html I also got a 38cm/15inch pizza generic pizza stone from a garden centre, this fits perfectly in the drip pan ring/halo as a deflector or can of course be used as a pizza stone on the grate.
  12. Does anyone know if this fits on the Char-Broil Kamander?
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