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  1. After a year of screwing things up, I have become quite efficient with my Kamado Joe Classic. It is time to try my first brisket. From what I have read, it's a simple low and slow cook at 225 that takes around 1.5 hours per pound. When the internal temp gets to 165, you wrap in butchers wrap and do you put it in a cooler or keep it on the smoker? Any suggestions? Thanks 

  2. Hey guys. Ok so I have had my Kamado Joe Classic for two months. So far I have burnt myself, the grass, and broken one of the ceramic heating plates. I have persisted and have gotten much better. My wife's birthday is this Friday and she has requested pulled pork taco's. I've got my pork shoulder ready, as well as my rub. She has complained in the past about tasting too much charcoal. So I have tried to let the fire go for a good 70-80 mins before putting the meat on. We had an argument today about when the wood chips go on. From what I have read, you light the fire, let everything stay open for 10 minutes so it can catch, then you put your setup in (ceramic plate and wood chips) and open up the vents slowly monitoring until you reach your desired temp of smoking pork which is 225-250. Then you wait for 60 mins and put the meat on. She says you aren't supposed to put the wood chips on until ten minutes before the meat goes on. But that's how I screwed up last time. I had to take out a 500 degree plate and I dropped it and broke it. Can someone please give me a step-by-step procedure regarding how to do this on Friday? Like I said, I have my rub, I've done this before. 



  3. Good Morning.


    My name is Paul. I am from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. I believe I am going through a mid-life crisis. I just turned 39. Shortly after I started growing a man bun and a beard. I then purchased a $2000 Kamado Joe and started reading novels. My wife seems concerned. :)


    I only have two cooks under my belt. The first was chicken wings. They were terrible. I did not wait long enough for the charcoal to burn and all we could taste was charcoal. The second cook was nachos and hot dogs. Pretty hard to screw that one up. They went well. Trying strip loin steaks tonight. My goal is to learn the art of smoking. I love a good brisket.


    Looking forward to learning from you all. 

  4. Good Morning. I am brand new to the whole Kamado Joe process. My first cook was an absolute disaster. I did not let the charcoal burn long enough, and the wings I cooked tasted like charcoal. Next cook was hot dogs and nachos which was super easy. 


    Tonight I am trying steak. I've had strip loins marinating in the fridge over night. I know they need to be room temperature before cooking. When I do cook them, I understand I am to get my Kamado to the searing zone, sear for 2 mins, rotate for another 2 for cross hatching, flip steak and repeat. Once seared, I shut down both vents and let the meat cook for another 5 mins?


    Does this sound right?


    I also have an electric fire starter. From the videos I have seen, you should have those little fire starter cubes to light different zones. Should I get those instead of a electric starter. 


    Sorry for all the questions and thanks for the help.  

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