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  1. Anyone know who makes a replacement firebox that measures 16"x 9" ? So that's the short version of my question. For the long version...... A couple months ago I pulled my Grandfather's kamado out of my parents barn and brought it home. I've been having a blast with it and have smoked a couple of briskets, a pair or shoulder butts, a couple chickens, a boneless leg of lamb as well as steaks, ribs, chops, salmon, rockfish, and sausages.... So i think it's fair to say I'm starting to get a feel for how this thing cooks. My kamado is a early 70's Diem, and for those that are not familiar with these they do not have an inner ceramic firebox/ riser ring and therefore don't do indirect cooking since there is no way to install a plate setter. My kamado has a lip near the bottom and a Pontiac hub cap rests inverted on that lip. It's been drilled full of holes to act as the charcoal grate. As cheesy as this all sounds it actually works quite well. I'm able to easily bring her up to anything between 185°- 300° and hold it with very little creep. The problem I'm having is that on long cooks at about when the meat is stalling and it starts to really render out the fat, I start having a a really difficult time keeping the temperature stable. The fire tends to die if i keep it below 200°, but if i keep bumping it up to try and stray above 200° it ends up shooting to 250-300° and then it's a struggle to bring it down without killing the fire The obvious solution is to add a diffuser somehow, and if possible with enough room to also allow for a drip pan. My idea is to weld up a little stand out of some 5/8"stainless bar I have and buy an appropriate sized pizza stone to act as a difuser. The reason I haven't added a diffuser so far is because I've also thought about retrofitting a firebox from another brand. The problem I'm having is finding one that will fit. My grill is is 18.5" diameter and the inside diameter is 16" at 9" up from the bottom. A replacement for a kamado joe is listed at 17.5" x 9" tall and a local shop measured a green egg fire box fir me at 16.5" x 9" . So back to my question. Anyone know who makes a replacement firebox that measures 16" x 9" or a bit smaller? The photo is at the beginning of the cook on Saturday and you can clearly see the fire below the meat.
  2. Yesterday I went out and dug around in my parents barn to get a look at grandpa's old kamado. I wish I had looked at it myself years ago rather than rely on someone else's description of how big it was. It is exactly the size I've been wanting, and all these years I thought it was so much bigger. As you can likely see it is in fantastic condition considering it is over 50 years old. It has a nice thick protective layer of dust but the metal still has good paint on it and all the wood handles are solid. The one spot in the photo that looks like a damaged area near the bottom to the left of the vent is actually where something stuck to it in the glaze kiln and is only a visual flaw. The only damage this old girl has is the ceramic cap has be broken and glued together minus one piece. And the wood knob on the vent is gone. I'm still in the demolition phase of a back patio redo and will likely wait until next weekend to bring the smoker to it's new home. When I do I'll start a new thread so I can ask for tips on refurbishing the old girl. Robin
  3. I've grown up with kamados but never owned one myself but that will soon be changing. My dad, grandfather, and uncle all purchased Diem kamados back in 1968 or 69. The only one that is still surviving is the one my grandfather had which was lightly used and has actually been in storage for the last 30 years. My brother is a propane grill and pellet smoker guy so the kamado is mine if I want it. I'm sure most here would question the validity of a guy's man card that says "if I want it" about any fire containing device. But let me explain, the kamado in question is ginormous, I'm not sure of the size but I think the grill is either 22" or 24". It's main use was to smoke the holiday bird and it will easily accommodate a 20lb turkey and enough charcoal to smoke it. Most of the cooking I do is just for my wife and I and is more grilling than smoking and usually done on a table top Weber. Also this ex large kamodo does not, and never did have a ceramic fire box liner. Instead the grate for the coals was just a hub cap with a bunch of holes punched in it. If I set this up rather than buy a new kamado I'd like to add a fire box liner and grate from a modern kamado. And for that I'll need help in finding one that is the right size. Thanks,
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