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  1. But if you do want "gravy" then just stick it in a pan with a little wine, bring to the boil, add a little cornflour slurry and some salt an pepper and cook it off for a few minutes. (Maybe separate the fat from the broth first)
  2. Funnily enough..... I did have two Bloody Marys while I was baking this morning. And I have some wings about to go on the K for lunch appetisers. And some left over celery sticks!
  3. Nicely done. I'll pass on the green stuff though - the only greens I'll eat with those are celery sticks covered in blue cheese dressing.
  4. On the Kamado, because...why not? They do take a while though. And apologies in advance as this is quite a long and pic heavy post.... First up, make sure the sourdough starter is properly active. Then make up a thick starter sponge and leave to ferment overnight: Then incorporate that into a dough, knead well and leave that to ferment cold in the fridge for 24 hours. Make up a butter sheet - this is a pound of butter, mixed with an ounce of flour and then spread into a sheet about a quarter inch thick. This is the hardest part as it's stic
  5. Oh man, that looks good. I love pastrami but have never made it myself. It's been on my "to do" list for a long time.....
  6. I would fill the whole basket with good quality lump and put a heat deflector on one side. I've never really liked only using half of the basket as it take longer to get up to searing temperature and the coals don't last as long. I prefer having a nice even fire and then using heat deflectors to create cooler space. If your steaks are an inch and a half or more thick, then I would do a reverse sear. If not, I would just cook direct (in which case you probably won't need the heat deflector). For reverse sear, you need a small fire - so don't let it get too hot. Then cook
  7. Hello mate and welcome! You'll have a blast when your new toy arrives....
  8. :-) I have also been making sourdough croissants for the last two days. They are technically quite challenging and take three days to make. We shall see if they come out OK tomorrow....fingers crossed.
  9. That looks very tasty indeed. Nice job!
  10. Today, some Sourdough bread made with bottle conditioned ale and potatoes. But also with a "beer barm" to get more of a traditional style like way back when bread was leavened with the yeast foam (or "barm") from the top of fermenting ale. I do home-brew, but I don't have any beer fermenting right now so I had make my barm a different way. I retrieved an 11 year old bottle of beer that I had been keeping and gently cooked off some of that with some flour to form a thick paste. Once that was done, I let it cool, then added a couple of ounces of sourdough starter from the one that lives on my ki
  11. I knocked up a Teriyaki sauce yesterday to go with some salmon I had bought for dinner. Cooked the salmon at about 375F on the flat side of my cast iron griddle for 15 minutes, then basted with the sauce and gave it another 10 minutes. Served with an Asian style salad and jasmine rice, it came out very tasty. I don't even really like salmon!
  12. So, another “not a challenge entry” post.... This time I was trying a sourdough focaccia. It came out OK, but not great. Basically, the two main problems were that the starter was a bit too far past it’s peak which meant it took too long to ferment and didn’t rise as much as I would like, and also the bottom was a little bit over cooked. Not burnt, but crispier than it should be. It still tasted excellent and I am enjoying some now with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And a large glass of red wine.
  13. Very nice - and I am impressed that you mill your own grain. I might have to look into a little mill like that....
  14. But.....the FB2 Drive will power an overnight cook on its own internal battery.....so no worries about power outages!
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