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  1. I can't help you with making charcoal - but I can maybe help you with buying it in the UK. Big K restaurant charcoal is excellent and they will deliver free to your door if you buy 2 bags or more. 15Kg bags of their "Dura" large lump restaurant grade charcoal are £22.99. Their "Flama" stick product is also excellent. https://bigkproducts.co.uk/range/professional/page/2/
  2. Fantastic. Is that you with the rifle? In which case - extra kudos!
  3. I'm liking your beer selection. I'll follow this with interest. Here in the UK, we don't have Thanksgiving, but we do traditionally do Turkey for Christmas. I've cooked many turkeys over the years, but I have never brined, spatchcocked and cooked one on a Kamado. Which is exactly what I will do this time next month.
  4. Beautiful. Now you need some rye bread, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and cheese!
  5. I like that! Is the beef a bit of skirt?
  6. That's a really nice looking portable grill. I want one. I already have a Cobb cooker, but I still want one of those. Excellent video too. Thank you! I would worry about the melting point of cast aluminium, but I think it's somewhere north of 1200F, so should be just fine :-)
  7. That's the Le Chef, so it's quite a big charcoal basket. But it really doesn't use all that much charcoal. I just give it a good shake before I start a cook to get any ash or small pieces out, then top up again.
  8. Don't use briquettes - they don't get as hot as lump wood. From your photo, I think you need more charcoal. Fill that basket right up the brim and let it rip! Just for reference, here's a pic from mine - this is AFTER an overnight low and slow cook and you can see how much charcoal is still left.
  9. Your pork looks like it came out good in the end. Well done. If I am going to do a good size pork butt like that, I tend to do it overnight. I'll fill the firebox full of good quality lump wood charcoal, light a small fire and let it slowly come up to temperature. For overnight, I like 110C (230F). I'll put the pork on around 10-11pm and then go to bed and sleep like a baby. A remote thermometer is good for this! I use the Fireboard 2, but I presume the iKamand has the same functionality, even if you are not using it to actively control the grill? In the mo
  10. If you steam it ahead of time, some of the fat will render out. Then leave it uncovered in the fridge overnight for the skin to dry out. Put some Kosher salt and pepper on it and cook on the Kamado and you will have wonderful crispy skin. I would personally do it hot and fast rather than slow smoked. Maybe around 450F for 30 minutes (or longer if you didn't steam it first) Unless of course, what you actually want is smoked duck breast - in which case, low and slow. But no crispy skin. By the way - this method works excellently for chicken wings as well if you can be bot
  11. That's lovely. Can I borrow your wife for a week or two as I need a grill hut myself....
  12. Hmm.....I definitely don't have that issue. Mine will quickly go to 900F+ if I don't pay attention. For a cleaning burn, I just leave all vents fully open and let it rip - when it gets to around 700F I will close the vents down enough to keep it there and then just leave it until it burns out. It might be the coal you are using. Are you using briquettes or lump charcoal?
  13. I've just bought myself a building site work light. It's a big tripod with two LED floodlights on the top: Cheap as chips and should work perfectly. It is mains powered, but I have an outlet right next to my Kamado. https://www.toolstation.com/led-twin-tripod-work-light-ip65-240v/p88766?store=HR&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&gclid=CjwKCAiA2O39BRBjEiwApB2Iksg2CAWDi5sSDiy--8LT8Yamo6H9EzRzyiwC7aVbEbikzhQJEoRGqRoCpjgQAvD_BwE A longer term project will be a grill shack with a roof and plenty of permanent
  14. I will do. But I can explain even without pictures. I basically fill the charcoal basket full and then have the heat deflectors directly above the coal - will take some pics next time though....
  15. Getting over these problems is the fun part - and you get tasty food no matter what! If I may add my observations, I have the same make Kamado as you, and for a low and slow cook, my vents are shut a lot more than you show in the picture above. The top one would be almost closed - maybe a few mm open and the bottom one would be closed to about 5mm. It's always a good plan to find a decent local butcher and build a relationship - you'll be buying a lot of meat from them! I don't know what they call the pork butt cut in Moscow, but here in the UK I ask the butcher for the
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