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  1. If you like Japanese knives, take a look at this site. It's excellent. Super wide range from low cost to very high end. Fedex delivery from Japan in about 5 days. https://japanesechefsknife.com
  2. Well, I completed your survey. It's an interesting idea, but I doubt I would buy the product. I clean my grill grates every time I use the grill - but I find it really easy to do on the Kamado. If I am using hot temperatures I just bring the grill up to temp and then give it a quick wire brush. Also, once I have finished cooking I often bring the grill up to a hotter temperature to burn off any grease. I would also worry that the disposable part of your idea would not be rigid enough to hold heavy items like a chicken or pork shoulder. You would need to add strengthenin
  3. Here's a 13.5 hour overnight cook on my Monolith. Fireboard 2, with their blower - max fan speed was 25%, top vent was damn near closed - maybe an eight of an inch open. And here's what the charcoal basket looked like once the meat was taken out:
  4. Sardines are great eating. I've never had them frozen though - always fresh. They are super popular all around the Mediterranean. Full of Omega 3 and fish oil and super tasty. I just grill them up with a little olive oil and garlic. No need to clean them and once they are cooked, the flesh just slides off the bones. I've never tried eating the heads, guts or bones though! The fins normally burn away on the grill anyway. Toast up a bit of good bread on the grill to go with and rub with garlic and olive oil. A little green salad and you have an amazing meal. T
  5. Seconded. That's almost exactly what I do as well. I do marinade the squid in milk for an hour or so prior to cooking as well. I have read it tenderises it, but have no evidence one way or the other, it's just always what I have done for fried calamari so also do it with grilling. Make sure to get the tentacles a little crispy though - they are the best bit!
  6. It looks like it's going really well to me! The Fireboard is an excellent piece of kit.
  7. I do mine indirect at about 425 to 450. It takes a bit less than an hour normally. I rub the skin with softened butter and then add loads of kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper. They come out great. Agree with the veggies underneath. And if you have some new potatoes, halve them, toss in a little EVOO and salt and stick them in the Kamado to roast in a separate dish as well. You end up with a complete meal for 4 in under an hour.
  8. :-) My wife is exactly the same. I have had good success with the CPL, but I do prefer the Big K restaurant grade stuff. Either one works well though....
  9. Sounds good - and your spicing looks about right. I'd just propose one improvement, which is not to use ground meat, but instead pieces of lamb (or pork) shoulder, pounded flat and marinaded in the spices for a while, then stacked on the skewer. Same approach - cook until crispy on the outside, slice some off and let the rest cook a while longer, slice off, repeat..... yum!
  10. Just sayin'..... There's going to be some good roast beef sandwiches tomorrow....
  11. Ahh.... I predict a long term relationship based on shared respect and mutual values. Congratulations!
  12. Very nice indeed. I hope the pair of you share many blissful hours together!
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