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  1. Very true. And loving the forum name - is it an Iain M Banks reference?
  2. The answer is....it depends! If you are talking Pizza, then I never use sugar in the dough. Just flour, salt, water & yeast. But I cook quasi-Neapolitan style dough at very high temperatures. Technically, you don't need sugar in any savoury dough. The flour will feed the yeast quite happily, so you could really use any sweetener you like for taste purposes.
  3. :-) I thought it was a balanced plate..... I had some vegetables too.
  4. I happened to drive past my favourite butcher for ribs yesterday, so of course had to stop in and get some. All his meat is from local animals within about 20 miles. 3 racks of meaty spares. I think you would call these "St. Louis cut"? We just call them ribs :-) A little bit of Memphis style rub They were a pretty good size.... I gave them the best part of 7 hours at 240F. No peeking apart from the last 30 minutes to add some glaze Plated up with some Vietnamese style slaw. (Off topi
  5. So....if you want REALLY crispy wings, there is a secret. But it's a bit of a pain in the ###. Steam the wings the day before, then rest overnight uncovered in the refrigerator. Use a multi layer bamboo steamer if you have one and give them about 20 minutes. This lets some of the fat render out, then overnight in the 'fridge dries the skin out again. Personally, I don't bother, but it really does work. I just dry them as much as possible with kitchen towel, toss in a little bit of EVOO and some rub, then put them on the K at 400F for 20 minutes, turn and giv
  6. That's a great looking meal - and an excellent plated shot. I would be all over that.
  7. Great looking cook, Dan! I do a fair few Persian type recipes and crusted rice has long been a staple in this house. Our kids almost fight for the best bits. Ironically, we call it "that horrible burned rice". I've never done it on the Kamado though. I used to do it on the hob, then ended up with a rice cooker and now do it in that. Which is super easy and gets great results.
  8. Thanks @KismetKamado. If I can give you one tip on the bread, it would be not to add any salt to the starter when you feed it with flour and water. Let the starter grow overnight with its floury meal, then dissolve it with the rest of your bread water (minus a couple of ounces) the next morning. Mix in your flour and then leave that all for 40 minutes (autolyse). Then - add your salt and the last couple of ounces of water.
  9. :-) I was reading through your post and thought "good luck with getting those raw eggs off the peel with the pizza".......as I have tried similar in the past. And then I continued reading a bit and found out you had hit exactly the same issue! So yes - when putting a raw egg on a pizza, I cook it a bit first to let it set up and then crack the egg on. I mainly do pizza on my Ooni now as it is so much easier for 60-90 second Neapolitan type cooks, so I give it around 30-45 seconds, pull the pizza out to turn it and then crack the egg on. Another 45 seconds or so and it's
  10. That looks like a lovely dinner. Good job on the bread as well. Question on the Philips pasta machine.....how do you rate it? I have been considering getting one, although I am currently on the 6 month low carb phase of my year....
  11. Nice cook - and I love the onion ring idea!
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