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  1. Sounds good - and your spicing looks about right. I'd just propose one improvement, which is not to use ground meat, but instead pieces of lamb (or pork) shoulder, pounded flat and marinaded in the spices for a while, then stacked on the skewer. Same approach - cook until crispy on the outside, slice some off and let the rest cook a while longer, slice off, repeat..... yum!
  2. Just sayin'..... There's going to be some good roast beef sandwiches tomorrow....
  3. Ahh.... I predict a long term relationship based on shared respect and mutual values. Congratulations!
  4. Very nice indeed. I hope the pair of you share many blissful hours together!
  5. What he says! I did a spatchcocked Turkey last week, and that was my original plan, but I ended up putting the bird on a rack over a sheet pan as in the picture below. (You can see another drip pan underneath - which was the original plan. This was set up off the heat deflectors...) The sheet pan was full of onions, carrots and celery and some sprigs of thyme and sage. I then added a bottle of white wine. I cooked the turkey for 2 hours and the juices from the bird mingled with the wine and veggies came out great. I got a bit fancy and made a separate turkey stock w
  6. Here's mine from yesterday. 16lb bird brined overnight, then spatchcocked and left to dry in the fridge for 24 hours. Then I cooked it at 385F in the Monolith. It took almost exactly 2 hours until the breast reached 140F, at which point I pulled it and let it sit. The breast topped out at 157F It came out absolutely perfectly. This was the first time I had brined a turkey and I will definitely be doing it this way in the future. Super juicy and really, really tasty. Turkey sandwiches for lunch today.....
  7. Actually - I did end up spatchcocking it once I took it out of the brine this morning. The backbone and giblets along with assorted vegetables, herbs and stuff are simmering away to make stock as we speak. Some for gravy, some to go in the roasting pan under the turkey with the wine. I'm going to use the same ceramic feet that I use with my pizza stone to keep the roasting tray off the heat deflector......and oh yes - there will be garlic and herbs and stuff. I am currently making stuffing with pork sausage meat, chestnuts, onion, herbs....
  8. Try adding a brown anchovy to that poached egg. There's something magical about that flavour combination. I normally do this with Veiner Schnitzel (although a fried egg with crispy edges rather than poached), but I am sure it would work just as well with a steak.
  9. Merry Christmas! I currently have a 16lb turkey sitting in a citrus brine here. I'll pull it out in the morning, then leave it in the fridge to air dry until Christmas morning. Then it's getting spatchcocked and cooked on the Kamado. I'm going to put a big roasting tray full of root veggies and white wine on top of the heat defectors so the juices drip into it..... Pics to come...
  10. Looks great. I have never made Meatloaf before, but that inspires me to try. I have made Scotch Eggs many times, but never on the K....I'll have to give that a go.
  11. :-) I am also in the UK, so I can definitely imagine your joy! I recommend a garden parasol to keep you a little drier - and an LED worklamp on a stand which can be had from Toolstation for £36. That way you can stay dry and see what you are doing.... A remote thermometer is also a wonderful thing as you don't need to go out to check. If I am cooking a pork shoulder I normally don't wrap it at all and will not open the dome once between putting it on and around30 minutes before it is done. Don't open the dome to spritz or anything like that - just put the meat on and leave it alone
  12. I missed this the first time round - but it looks great. Grilled cheesecake is a whole new one to me. Tell me more....
  13. A month or so ago I got a chance to pick up an entire beef fillet at an exceptional price, so I did.....and stuck it in the freezer. This weekend our eldest child came home from University, so I took it out and we have dined on beef fillet all weekend. The meat itself was Spanish, and unlike the young meat we tend to get here in the UK, this was from a retired milking cow about 8 years old. Once they are done as milkers, they put them out to pasture in the hills of Galicia and leave them to graze and reach a ripe old age. They get somewhat chubby and lay down some nice marbling and
  14. I'm with @ckreef and @daninpdon this.....10 hours seems way too long for a turkey. Personally, I would be surprised if it took more than 3 hours and I would be really careful on the amount of smoke you use - maybe only use wood chips/chunks for the first 30 minutes. I can't see 2 full cans of cola staying in the bird's cavity either. I'd also crush the garlic and mix it with the butter, then spread that between the bird's breast and skin rather than just scattering it on top. Interested to see the results!
  15. Here's my random picture of the day....not cooked on the Kamado, but Beef Wellington with a chestnut mushroom Duxelles:
  16. Thanks a lot! To be honest, I have found Paella pretty easy to do on a Kamado. As long as you have the right rice (Bomba), excellent fresh seafood and do all the prep in advance it comes together without too much effort. I do it on direct heat, so you do need to manage your fire so it doesn't get too hot but that's about the most challenging part of it. And listening to the top vent so you can hear the soccorat forming is part of the fun!
  17. That looks great John. On my list..... Thanks!
  18. When I bought my Kamado (big Monolith), I went from 5 to 2. I had a Weber Smokey Mountain, a Bradley Digital Smoker, 2 Weber One Touch Kettles and a home built Tandoor oven. Now I have only the Kamado and the youngest of the Weber Kettles (The others are in the shed at the end of the garden, but don't tell my wife). The Weber has a full set of cast iron grates and is a nice grill in it's own right, but I haven't used it once since I got the Kamado. I'm keeping it as a spare in case we have Vegetarians round.
  19. That's a very nice looking meal - and I agree, a shame that you didn't make the deadline! I need to get some of this cast iron dishes you served the shrimp in.
  20. :-) No 4th of July either - I think that's more a case of you lot celebrating being free from the shackles of us lot! And thank you for the kind words and thoughts. Very much appreciated.
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