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  1. I do have an Ooni pizza oven and it works great for Neapolitan style (probably for all other styles as well, but I only do Neapolitan). The only issue I had with it was that I bought the wood fired version and quickly found out that you had to keep feeding the little beast constantly to keep temperature where it needs to be. The firebox is small, so you need to cut up lots of wood as well.


    I bought the gas burner option. Problem solved. 


    It's much easier to use it with gas and the pizza comes out the same!

  2. On 4/30/2022 at 3:35 PM, John Setzler said:


    There have always been google ads on this website.  Maybe you were using a browser that blocked them or something.  Those who contributed money when I was taking donations to help pay for the price of keeping this site running were put into a group that doesn't have ads displayed.  


    Ads display at the top, bottom and after the first post in threads.  It's part of how I can afford to give you this website without having to ask you for money.


    John, I for one would be happy to pay $20 a year if it helps. No ads for contributors, ads for freeloaders. Seems fair to me

  3. All my kids are at home today, the weather was pretty decent, so why not do a Paella on the Kamado?


    Answer: no reason not to. Let's get going!


    First off, fry off some chicken thigh in olive oil


    Remove that, then fry off some onion



    Add some pepper



    Some garlic



    Some grated tomato and some smoked paprika. Plus some good salt and pepper.



    Congratulations. Your sofrito is now done


    Add back the chicken and some beans



    Now add chicken stock, infused with saffron and white wine. And of course the Bomba Rice



    Close the dome for 15 minutes



    then add your seafood, give it another 10 minutes and....






    A fresh green salad and some crusty bread. Heaven...



  4. 1 hour ago, SmokeMaker said:

    Hi! Thank you for the reply! I actually just got off the phone with someone from Dansons, and it did not go well for me. I sent her several photos of the damage, I even have damage on the INSIDE of the grill I hadn't noticed before. I sent them several photos, but of course she said it's not covered because it's most likely weather related. Weather related on the INSIDE?? And it was covered with the cover they provided me lol! I guess Dansons makes grills that are not intended to be outdoors??


    She also told me no one there has access to whether or not I registered the product back when I bought it (which I'm sure I did). That seems very strange to me, but she told me no one can look that up. 


    Right now I am starting a fire in it, I am going to take a video of smoke coming all the way through the cracks from the inside to the outside, and I'm going to call back and send them that video. I believe that this is bad ceramic. I have a crack on the inside that I can just touch and the material crumbles. Maybe they will see it my way, I doubt it, but I'd like to try once more.


    And ideas for how to patch or fix this damage? I'd really like to get another season or two out of it if I can.


    Thank you all for the replies!




    Well, their warranty text does not say anything about weather damage being excluded. And it is reasonable to expect that a grill is kept outside. Their manual does say to use the cover, which you did. So she was BS'ing you.


    Do you have a proof of purchase? Could be credit card statement, phone record of purchase etc? You may need to threaten them a bit, but they should cover you as it certainly looks like a manufacturing or material defect.


    That's very poor customer service from them. Maybe tell them you'll be posting your experience on Twitter, Facebook and various BBQ forums. Here in the UK we have the Consumer Rights Act which protects consumers against #### like this. You may have something similar such as Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act.

  5. I am sure it will be just fine to cook with low and slow. I certainly wouldn't worry about that, but I probably wouldn't be doing 900F Neapolitan pizza on it.


    I just looked at the user manual on the Louisiana Grills website. You should be in luck - they offer a limited lifetime warranty on the ceramic parts and five years warranty on the metal parts. See below. Your picture certainly looks like material defect to me. Give them a call, send them the photo and they should send you a new grill.


    Good luck!



  6. That looks really ugly. At first I thought it was just paint, but if you also have cracks with smoke coming through, then that's a real issue.


    You should talk to Louisiana Grills. I don't think they have lifetime warranty on their cookers, but it might be 5 years on the ceramic - and if not, they should take pity on you anyway. That damage should happen....

    (I have pasted your pic below, so others can see it)



  7. Well, it's been a while since I posted here due to family issues and winter. That said, I have been cooking on the Kamado all through that time, including our Christmas Turkey, many steaks, kebabs, chops, etc, etc...


    This last Easter weekend though, the weather has turned better, so I had a proper Kamado weekend. On Sunday I did a 5lb rib roast of beef using reverse sear. No pics, but it came out perfectly.


    Yesterday I did three racks of baby back ribs. Rubbed with a kind of Texas style spicy rub that I made up a while ago and had some left. No problems at all with the cook. I just set the Kamado to 225F using the Fireboard 2, and let it run for about 5 hours while my wife and I went for a walk in the woods to look at the Bluebells as it is that time of year. No peeking. I mopped with a little homemade sauce 30 minutes from the end and the ribs came out great. Served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Super simple and tasty. Then I let the Kamado rip with the leftover coals for a cleaning burn, so she is all set for whatever I decide to cook next...






    Untitled 2.pdf

  8. Another vote for the same wisdom.


    900 degree pizza cooks can be done and I have done them several times. But a dedicated (and cheap) Ooni or similar pizza oven will get up to 900 degrees in 15 minutes and sustain it with much less fuel - especially with gas option.


    Sadly, Kamados at 900 end up being expensive in terms of gaskets, lump and the hair on your arms and eyebrows.


    Opening and closing the dome often and quickly at 900 to manage a pizza cooking in 60-90 seconds is also a bit of a problem and can be hazardous.

  9. Another vote for an Ooni (or similar).


    I can and have made pretty good Neapolitan pizza on my Kamado. But it's a pain because the quick cooking times, and the need to open the lid a lot to place, rotate and remove the pizza makes things difficult. And it sure uses a lot of fuel to stay at those temps if you making more than a couple of pizzas (we normally make 10 or so). It can also be dangerous opening the lid at those temps and I have killed more than one (felt) gasket this way.


    An Ooni will get to 900F in 20 minutes easily and will stay there without using much fuel. They only cost a couple of hundred bucks and are a good companion to a Kamado for also making things like naan or pitta bread while you do the main dish on the Kamado.


    I would recommend the gas fired options though. Although wood is much more traditional, it's just harder to keep feeding the little beast with the right sized firewood and it uses it quite quickly. Gas is clean, easy and it hardly uses any.

  10. Here in the UK, turkey is the traditional Christmas lunch, but I like Roast Beef instead!


    I got a rather nice 3Kg (6.6lb) rib roast from my butcher. I believe you lot over the pond would call it prime rib. This is expensive here, so it's a bit of a luxury, but then again it is Christmas. I salted it well with sea salt 48 hours before to give the salt time to draw moisture out of the meat and then reabsorb it back in. Then a little more salt and pepper prior to cooking it.


    It went on the Kamado at 110C (230F) and took about 4 hours to reach 49.5C (121F) at which point I pulled it and left it to rest under some foil for about 90 minutes.





    Perfect temperature control using the Fireboard 2. Once I pulled it, the internal temperature rose to a maximum of 56.7C (134F) to end up between rare and medium rare.


    Then I let the Kamado gain temperature until it hit around 425C (800F) and then gave the meat 8 minutes to sear it off.






    Served of course with the traditional British accompaniment of Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes, horseradish and the rest of the trimmings...






    Damn, it was good! And we still have enough left for roast beef sandwiches later today.

    Happy belated Christmas everyone!

  11. 10 hours ago, Boater said:

    @adm, so you only season after the cook?  Not even salt prior?  


    Really appreciate the options here and elsewhere. I'm just beginning experimenting with wings, haven't locked in something for the SOP, but wings are on the next shopping list (again) thanks to this thread.


    Exactly that. I rarely season prior to cooking. I do toss the raw wings in a bowl with a little olive oil first though. Sometimes I will add a little bit of BBQ rub but that's pretty rare.

  12. They look good. But never breaded for me. They have to be naked (but sauced) with crispy skin.


    I go pretty much "classic":


    I joint the wings and throw the tips to the dogs.


    Then - if I have time, I put them on racks and let them dry out in the fridge overnight. If I have way too much time, I steam them in a multi-tier bamboo steamer and THEN let them dry out in the fridge overnight. This really helps with crispy skin but is a bit of a faff.


    Normally though, I just joint them up and put them on the Kamado, indirect at 200-220C. 20 minutes, then turn them over and give them another 20 - 25 minutes depending on how they look.


    Then I toss them in a hot 50/50 mixture of good quality salted butter and Frank's Original hot sauce, with some extra habanero hot sauce and fresh ground black pepper thrown in for good measure.


    They always come out fabulous and my kids no longer want to order wings in restaurants because they just aren't as good.




  13. 21 hours ago, A.O. said:

    I was actually thinking about draping some bacon over the top as it cooked, I have done that with things in the past with good results.


    And you cook neck of lamp?? really? just any old lamp, and where is the neck on a lamp? :rofl:


    Sorry I could not resist!


    :-) Our lamps around here are pretty much all neck. Especially the floor standing ones!


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