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  1. That would be Emus, not Ostriches, although I am sure the techniques would carry across....
  2. Mate - you sound like my long lost brother. Another member of the Tourette's Society BBQ club, but with an Aussie accent. Funnily enough, I have a lamb shoulder on the Kamado right this second. Mine is butterflied and going a little hotter and shorter - 3 and a half hours at 170C with a Shwarma type wet rub and whit wine in the tray. Your looks wonderful!
  3. Here we go with dinner! 2 nice thick sirloin steaks. Chucked on the K at around 150C (300F) to slowly come up to medium rare. I pulled them at about 50C (120F) and let them rest while I brought the grill up to searing temp 375C (700F) Then a quick high heat sear They worked out pretty good!
  4. First of all, I am going to stop numbering the cooks after this one.... Anyway, some chicken wings for lunch. I gave them a little bit of Cajun rub and oil, then grilled on the Monolith for 40 minutes at 230C (c. 450F) turning once. Used a little bit of Plum wood to add som smoke flavour. Knocked up some sauce using equal amounts of Frank's Original hot sauce, some unpasteurised French butter with sea salt and some flame roast habanero hot sauce. Lovely:
  5. Thanks mate. I have done a fair bit of baking in the past, so probably had a head start!
  6. And the money shot. It came out great! Now to chow down with some lovely egg mayo, cheese and cold meat.
  7. So for my second experiment with the Monolith, I went for a sourdough boule. I've been making these in the regular oven for a while now with pretty good results, so thought I'd give it a try on the Kamado. For anyone who wants the recipe/technique, it's classic "country loaf" from the Tartine Bread book 90% bread flour 10% wholemeal flour 75% water 2% salt 20% active sourdough starter Having no idea of how to bake bread on a Kamado, I went for the pizza stone approach and brought the grill up to 260C (500F). The stone temperature was about 245C measured with an infrared thermometer. I did not add any water to the drip pans or anything. Just straight forward bread on the stone and off we go. 20 minutes closed, then I checked it and gave it another 10 minutes. Here's what we got: It's still cooling, but I will add a crumb shot later. All in all, pretty good. It looks like a sourdough boule! I'd like the crust be more glossy, but I think that's a function of having no steam in the oven. Next time, I think a couple of big ice cubes on the drip pans before I put the bread in. If I can find a big terracotta flower pot of the right size, I might experiment with using that upside down over the bread as a kind of "cloche".....
  8. Here's the chimi recipe I generally use: 1/2 cup olive oil 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar 1/2 cup finely chopped parsley 3-4 cloves garlic , finely chopped or minced 2 small red chilies , or 1 big red chili, deseeded and finely chopped 3/4 teaspoon dried oregano 1 level teaspoon coarse salt pepper , to taste Mix everything together and let it fester for a few hours before using. I love chimichurri. Will be making some tomorrow....
  9. Thank you! I was going to make up some lemon and garlic butter and stick it under skin as you suggest - but we had no lemons, so I just knocked up a honey and mustard sauce and basted with that after the first 20 minutes. The skin was properly dry - as I left the bird out for about four hours prior to cooking it. But I think leaving it uncovered in the fridge overnight would be a good thing. I'm definitely going too let the temp climb over the last 15-20 minutes next time. This time being the first, I was more interested in seeing how well the Kamado held temperature.
  10. :-) Thanks! I actually bought the Kamado to rationalise the current line up of cookers. Right now, I have 2 Weber kettles, a Weber Smokey Mountain, a Bradley Digital smoker and a home made Tandoori oven (the trash can looking thing). My intent is to keep the newer of the Weber kettles and the Kamado and give the rest away.....
  11. Thanks! Yes it is a smoking wood port. The stainless door is also well insulated. It's a pretty cool feature as you don't need to open the lid to add wood.
  12. I have a couple of Anovas and to be honest never use the app or connectivity at all. I just set them manually. Part of the beauty of sous vide is that you don't need to be constantly alerted to what's going on as it will just get to the preset temp and then hold there. I will admit I was excited about it when I got the first one, but after a while it was just "meh. why bother"....
  13. My Monolith Le Chef Pro 1.0 arrived today as promised. Between conference calls, I managed to put it together, fire it up and get a test cook going. Nothing special - just a spatchcocked chicken with honey mustard sauce and some roasted vegetables. It came out great. The chicken was really good, cooked perfectly (45 mins at 170C/340F) and super juicy. My wife commented that the meat was like sous-vide chicken which is a good thing. I think next time I will ramp up the temp for the last 10 minutes as the leg skin was lovely but the breast skin could have used a bit more heat. Anyway, everything went according to plan. The Monolith is a beast. Super well made and holds temperature incredibly. Next up while I learn this thing....some other cooks including reverse seared steak, chicken wings and lamb shoulder....
  14. Thanks all! I will certainly consider going the challenges.....will give myself a bit of time to get to know the Monolith (which arrives tomorrow!) and then jump straight in. I already have the next 4 day's Kamado cooks planned out: Thursday (1st cook): spatchcocked chicken with roasted veg Friday: chicken wings and beer brats Saturday: going to try baking on of my sourdough loaves in the morning, then reverse sear some steak for dinner Sunday: butterflied shoulder of lamb schwarma style with home made pita bread, meditterana roast veggies and rice pilaf.
  15. Hi There, I am another Monolith owner in the UK - although waiting for delivery this week. I ordered the Le Chef Pro 1.0 version. I'm interested in your thoughts on the rotisserie. I haven't ordered one, but it is on my list of nice to have things. Can you advise what the niggles were? I thought about buying the BBQ Guru version, but having done quite a lot of research on pit controllers I decided to go down the FireBoard Drive route instead. The new version of that product starts shipping today. Again....it's not something I have ordered (yet), but is another on the "nice to have" list....
  16. Hi everyone, A quick welcome post as I am about to become a new Kamado owner. I have the Monolith Le Chef Pro1.0 on order and am expecting delivery this week. I can't wait. I have wanted a Kamado for over 10 years now and finally have one on the way. About 8 years ago, I "won" one on eBay for an excellent price. It was one of the "original" Kamado USA ones - a giant blue tiled beast of a thing in Size #9. I was super excited. The next day, I was about to set off to drive 200 miles to pick it up when the vendor called and told me he had dropped the lid while moving it and it had smashed. To say I was gutted was an understatement. Anyway.....I have been continually thinking about buying one, but as I already have two Weber kettles, one Weber Smokey Mountain, one Bradley digital smoker and a home built Tandoor I had never really been able to justify the outlay. But as we have been locked down for the last 11 weeks I have not spent the usual money in pubs and restaurants that I would. So I bit the bullet. I'd been researching for years and it was a toss up between a Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe or the Monolith. In the end I went for the big Monolith mainly because of the stainless steel hardware and the easy ability to add smoke wood chips without opening the dome. I've been grilling for 40 years and slow smoking BBQ for over 20 years, so should be absolutely fine with the Kamado, but I am definitely looking forward to the versatility of it and am super excited. Even my wife is quite pleased as I will now get rid of all of the other outdoor cookers apart from the newer Weber kettle which I will keep as a back up. Looking forward to taking advice and inspiration from this forum and of course contributing as well!
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