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  1. Just saw it on Shark Tank and seems like it's available in lots of places. Please post some feedback if you've cooked with it.
  2. Understood, but replacing the firebox is real easy (just lift out the old and drop in the new). The outside of my Akorn is in pretty good condition, the inside not so much. For a harder job, try cleaning the grease off the the damper hood! And after grilling this weekend, I see that I need to replace the hood seal. Luckily, CharGriller has just about any part that you would need to do your own repairs.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I replaced it three years ago because of cosmetic reasons mostly (tired of looking at the oxidation and discoloration). I keep my grill in the garage when not in use so it really doesn't see much weather.
  4. All: Quick question. I've already replaced my fire bowl once (about 3 years ago) and noticed that it had a positive effect on hot spots. I'm noticing that my current fire bowl is deformed at the bottom where the fire grate sits. Not enough that the grate falls through, but the curve in the metal is very easy to see. I'm just curious how often you all are seeing a need to replace the bowl and how important it is to clean them? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I've been using my Akorn for about 7 years so I'm not really a newbie, but you can always learn something new. Pleasure to be part of this community.
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