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  1. i cant spend more money on a table than i spent on my grill. i just cant
  2. at $1500, i dont think they would get as many buyers. If they could increase the quality that makes people feel it will last awhile, i think $800 would be the sweet price point. but you are much more involved in this than i am. But grills are expensive to buy, and not everyone can afford $1500 for a grill, nor $1000.
  3. ive seen pictures on the MB facebook group of grills looking pretty bad at 1 year. they dont look like they would last 2 years. let alone melted wires, the amount of people having to bypass switches, firebox burning thru, fan dying. I love the idea and everyone using it right now loves the working and flavor profile, but they all agree it doesnt look to last very long due to cheap build quality
  4. would want to see what they have done to increase longevity I cant see them lasting much over a year with all the current issues.
  5. it does. ask anyone that has used both, they will tell you that you wont get a lot of smoke flavor from a pellet. there are tricks you can do such as a smoke tube, but the flavor profile is less.
  6. TrentR


    i believe yes. John Setzler i think has mentioned this. you should just have to do once though and leave it like that
  7. then its pandemonium. luckily, i havent had power go out in 15 years, so im not worried about that. if power goes out, i have more to worry about than my grill
  8. your opinion. to me, getting the temp up and having it sit for 30-40 mins should be enough. and it still creeped. as i said, for some people you lock in, good for you. Not everyone has the same experience. if temp controller is not for you, its not for you. You do You. I'll take that peace of mind. there wouldnt be so many of them if there wasnt a market for them.
  9. to me its more than just overnight. Ive tried doing ribs, 4 hours at 250ish. 1 hour in the temp starts to climb. but i also dont want to sit outside and babysit the KJ the entire cook. Or check every hours or so and find im now at 350 or 400. i did a pork butt this weekend. I picked up a used Digiq2 and was using it. grill going for good 30-40 mins and solid at 350. loaded it up, and then ran to the store and did an errand, came back about 90 mins later, temp at 352. peace of mind that the temp stays close to what i want and that i dont have to sit with the grill the entire cook. I know some people never have problems with their temps and they stay locked on, great for them, that hasnt been my experience. so while yes, it may seem a luxury to some people, for others it makes it a time saver so we dont have to stay with the grill the entire cook.
  10. this is strange. I would think with the heat deflectors in, that heat would be throughout the entire grill. Its not over a flame, so the entire piece of meat should get the heat. especially on a low and slow, it shouldnt be a problem
  11. they connect to the vents at the bottom. No table you have should be blocking those vents, so no matter which unit you choose, you should be okay
  12. John, do you think the FB 2 is good with its name brand fan? or mix it with a different one like a pit Viper ?
  13. for me it would be a combination of a few things. I only have an instant read thermometer right now. So i dont have anything consistent monitoring of meat. wifi view of that so i dont have to go outside and constantly check temp of grill and pit would be very nice. then add in the set and forget control would just top it off. though the way these Masterbuilt gravity grills are going on super sales, i may just get one of those for now with the added grill space.
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