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  1. Looks delicious! I greatly prefer dry rub ribs over sauced, and yours look just right
  2. AJS390

    My KJ

    Looks normal to me from what I can tell from the photo.
  3. That's a good point, I completely left that out. I was using the Dutch oven as a deep fryer in that pick, so I wasn't concerned about burning. In other cases, you could still put the heat deflectors in below that
  4. Not sure what size your Dutch oven is, but I set mine right in the center of the X-ring accessory rack. It works like a champ.
  5. Not really sure how to help you, but this hasn't been my experience at all with the joetisserie on my classic 2. I've done a bunch of cooks and always have more than enough charcoal leftover, although I'm usually cooking in the 350-375 range. I did one chicken wing cook where I just burned off whatever leftover (previously burned) RO charcoal was still in the basket and it was plenty for at least 2 hours of cooktime. I've done other cooks where I've gone 3+ hours with the joetisserie with no issue. I do get a good seal with my joetisserie ring, enough that I can pretty much snuff out the f
  6. Haha, I had the exact same reaction. If they don't want to show the price I have no interest in buying from them.
  7. I'm not sure I know exactly what you are asking, but I think you're asking about the process of cutting it and braiding it. After rolling the dough up with the cinnamon filling (like a jellyroll) you cut the whole roll in half lengthwise. Then you twist the two halves together. Here's a few pictures showing that process from the website/recipe. Mine didn't look quite like that (less layers), as I said they appear to have rolled it out way thinner than what the instructions called for.
  8. For this month's challenge I decided to give a recipe for cinnamon bread that I had come across online a shot. It seemed like a simple recipe, and the recipe called for cooking it in a cast iron skillet. Unfortunately, I don't currently have a cast iron skillet of an appropriate size that will fit on my KJ Classic II without cutting the handle off (and cast iron pans in stock are virtually impossible to find around here and give ship dates of October or later online). I do, however, have an enameled cast iron baking dish that I went with. It's a pretty standard dough recipe (flo
  9. Turned out pretty great. Pulled it at 140°.
  10. Cooking a saddle of lamb on the Joetisserie tonight. Asked the butcher for a rack of lamb, but this is what he gave me. Oh well, it's actually a better cut of meat, just a lot more work. I deboned it, rubbed it down with a paste of olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt, and pepper. Rolled it up around the spit and threw it on the grill with some applewood smoke. Haven't tried this before, but seemed like it's worth a shot on the rotisserie. It looks great already, we'll see how it ends up. Haha, unfortunately I have no idea how long it's going to take, so I have to keep checking
  11. I like the idea of this grill. I would be more interested in this for having a mobile grill than a Joe Jr. since it will still be easy to move but allows for a big cooking area. I'm intrigued, I'll keep an eye on this for more details (my biggest concern would be how the grill works with removal of the sloroller). With regards to it being 22", I think that makes perfect sense. Puts you in competition with the current market products without robbing from your own sales base hopefully. Also, an 18" kettle grill just seems like it would be too small for it's best usage.
  12. @Beermachine. Yeah, it's a vinegar barbecue marinade that they use some variation of at pretty much every chicken barbecue in Upstate NY. This site has a decent brief history:https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/cornell-chicken-barbecue-sauce-upstate.amp It leads to really juicy, tender chicken that still has a crisp salty skin, but the vinegar can be a little overpowering if you leave it in the marinade too long.
  13. Made my first chicken on the Joetisserie tonight. Wanted to keep things simple and limit the variables for my first run, so I did a Cornell Chicken marinade (a staple around here). Cooked at 370° for an hour and a half, turned out amazing. It was just a little too much vinegar for my tastes, but my wife loved it. Really happy with the ease of use and results with the joetisserie. Will be definitely doing more adventurous seasonings in the future for sure.
  14. Guess I won't be buying chuck roast at Walmart....
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