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  1. Mission accomplished. Turned out just as expected, basically just giant chicken wings. The tajin seasoned legs were definitely a step above the other ones, that may be my new go to seasoning for wings. These all got tossed in just straight Frank's, can't go wrong with a classic. Definitely won't be buying any more wings at triple the price any time soon. Next time I'll cook them with the joetisserie as a comparison.
  2. One of my favorite things to cook on the grill is a nice batch of chicken wings, but I can't believe the prices for wings. BJ's has the best price near me, and that's still $22 for around 24 wings. Not great. But literally right next to them in the cooler you can get a similar weight package of drumsticks for $7. What's a drumstick other than a premium chicken wing, right? At least that's the theory I'm going with. Got them on the grill right now, half seasoned with tajin seasoning and half plain as a taste test. Will cook them just like a wing till crispy and toss in hot sauce. I have pretty high expectations. Hopefully a rare case of an upgrade at a lower cost.
  3. My only guess that might cause anything like what you describe is if the airflow in your grill is choked off by ash. Have you cleaned it out recently? Other than that, I have no idea. If I did what you describe, my grill would have the thermometer pegged in short order. The other point I would make is that 600 is already plenty high for searing on a soapstone. As long as your stone is also at that temp and not just set in there, it would give you a perfectly good sear.
  4. I'm going to attempt to cook a 7.5 lb ribeye roast on the rotisserie of my Dad's Weber kettle tomorrow. Never tried it before so we'll see how it turns out. I don't see why there should be any issues, but you never know
  5. It's been just over 2 years since I got my grill, and I still haven't replaced the ripped gaskets. They work fine, no issues at all. I do have the replacements KJ sent me ready and waiting though.
  6. I think they should be the same, so there should be no issue with fitting. But I have no actual evidence to back that up myself. I guess I'm not following part of this, though. You already have a classic 2 besides the classic 1 you are rehabbing? Can't you just try the firebox you have in your 2 now and see if it fits?
  7. The whole aim of the question was for a wireless probe that can be used with the rotisserie. Wires are kind of an issue on something that's spinning for an hour or two....
  8. I finally ran out of my previous charcoal and gave this masterbuilt charcoal a try. It was well worth the price. Large, hard lump and seemed to burn fine (I ran the grill for over 8 hours cooking some ribs). Not sure how much is left in the basket since I haven't looked, but it didn't give any sign it was running out of fuel. It did seem very mild in smoke profile, not a lot there from the charcoal itself. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, just need to make sure you've got your smoking wood ready. The only real negative I could find is that it did seem to pop and throw sparks more than others when lighting. But that's not a real concern for me either. My main takeaway is that, if the price remains the same, I don't see how there's a better deal out there.
  9. Finally had time to try some of the hot Italian venison sausage I had made. Turned out pretty good, a little less spicy than I like but otherwise spot on. Might have overcooked it a little as I got distracted for a minute after I put it on the direct side.
  10. Yeah, mine was definitely from the top of the pallet. Haven't opened it yet, but it felt pretty good.
  11. I just picked some of this up too. Can't hardly go wrong at $12 for 16 lbs. Also got a bag of Jealous Devil to try from Home Depot. I can't believe there's actual charcoal options. Usually where I live the choices in store are pretty much Cowboy or the empty spot where the Royal Oak bags would be if they weren't sold out.
  12. The leg finally finished (at 205°) after 13.75 hours, but I had to resort to wrapping it and raising the grill temp up to 300° at the end. Finished 15 minutes after I was supposed to have it at my parents house, 30 minutes away. So, the ride at least gave it time to rest. It turned out great. Pulled the bone right out clean, and the meat just pulled apart easily by hand. Plenty moist, and the flavor was spot on. I'm sure others would like it with barbecue sauce, but I'm not a sauce kind of guy. Overall, I would say it turned out perfectly other than the timing, which wasn't that big of a deal anyway. Definitely something I would do again, I think more people would be doing this if lamb wasn't so hard to come by (and thus usually way overpriced). I'm sure others would The seasoning I used was baharat, which is just a mix of common spices. 4 parts black pepper, 4 parts cumin, 3 parts cloves, 3 parts cinnamon, 3 parts coriander, 1 part cardamom, 3 parts nutmeg, and 6 parts paprika. Sometimes called Lebanese 7 spice, even though there are 8 spices in it. The cherry and apple wood chunks I used for smoke totally came through too.
  13. 14 hours in and still only at 193°, took 2 hours to go from 180° to 193°. Supposed to have it ready for dinner at 3:30 (which obviously isn't going to happen), so I went out and wrapped it. I'm not usually a fan of doing that, but I pretty much had to at this point. Looking good before wrapping though.
  14. I'm a big fan of lamb, so for Easter dinner it seemed like a no brainer. But today I'm trying something I've never done myself before and going to go all the way to pulled lamb, rather than medium like I would normally do. I had a 7.8 lb leg of lamb in my freezer that I picked up on clearance (the only cut of lamb you're likely to find around here, and only rarely at that) that I've got on the KJ right now. I made up what I gather is a traditional middle eastern / Mediterranean spice rub called baharat and gave it a liberal coating of that. The only problem I had is I had no idea how long it would take to cook. Figured I would go off of a similar timeline to a pork butt and estimate 90 minutes/lb at most. Seems like it might overshoot that now, but we'll see. Currently up to 183° after 11 hrs (first 7 had grill temp at 250°, bumped it up to 275° for the last 4). Everything's going good so far, other than the Easter snowfall... Anyway, I'll follow up with how it turns out. If it turns out I like it, I'll also give a breakdown of what's in the dry rub.
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