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  1. Gave the frozen pizzas a try for the first time tonight, they turned out great. The one I reheated that was a little underbaked did turn out a little better, as expected, so that could probably be done intentionally if planning to freeze them. I let them thaw on the counter for 15-20 minutes beforehand to make sure I wasn't fighting with a frozen middle, and then just cooked them at 350° for 10 minutes. Turned out great and definitely quick and easy.
  2. For my challenge entry, I decided to take a shot at something I have been wanting to do but never got around to: Personal Pan Pizzas (plus it matches the alliteration of the challenge title, so I have to assume I will get bonus points ). I have some 5.5" cast iron skillets that I really like to use for random things, and I thought they would work great for pan pizzas. I have been extremely busy lately and hardly have time to cook anything, so I also took this opportunity to make a bunch of pizzas that I then froze for quick meals later. First I made a basic pizza dough (flour, wa
  3. Hi all, I am considering purchasing the Smobot temp controller for my KJC2 and wondered if there is anyone here who uses one and has any opinions to share on how it has worked out. I did a quick search of the forum and only really found discussion from the lead up and right at it's release. I really like the idea of the smobot and the way it controls temperature by controlling the airflow out the vent versus a fan that functions by kicking up the fire. Plus, I like that it is very energy efficient because I don't have easy power access at my grill. In the case of the
  4. It was a simple steak cook, so there's not a lot to it. As long as you pay attention to what you're doing, the grill temps aren't critical. In this case, I went indirect at 275° until it got to an IT of 135° and pulled it off. I don't pay much attention to time as it's all about the IT, but going by the time stamp on my pictures it was just about 30 minutes. Let it rest while I had the dome open to kick up the fire. I have no idea what temp the fire got to as the rest was with the dome open. After 5 minutes of resting and the IT temp started to fall a little, I threw it on the soapstone a
  5. First real cook on the KJ after a long winter. Made a 16oz "American Wagyu" ribeye I received as a gift, reverse seared using the new soapstone that I was also gifted. Worked like a champ, I used the soapstone and one heat deflector on the accessory ring so there was no need to wait for the stone to heat up or move anything around. Got a great sear, and even had some extra fat from the steak to grease the stone beforehand. The steak was perfectly tender and had a great taste. Just seasoned with salt and black pepper. I don't know if it was necessarily better than a USDA prime
  6. Yes, I would be contacting them. There shouldn't be any gap so large that the gasket doesn't seal it, that implies a manufacturing defect to me somewhere in the ceramics, bands, or hinge. Even if it's not, they would be the ones who would know if it could be adjusted
  7. Where did you get it? If it came that way new then I would contact the seller about taking care of it, or contact KJ directly
  8. Thanks all. I can see how easy it would be for something like that to start a wildfire now, this started a grass fire in mowed lawn while it was 15°F out and there was a foot and a half of snow on the ground.
  9. Randomly had our power start flickering like mad and heard a loud, ongoing noise, so we looked out the window to see this at the end of our driveway. It was nuts, smoke and fire are billowing up and we could hear it shorting out. It was doing that for a good twenty minutes. They finally got it shut off and after a while were able to get close and put out the fire on the ground. No idea what caused it, no car accident and it wasn't windy. Still possible a tree came down on it, but not that we can see. 20210206_190837_1.mp4
  10. I would say they could be cougar tracks based on the measuring tape, but it could still be a bobcat track that has expanded if the temperatures are warm enough that the snow is melting. It's surprising how much bigger a track can become without looking distorted
  11. I'm not sure I am entirely following your issue, but the latch is definitely adjustable. There is a screw that you can turn to change the gap.
  12. It's hard to tell for sure in the picture, but I expect that if your grates are falling off then you have them on the wrong way. Turn them 90 degrees so that the middle of each half comes together on the support with the pin. Then they shouldn't be able to fall off (at least mine never have). On another note, the loins look good!
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