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  1. Yes, I would be contacting them. There shouldn't be any gap so large that the gasket doesn't seal it, that implies a manufacturing defect to me somewhere in the ceramics, bands, or hinge. Even if it's not, they would be the ones who would know if it could be adjusted
  2. Where did you get it? If it came that way new then I would contact the seller about taking care of it, or contact KJ directly
  3. Thanks all. I can see how easy it would be for something like that to start a wildfire now, this started a grass fire in mowed lawn while it was 15°F out and there was a foot and a half of snow on the ground.
  4. Randomly had our power start flickering like mad and heard a loud, ongoing noise, so we looked out the window to see this at the end of our driveway. It was nuts, smoke and fire are billowing up and we could hear it shorting out. It was doing that for a good twenty minutes. They finally got it shut off and after a while were able to get close and put out the fire on the ground. No idea what caused it, no car accident and it wasn't windy. Still possible a tree came down on it, but not that we can see. 20210206_190837_1.mp4
  5. I would say they could be cougar tracks based on the measuring tape, but it could still be a bobcat track that has expanded if the temperatures are warm enough that the snow is melting. It's surprising how much bigger a track can become without looking distorted
  6. I'm not sure I am entirely following your issue, but the latch is definitely adjustable. There is a screw that you can turn to change the gap.
  7. It's hard to tell for sure in the picture, but I expect that if your grates are falling off then you have them on the wrong way. Turn them 90 degrees so that the middle of each half comes together on the support with the pin. Then they shouldn't be able to fall off (at least mine never have). On another note, the loins look good!
  8. It's possible that they might be weaker there and lead to a break, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Also, if it's really only a few weeks old, I would submit a warranty claim. They're covered for 3 years, I expect that those chips would be enough for them to send you new ones now without needing to wait for them to break completely. Then you would have a backup set. They really shouldn't have chipped off like that. Worst that happens then is they say it's not covered, but worth a shot. As @Golf Griller and @jtemplesaid I don't scrape mine off at all, just flip the dirty
  9. I bought one last spring that came the same way. I put in a warranty claim and they sent me a new gasket. The damaged gaskets still work perfectly fine as long as the hole doesn't go completely through, plus now I have spare gasket for when I eventually do need to replace them. I'm sure if you put in a claim, they'll send you new gaskets too.
  10. That was a great walkthrough, thanks!
  11. Looks delicious! I greatly prefer dry rub ribs over sauced, and yours look just right
  12. AJS390

    My KJ

    Looks normal to me from what I can tell from the photo.
  13. That's a good point, I completely left that out. I was using the Dutch oven as a deep fryer in that pick, so I wasn't concerned about burning. In other cases, you could still put the heat deflectors in below that
  14. Not sure what size your Dutch oven is, but I set mine right in the center of the X-ring accessory rack. It works like a champ.
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