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  1. John - Can you give us some additional detail on the cook - did you season and rest or season and put straight on the grill, internal finish temp, rest time after hitting internal doneness, etc. These look great and I want to replicate. Thanks!
  2. Long time reader but new user. Question I am hoping you can help answer. I recently read John S. go to steak cook - 2 zone cook, sear steak in cast iron pan using Ghee, then move to indirect side to finish. Primo sells a cast iron pan that match’s the oval grates which would maximize space. Does anyone have this and if so is the lip along the edge high enough to keep the Ghee, oil or other liquids from overflowing? Thanks and I look forward to you input!
  3. Currently live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago but previously outside of Des Moines.
  4. Long time reader, but just now joining. Great site I frequent often with great ideas and iformation. Owner of a Primo XL and just recently added the Joe Jr.
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