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  1. I haven’t cooked on the KJ CI griddle but I was really leaning that way until I decided on the soapstone. I guess only time will tell but I’ve definitely enjoyed it so far. Think I’m going to try to sear a flank steak on it tonight for some steak fajitas so we will see how that goes.
  2. Haha yes it was two separate nights. I grilled some asparagus and my wife did some rice for the seafood. But so far I’ve enjoyed the soapstone! Let us know how it goes with the lodge...sounds like a great deal!
  3. Well I had been looking at the cast iron griddle for my KJ classic but they were either sold out or the price was $65 (supply and demand I guess). I found a KJ soapstone on sale for about $13 more so I pulled the trigger. I have cooked smash burgers and a little bit of seafood (swordfish and scallops) and so far so good with the soapstone!
  4. Well I on my third round for pizza and these were the best ones yet. I tried all purpose flour on the second and they were ok but got some more 00 flour for these. Also added a little garlic and Parmesan to outer crust in these...so getting better. I have cooked steaks, pork tenderloin, pork butt, pizzas, blueberry stuffed peaches (got the recipe on here) and about to try my first brisket and I must say I’m loving the classic 3. Just got in a KJ soapstone and plan on doing some smash burgers in the next week. Here are a few pics of my last pizzas:
  5. Thanks and I definitely need the practice cause on the last one I tore it and tried to let it rest and redo but tore it again. So I had to give up on that one which was disappointing but I’ll be giving it another shot soon.
  6. Thanks! I was using Classic 3 with the dojoe. And thanks for the link I will check it out.
  7. Well I did my inaugural cook on my classic 3 last night with the doejoe. Although I had the Akorn for 4yrs I had never done pizza so decided to try it out. And definitely learning but it didn’t turn out too bad. I followed John’s two hour pizza dough recipe and I really enjoyed the crispy crust it gave me. Biggest issue for me was stretching the dough evenly but just need some more practice I suppose. 1st one was cheese for my son that I left too much dough around the edges but tasted good and I did get better with the pepperoni. Also tried some grocery store dough that I made into a flat bread if you will but I didn’t enjoy that dough as well. I wish I could have gotten the outer top crust a little browner. I brushed it with olive oil but didn’t brown up as much as I had hoped but didn’t want to overcook the bottom. Cooked at 550-600 for homemade dough and let grill drop to around 400 to try store bought dough. All in all I would say not too bad for first attempt.
  8. Welcome! Haha I’m in the same boat as I just received my classic 3 a few days ago as well and I’m going to try my first cook (pizza) today. Good luck to both of us!
  9. Thanks everyone and you can call me Jason. Bob...believe it or not I think I’m going to try pizza out on my first cook as I have never cooked one on my akorn. I also got the dojoe so dying to try it out! Ordered some 00 flour and waiting for it to get here and give it a try so we will see how it goes.
  10. Hey all! I have had an Akorn for about 4 years now and came across this site a little over a year ago and have learned a lot from many of you. I had always used a combination of a Weber kettle and a Gas Grill up until that point but found myself really enjoying Kamado cooking. So I decided to step up to a Kamado Joe Classic 3 and it just arrived a few days ago and I have it assembled and ready for my first cook!
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