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  1. Hello Everyone, I've tried the 321 ribs method twice in the last few weeks and I'm not fully satisfied with the results. During the 2 hour wrapped section I use foil and add a bit of apple cider along with some butter and brown sugar. I keep the temp between 220-240 for the 6 hours they are in there. I've been using baby back ribs from Costco and at the end of the session when the ribs hit around 190-195 I remove them. They still seem pretty meaty and thick in parts, and slightly dry. What is the key to making them fall off the bones from top to bottom? An
  2. Great suggestion, at the right price. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Hello Everyone, I’ve been have a really hard time locating a Large version of the VG heat deflector online. The small one seems to be easier to find. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative stones that will fit my HD series grill? Thanks!
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