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  1. A few glasses of Knob Creek Smoked Maple while celebrating with my wife's side of the family yesterday. BIL enjoyed a glass of Blantons and then a few Jim Beam Black Old Fashioneds. Neice's Husband was more than happy to be offered some of the Eagle Rare. Will be going Blantons likely myself for a pour tonight after Mass. Tomorrow more of a beer day watching the Packers play. Merry Christmas all.
  2. Piggybacking on where I was going with my idea and now seeing John's post about best for the money...what are your go-to bourbons (or other) with best bang for the buck. I would agree with him on Buffalo Trace (though, I am not as much of a fan of the Elijah Craig). Also in the BT family is Eagle Rare which I love at its usual price. Prefer it to BT. But both are not always in stores. One in my picture earlier is the Evan Williams Single Barrell Vintage. A solid bourbon usually around $30 and can usually find it (don't have to wait for allocations at stores or lines when they are released to a place). Actually, quite a few of the Evan Williams make my list. The white label 100 proof "bottled in bond" is solid and super cheap as is the 1783 Small Batch. These are typically lower shelf in a liquor store and cheap...but up there with some of the good $30 bourbons for less than that.
  3. I like it...just overpriced for what it is. A bit stronger flavor than Basil Hayden...for a premium price comparatively. Though, at the moment, about everything is overpriced. Which give me an idea....
  4. I do like Blantons...but being harder to find lately, and the price jacked up a good $15 or so over where it should be make it bottle to keep on hand from time to time but not always in the cabinet. Basil Hayden was always a favorite...part of that being that it was consistent, can always find it, at the right price point. Also the lower proof point made it an easier drinker when I first started drinking Bourbon straight up vs. cocktails. I still always have a bottle of it in my cabinet. It seems to be a great go to when introducing others to bourbon...a good conversational pour for when you have people over. I mean, when its not the closer friends who get the better stuff automatically if they would like it. You know...if my wife has some of her friends over and one of the husbands would like a glass when I offer...if I don't really know the guy, probably not offering up Blantons or Weller Antique, or EH Taylor. But Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Basil Hayden...sure.
  5. The Evan Williams Single Barell is gone. Added a bottle of Weller Antique since then...probably done adding til after Christmas (other than the Crown Salted Caramel as it comes out over the holidays).
  6. Never weighed but probably very similar results. So often whole chicken is on sale way cheaper. And my daughter loves the smoked chicken. So I end up smoking 2-3 chickens. One to have as dinner plus some leftover on a baked potato later in the week. Then one that I individually portion and bag up and freeze. Thaw the night before to throw on a sandwich for my daughter to take to school. Leftover smoked chicken is good in so many ways.
  7. Yeah...Blantons is the favorite...but also the harder bottle to find around here.
  8. Choices choices...tonight was the Eagle Rare Single Bare Store pick. The Russels Reserve 10 year single barrel store pick was finished off over the weekend.
  9. Update (wish I could update the thread title...is that possible)? So...as noted above...I got the steel off of etsy. Made smash burgers over the weekend (trying pizza this weekend I think). First go of it went well...but not perfect. My spatulas were not quite made for these. Not as sturdy and stuck to the meat as I was smashing. Didn't get as thin as I wanted for a more even cook (and to spread to the edges of the bun). Burgers still had a nice crust to them and tasted great. The steel worked well. Easy to scrap up under all but one burger...and easy to clean. I will have to work on my temp control with that...having the lid open so much, the fire did get a bit hot and the steel even hotter. Also affected the doneness of the meat as the edges were crisp quicker than I was ready for.
  10. Bought some steaks at Kroger for Valentines day...they were ok. Just didn't have a ton of flavor outside of the salt, pepper, garlic I put on them plus a little flavor from the charcoal grilling. Their beef IMO just lacks flavor like that far too often. Publix, while more pricy, has had better quality to me here and I try to get steaks from there if I don't make it to a local butcher.
  11. Well...the true "baking steel" round for the kamado not yet available. So trying something out after a little research. Searched for a local manufacturer but could not find one that easy to make a round steel plate. Found on Etsy...15.5" 1/4" seasoned A36 steel. $60 shipped. Going to give it a try as a birthday present to me.
  12. Grilled Cheese and Spinach Quesadillas. Use the Ole or CarbBalance tortillas to make them even lighter. Need to up the protein. Black Beans either as a side or in the quesadilla. Easier in a pan or a sear plate than regular open grill grates. Roasted Cauliflower. Grilled potatoes of any kind. Actually doing these tonight...will open them once done to melt a little butter and cheese in them and serve steamed broccoli over it. Will be firing up a lot of seafoods as well....some veggie stir frys planned for this lent as well.
  13. Right...I definitely wouldn’t take this much over 700. But not sure I would anyway.
  14. So...I love cast iron...love my skillets and little mini cast iron things I have for single servings. I don't yet have a stone that I want to use on the grill or baking steel or the half moon plates for the KJ....but came across this and wondering thoughts...seems like this would work well for a good crisp pizza crust, as well as be versatile for eggs, smash burgers, potatoes, seafood...and really getting a flat sear on anything. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GKZZMSF/?coliid=I5V9P0V5MK5DR&colid=2AYIKU4UZ15HA&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  15. From BBQ Guru...wanted a simple controller. Had a buddy that had bought one, never used it, and had been gifted a fireboard2 Drive that he kept...so he sold me the DynaQ at a discount and I was fine with that. Played around with it last week as I had a free day to fool with things...so used it to get the KJ up to 250...held there for 2 hours...then I upped the temp in the app to 350 and let it hold there for a few hours before I settled in to cook some chicken that night. Worked well for the initial use. With that little bit of knowledge...I had it set up to do ribs yesterday for a couple friends for the Super Bowl. Thing held steady where I wanted (between 230-240). Only had a couple spots with opening the lid where it overshot after it came back up. Adjusting the top vent and then the damper on the fan will help that as I get used to where things need to be. Overall pretty happy with the device...for a simple Bluetooth/app based device it does its job and does it well. My only complaint would be the range of the bluetooth A few times in my family room and when I went to the front of the house away from the patio...I lost connection momentarily. So monitoring from certain spots in the house may be bad. That is where the wifi capabilities of other devices would be nice. But if you want simple and able to monitor and adjust within range...this is a solid option. Oh...and some obligatory pics... (prepared, rubbed and ready to hit the pit...the dry rubbed racks all sliced...and played (with a couple sauced ribs too, some cauliflower and homemade spicy mac...cauliflower got away from me on the gasser...my bad on that one, but was still tasty even if a bit charred).
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