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  1. So often you wonder if you are raising your kids right...and some moments you feel good as you get something like this request. For his 16th birthday (which is today...but friends came over last night)...my son requested a meal of ribs and wings for him and his friends (with a mini session of hot ones with the wings). So...set up the canopy over the Kamado as we had scattered storms much of yesterday and got to cooking. Did my traditional rub which I am always making a few tweaks to (but usually ground pepper, chili powder, smoked paprika, cumin, garlic powder and kosher salt
  2. Actually contemplating all of this now. We are removing our wood deck and having a concrete patio poured. Only a couple steps down to ground level...just less upkeep on a patio vs the deck. We are also having it covered...not a crazy beamed up thing...but a nice looking patio covereing being built with a metal roof is one possibility vs traditional shingled roof. Right now for sure we will cover at least a 15'x15' area to be able to sit and be shaded. And then extending the concrete (probably along the side about 5' out from the covering) outside the cover possibly for the gr
  3. Agree with the Royal Oak talk...not expensive...and has worked well for me. Trying some B&B Hickory today on some chicken and a turkey breast. Chunks were noticeably larger than that of the Royal Oak. Only one Ive tried so far that I will avoid if possible is cowboy...maybe it was not a great bag...but by comparison the chunks were smaller and way more of the pebble sized stuff.
  4. Academy had a ton of B&B Mesquite Lump...though, I am not a fan of mesquite at all. Also had plenty of B&B Hickory Lump which I bought a bag....and had several bags of the B&B Competition XL Oak...Ive got a bag and a half of Royal Oak and now the Hickory so I held off on the XL stuff this time around.
  5. Has anyone tried to build a Kamado table using marble? We are finishing plans to redo our deck/patio...and was waiting to have it finished before I end up putting my KJ in a table vs the nest legs...had been noticing scrap pieces of marble couter tops or things on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist where people are redoing a home. Thought it would work well if I can get someone to cut a hole in it to fit the KJ in. Just wondering if anyone has done this?
  6. Well, for this month's bean challenge, I went to a standby in this house for lent (Catholic...yadda yadda yadda...don't eat meat during lent...come up with creative recipes that aren't really much of a sacrifice) and went for my black bean and spinach quesadillas. Sometimes we go with mushrooms instead of spinach...but been eating healthier and on a spinach kick...so went with this. Soaked the beans overnight (in salted water...this is the only salt in this)...then simmered them for 2 hours in a combo of spices (cilantro, mexican oregano, garlic, smoked paprika, chili powder, and
  7. Timing and weather right now. My current deck is uncovered...if I feel I have a short window to get the cook done and it needs to be grilled (example...salmon as my wife would not be happy if I cooked fish in the house...even if it was never going to smell in the first place...) In such a case to get it done before the rain starts...I fire up the gasser. Set up and timing of when things go on and off typically affects me too. Last week smoking ribs...and the pork tenderloin I was making for the rest of the family...didn't want too much smoke to it given the marinade I was using and wha
  8. Looks great. And yes fresh spinach just shrinks so much. The flavor is better but need so much to yield enough. Going to have to try this chicken.
  9. Fishing...we wade a river not far from Nashville...the Caney Fork....nice trout fishing. Not quite got the fly fishing stuff down yet...mostly ultra light rigs and it works. Last 3 weeks have seen some big fish including probably the biggest I have pulled from that river. Friends have caught a few just a touch smaller than that in the other trips lately. And missed a big sucker last week that put up a good fight before hopping off the hook somehow (user error on my part not setting that hook right I guess). Nice Rainbow Trout
  10. Congrats on the new purchase and the food. For what is quoted here...that is not a downside in this house. My wife tends to like it when I smell like the grill.
  11. Ribs (though my son is now in board) Brisket, seafood...things Im typically alone on when it comes to what they eat.
  12. Few weeks ago I made baby backs using a method I had done many times before...but first on the Kamado. Came out a bit of a mess. That was a higher heat cook and the heat was less of the problem...the problem was one of my methods is to coat the ribs in a bit of brown sugar and let it melt....wiping it off and applying to rub to that. It has typically created a delicious bark that has the sweet undertones with the spice in my rub (which has no sugar in the actual rub). Well, I think I overdid the brown sugar and didn't get enough of the excess off and the sugar burned more leaving the bar
  13. IF you are going to use chips...watch John's video on smoke... Wrap them in foil packets distributed around in the coals.
  14. Yes..if I had lined them up and measured out...I may have done that. The butcher shop did put lines on for suggested cutting...and since it was someone else's brisket...I followed the directions of what I was asked to do. The partial brisket I had left was a 3ish pound mix of point and flat. Because of how the rest was trimmed and trimming a little of this, I did separate. The flat was pretty thing and while it was still pretty tasty...without as much fat left it was a little dry. But it really sliced nicely and thin and had a lot of good flavor. And the little bit of leftover was gr
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