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  1. Part of the reasons I chose the Kamado. More versatile for what I wanted to do. I loved the idea of the gravity series...but for the cost of the 1050 (Had read too many negative reviews of the build quality of the 560) it was way easier to go KJ Classic. Yes, I sacrificed space...but I don't do a ton of large cooks and (at least for now) I still have a Weber Kettle and gasser to provide extra grilling or heating space if needed. If they get the longevity of these things up there, I think the decision becomes a bit different...but too many parts to go wrong right now with them IMO. For the money...give me the product I know right now is going to last and last and last.
  2. Id say you would be hard pressed to beat a Weber Kettle and a charcoal chimney for what you need. Without the need to do longer smokes...can easily handling cooking whatever you want on it and the KJII. And the cost makes it easier then to get accessories for it as well. And if you have the room on the patio...build a table that holds both the KJ and the Kettle.
  3. Cauliflower was cut and tossed in olive oil, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. Added a couple pats of butter and 4 garlic cloves to the cast iron skillet. Cooked about 35 minutes at 400 over the heat deflector (only dropped the grate low late in the cook) Wings about 20 minutes with the grates high, then dropped low for a few minutes a side to crisp up. Seasoned similarly to the cauliflower (with some cumin and chili powder too). Half of them tossed in Sweet baby rays hickory brown sugar and cholula chipotle after they came off...the other half in pain is good chipotle (man that sauce is good).
  4. Thats the fun of it...keep trying and eating great food. Making it better each time.
  5. Also why i don't foil ribs. I want to be able to check them and see how the meat is reacting. Its one i know more by sight and feel vs big cuts where we rely on probe thermometers. And yeah. Every grill will be different and maybe each tome depending how many coals get lit well...but i had a pinky width bottom vent to hold 250 all day...opening up a little more later in the day when temps started to dip.
  6. Keeping Temp down...I struggled my first 2 cooks with that...nailed it on the third. Id say...takes time and patience at first. Also...the best advice I read and got from here...approach your target slowly...adjust vents earlier than you think as the temps start coming up...making sure they come up slow...yeah, takes more time for sure. Plan ahead at least til you get really good at it. Also...I have not done ribs yet on my KJ...but my previous method on my Weber kettle and I overshot the temps I wanted for slower cooking...now that was easier to bring temps down...but decided to go with something different the next cook after that mishap. https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/pork-ribs-recipes/rendezvous-ribs-recipe-ribs-hurry And I keep this handy in case it happens with the KJ and my temps spike. Basically...they cook their ribs pretty quick over direct heat. Keep mopping them. Ive done ribs this way and done the 2-2-1 ish methods of cook, foil, mop...and honestly I don't know which one I prefer. Both are delicious if done right. Big thing is just paying attention to the meat. Watch the meat pulling back from the bones...at this point its hard to describe just when they are done...but I know it when I see it kind of thing.
  7. Hell for that it would be hard not to buy 2. I was happy getting mine at Lowes at $699 last week (and glad I did as they are drying up around here finding them).
  8. Maybe so...I haven’t looked too much into the challenges yet. This was round 2 of a carbonara...my daughter loves Bacon (who doesn't). First time i had no bacon but was right after easter and had leftover grilled ham. It subbed in well.
  9. A mix of Giada’s recipe and my own style and scaled down for 3 of us. Added a side of panko crusted zucchini as well.
  10. Good looking rack...no doubt you will be happy with the efficiency...did my first smoke (my 3rd cook ever on the classic) yesterday with an 8 pound butt. Temps held in a good range consistently for 12 hours...and the pulled pork came out so darn good.
  11. Damn that was good...why did I not go Kamado years ago. To not have to open the thing and add fuel...to get consistent temps all day long...12 hours and making wven my daughter go for seconds. Beet money I have spent in a while. Helps also that Boston Butts were $.99/lb this week ( bought 2)
  12. 3rd cook underway...got things going early and stabilized to about 265 or so when I put the Butt on. Humming along all day between 255-270ish it seems. Pretty happy with that for sure after years of tending over a Weber Kettle adding a couple coals every half hour or so. With temps cruising nicely I was able to clean out the other half of the garage I didn't get to last week...and mow the grass.
  13. Not the tightness of the cap and gasket...but the sliding pieces
  14. The bonus of finishing in the oven (at least the times I have had to do it)...your house has that pork smell for a couple days or two. The downside...opening the bedroom door the next morning, that smell hits, you think there may be bacon...but there is no bacon.
  15. Yeah. I have kept notes pf my first two cooks and will make some adjustments. There is definitely some air leaks and ive seen some possible fixes in here. But the bottom of the daisy wheel cap does not fit tight against the rest of the topper. Notices the smoke coming out of it (as the coals burnt off some of the burger grease). Rain and thunderstorms today so im postponing the other pork loin. Going to sear a chuck roast later this week to chop up for crock pot stew later this week.
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