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  1. John just got the basket today after Covid 19 back orders. Thanks! Love your insight on so may things Kamado!
  2. Hello VeloRok ,I’m from Chicago. My second cook. Salmon. It was delicious.
  3. Thanks BobE and Len440! So I have an update. This AM added more charcoal and lit the grill same blue color for a good 45 minutes or so then at about the 1 hour mark or so no smoke. About 12:00 PM about 4 hours after I stated this AM , with the grill running about 400-450 and still no smoke I thru on some frozen cheeseburgers and magic! The smoke coming out then was the familiar aroma of burger juices hitting the coals. That didn’t happen the first time. len440 I probably waited 30 minutes or so. The first 10 with the dome completely open and the vent completely open. Then I closed waited unti
  4. Hello everyone! Tried simple cheeseburgers for my first time. Tried between 400-450. Real Smokey not horrible, but toward the bottom end of my best cheese burgers. Read some forums hoping it’s either the charcoal (Cowboy) or new grill. Just started a new fire to let it burn off any chemicals. Folks have mentioned white smoke mine is definitely more blue than white.
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