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  1. I have had my Classic One for about a year now..simply love it..Smoke or grill twice a week regularly..I do have two issues i need help with. The top and bottom vents are giving problems with sticking in place..Can i remove them and clean or in someway get them to operate a little more smoother?
  2. been using RO lump since i got my KY. Kinda small but does the job for me. I was in Kroger the other day and saw a sack of Papa's lump that had been busted open. so I opened it a little further and the lumps were huge. I bought this bag but have not used yet..Has anyone every heard of or used this brand? Size is very impressive but the performance is yet to be determined...
  3. james beal

    My KJ

    Tore my KJ completely down yesterday for a good cleaning..went well, kinda surprised how easy it was to clean..My question from the picture below, is that the normal gap between each of the five sections? Took a little effort to get the ring positioned correctly but I think i have it in place..Your comment plzzzz....
  4. Lenn440, the trial run was unreal..loaded the firebox wall just over the holes in them and fired that bad boy up...took me maybe a little over an hour to get it to stay at just over 250..started at noon yesterday and when i woke up at 3:30 this morning it was still sitting where i left it the day before...i think i am gonna like it..thanks all for the welcome...
  5. after long conversation and coaching from my x B.I.L. I pulled the trigger on a KJ. Being retired and kinda on a fixed income i went with the basic first gen that was on sale at lowes, plus easy term payments.. Would have loved to have gotten the basic3 but it was just not in my deck of cards.....I will be asking a lot of questions but for now i just have it fired up trying to fine the sweet spot for 250-275 that i will be using for long smokes...thanks for having me...JB
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