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  1. Thank you for the testing @ckreef. For me, just starting out in the smoking game, this is an excellent source of knowledge. Never been much of a cook, but always liked grilling. When I decided to get a Kamado Grill, it was based on everything I read about them and the knowledge that is readily shared by the grilling community (this site in particular). That lead me to make the investment and has lead to my new found hobby. Again, thanks for the awesome test results.
  2. Shortage in my area...Ace, Home Depot, Lowes, all out. Even went to some local grocery stores but currently can't find any.
  3. Seems smoking with the top vent closed is possible and seen before - I wonder if it depends on the smoker. I always have my top vent open to some extent.
  4. I have really been following the FireBoard 2 as I think that is the direction I would like to go when i get a controller. But, to be able to get the IKv2 for $189 and with the Costco guarantee...I may need to consider going this route. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Hi USFSSmokey - welcome to the family. I just got my first KJ about a month ago so I am just learning the Kamado's abilities. But, I can tell you I have done a Low & Slow at 225 for 6 hrs with no issues. Plus, I do not have a fan, so it was all done manually. I think I have seen on this site where the KJ was run at 175 for a long period of time. This is a great grill and i think you will enjoy it tremendously. Have fun.
  6. Sweet start VeLoRoK...I am also a new KJ Owner and definitely feel your enthusiasm. But you have by far, had a much more exciting start. Everything looks great & tasty. I also agree, this site is a wealth of great info and sharing. Welcome and I look forward to seeing more of your results.
  7. Thank you...I have looked through the forum and it is vast with knowledge. I looked at some tips and will definitely use this as a source of knowledge.
  8. Hi everyone, Just bought my first smoker (KJ II) after years of researching and going back & forth on whether to commit. Well, yesterday I got the KJ II and grilled up some steaks just to try it out. Wow, even the grilling is better on this. What a great product - it was pretty easy to get going & maintain and more importantly, what a lot of FUN! I am really looking forward to diving into the forums and getting some great ideas from my fellow KJ-U's. Just wanted to say Hi and share my great first impression of the KJ. **I really wanted to get the KJ III, but could not find anyone that had them in Stock. But, I am very happy with what I have. :)
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