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    Kick Ash Basket

    Thanks all, will post pictures of this weekend's cook next week.
  2. I ordered one for delivery for us in My KJ Classic II. (I would have gotten the KJ one, but they're out of stock everywhere). Do I remove the bottom grate, when I put it in, or does it sit on top of it?
  3. It was delicious, but not quite as tender as I would have liked. It wasn't tough by any means, but another hour or so would have really helped. I was the least happy with it. My father-in-law actually thanked my wife for buying the smoker he liked it so much. I'm gonna do another one this weekend. Practice makes perfect...
  4. Four pound chuck roast. Smoked on the KJ Classic II with some hickory. Rubbed with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic. Went for about 4 hours at 225-250 and stalled at around 155 internal. Let it sit there for about 30 minutes, but got impatient and wrapped with butcher paper. Went for another 1.5 hour and it was up to 180. Would have liked to let it go for about another hour to get it close to 200, but people were getting hungry. Served on potato buns with grilled onions and homemade horseradish-cream sauce.
  5. Steve Raichlen's Salmon Candy. Brined in brown sugar, maple syrup, water and salt for 8 hours. Smoked at 250 for about 40 minutes with two maple chunks in the fire. I wanted to try out smoking something that wouldn't take too long because this was my first attempt at going low and slow. So if I couldn't hold the temp right, I would be able to start over. I was able to park KJ classic II at 250 with the bottom vent open 1/2 and inch, the top vent closed and that daisy wheel between the first and second line. I rebasted with maple syrup right at the end. But, some missed the drip pan, and hi
  6. So, I took all the advice; filed up the smoker box and slowly brought the KJ up to heat. With the deflectors in, I was able to stabilize at around 380 after about 45 minutes. It was holding, but then started to drop and I then had to do a lot of adjusting, but I think I know my issue,: i didn't build the fire right. I need to break up the bigger lumps so the fire-box is really full with no real gaps in the charcoal. But even with that, I was able to get a great result. Brined this one in salt/sugar/garlic and spices, rubbed some compound butter/garlic/mustard under the skin of the breasts.
  7. Here's another newbie question. cooking on regular old charcoal and gas grills, I've always used subjective tests or an instant read thermometer and opened the lid to check my meat. With my new KJ, I'm looking to keep lid as closed as much as possible. Where do you run the cords for the temp probes you use, does closing the lid on them cause a gap in the seal or hurt probe cord?
  8. jdog


    Thanks all. I posted yesterday in the cooking session asking from some advice regarding what I should try for my first cook. My wife ordered the grill as a father's day gift (she let it slip last sunday night).
  9. jdog


    Just joined yesterday. New KJ classic II should be here Wednesday. Looking forward to it.
  10. Here's a question, drip pan, or wrap deflectors in foil?
  11. Yeah, thanks. I'm a long way from a full packer. I was thinking trying to get it up to 350-400 for a chicken indirect, then pulling the heat deflectors and getting it up to 500 and grill a steak or some burgers. Something like that to tray and get my feet wet.
  12. My lovely wife spilled the beans, and a KJ Classic II is arriving for father's day. Should be here Wednesday afternoon. I plan to spend my father's day weekend cold beer in hand and cooking meat (So my wife, who is an avowed carnivore, was not entirely selfless in her choice of gift) . I've cooked on Webber kettle's and Gas grill's most of my adult life, so I am halfway decent at running regular grills. What my question is, what should I start with. I'd like to learn with a some low and slow (already bought the lump and the wood chunks) and some other stuff more like chickens at 350-400.
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