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  1. similar to mine only we use venison steaks or I chop up a 3lb deer roast... For the egg noodles, I al dente them and set aside to cool... then add a bit of cabbage or sauerkraut and dill, quickly fry, then add the noodles and peas to the wok and lightly stir fry for a few mins. I find the dill and cabbage pair well with the dish... lemon wedges optional but recommended Thanks for sharing the recipe!
  2. Had a few bags of leftover large carrots from the holiday that we didn't use (as we were put on lockdown) so decided to make some soup. I omitted pictures as it's pretty straightforward and looks similar to other carrot soups out there but the taste is perfect on a cold winter's eve. Serve with bread, na'an, rice or just have on it's own. I use a large wok for this, as it makes a lot (6-8 servings). Caution - it's got some spice. Our kids won't eat it but the wife and I lived in Asia so we got the hang of local 'Indian' and don't find it overpowering. 3lb carrots, chopped (~
  3. Turned out great! I did one turkey with a bbq rub on the joetisserie for an hour, then it went into the fryer for 3 min/lb. This one stayed on the joetisserie for about 3 hours or so with a butter lemon herb mix. Temp was between 300F and 320F (I used the flame boss to try and keep it dialed in, as it was windy and quite cold yesterday). Both birds were fantastic but I prefer this one. I'd say it even beats spatchcocking. One note for other newbies out there that I want to mention - adjust your rotisserie clamps every hour or so. As the bird cooks/shrinks you may have to r
  4. Fired up the KJIII last night for NYE and the temp was hovering around -7 C with a mild wind. I let it come up slow with one KJ fire starter and had no problems. Thank you all for the recommendations and tips! I'll be firing it up again tomorrow for some rotisserie turkey.
  5. Happy 2021 all! Quick update - did baseball steaks and 'dwell in the shell' lobster last night. I'd post pictures but the family devoured the tails before I could grab my phone. This recipe is top marks! I had to make a few adjustments so I'll highlight what those are for the other newbies who want to try this. 1)I used limes instead of lemons, 2 limes with a proper juice press, plus a bit of pulp, for 6 medium sized tails. Try to get the juice around the sides of the meat so it sits in the shell 2)I ran out of fridge space so sat these for about 3 hours on a plate in the garage
  6. Thank you all for the tips! I would have made the mistake of drip pan on deflector. Does the drip pan stay in the entire 2 hour cook(or so..depending on size of bird) and do you baste at all or just keep the lid closed the entire time?
  7. Happy Holidays all! I had a question about gravy, whether it's for a turkey or a prime rib. Is it possible to use the drippings from the pan from a bird or roast and make gravy from it on a kamado charcoal cook? I would think the taste would be overpowering but I've seen other posts about those using drippings from their cook for gravy and thought I'd ask here. I haven't done a roast or turkey yet (we usually short smoke, then fry the bird) but wanted to get experiences from those that have made gravy from their charcoal cooks.
  8. Hi everyone, Wanted to ask here as I have a QQ specific to the KJ Classic 3 - how much will the cold weather and ambient temp affect the ceramic with respect to cracking? I'm hesitant to use it in temps below 32F/0C and being in S.Ontario we can get pretty cold here. Where I am we are not sheltered from the wind, which was the bane of my old smoker. I've read that starting a small piece of coal and letting the ceramic come up to temp slowly before piling more coal on will work, but wanted to gauge opinion. One thought I had was taking a low wattage lightbulb in a wo
  9. I really appreciate the responses and support, thank you all for the helpful tips! I have a thermo pen en route with more charcoal and some various wood logs so will be sure to use it on the lobster, too!
  10. Looking at surf & turf in the coming weeks. Does anyone have a solid recipe and method for grilling lobster tails over coal? I've done other seafood, such as swordfish and crustaceans but not lobster yet and my daughter has been bugging me (she's 5...expensive tastes I guess) for lobster as I'm usually over in Halifax by now and bring some back but not this year...
  11. Anyone have a good brisket rub they like to default to? I used to use one I received from another smoking forum that contained: brown sugar dry mustard onion and garlic powder sea salt & pepper ground coriander seed ground bay leaf white pepper ancho cinnamon beef granules dry basil leaves All of the above in small amounts. Been using this for the last 20something briskets over years now and looking at what others default to in their smokers for a little variety. I use a spritz of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and wo
  12. Hey all! After waiting over 4 months I'm finally the proud owner of a KJCIII. I had a bradley for about 10 years and made the jump (after an unfortunate burn accident) to a Kamado and honestly, I'm regretting not doing this sooner. Nothing against bradley, but the lump charcoal + wood is a flavour that's hard to beat. Just wanted to shout out to those more, especially @John Setzler for helping us rookies navigate our kamados and the forum for posting recipes that we can follow. I've lived a number of years in Singapore and have been to many remote places on the map, so if you'r
  13. After a few 6 hour cookouts already I found it easy to keep the temp around 240F. However I decided to go with Flame Boss 500 for my longer brisket cooks, just to see how it goes..... thanks all for the input!
  14. Love the R2 cover comment. That makes sense. It's as if mine is for a KJ table insert with a right shelf. Nothing a bungee chord or two won't fix. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something, and aside from missing the proper cover, I can make do with this... Thanks all! To the Canadian members, Happy Thanksgiving!
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