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  1. Can I use the flame boss pit clip probe with the fireboard? I like the use of the clip.
  2. I made a prime costco brisket two weeks ago. Came out epic. Probably my go to spot now because it's hard to find a prime brisket.
  3. I always use a drip pan for pork and a water pan for brisket. Keeps it cleaner.
  4. Been using this all weekend and I’m really impressed. Keeps temperature controlled and the app is great.
  5. I made these last night, too. Came out amazing. 400 degrees for one hour. Sweet Baby Rays makes a solid buffalo sauce too.
  6. I’m installing the fan on my classic. Is the vent supposed to close and be flush with the fan? Mine overlaps so I’m guessing to put the vent between the fan and Kamado.
  7. I was between the flame boss 500 and FB2Drive. Since the Fireboard 2 is brand new and Flame Boss has been out for a year+, I went with the fireboard. Comes today.
  8. I'm in the same predicament and I decided to add a Big Joe (or BGE XL since kamado's are tough to find). I want to start selling bbq out the backyard and this seems like a good way.
  9. Picked one up this morning (and a half pork butt to get free shipping). Can't wait for next weekend.
  10. I nailed my ribs this weekend--absolutely perfect fall off the bone and will use this method every time now: 2 hours at 225 1 hour at 275 1 hour foil wrapped 275 1 hour at 300 (sauce)
  11. I'm kind of a jerk who likes Seinfeld. Works for me.
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