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  1. UPDATE. Got the kjc2 in after three weeks and it works fine. It ain’t going anywhere.
  2. I think that’s the move, thanks. Was mainly worried about it tipping over or rolling, but seems like a lot of people have similar situations or worse and are fine.
  3. Thanks for the replies! My plan is to build a prep table that will sit to the right of the Joe in the stand. This will be nice to have and will also give me peace of mind that it won't go rolling down the hill.
  4. Nice, that sounds good. I will be rolling in to a covered area sharing the same platform when not in use. While in there I can lean it against a wall.
  5. I am waiting on my Kamado Joe Classic 2 package and would like to take advantage of the nest and side tables. My only worry is the slight slope for drainage on my concrete patio. Will the casters hold it in place? Any one have a similar situation with experience? Wondering if I need to build a prep table for the right side to keep it from rolling. Thanks!
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