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  1. Maybe I could have done some burnt ends with the ends of that brisket.
  2. Thanks, this one turned out much better. I separated it ahead of the cook and cooked them independently at the same time. i did cook to tenderness and not final internal temperature. i still have a ways to go but they’re good and keep getting better every time.
  3. Last weekend I cooked my first brisket which was a bit under 11 lbs before trimming. It turned out ok but a bit over cooked and slightly burnt on the extremities. I cooked at +-10 degrees 250 dome temp With digital probe, wrapped it in paper at about 165 and pulled it when all areas were at least 203. I wrapped it in foil and towels and let it rest for one hour in a cooler. I think the ends got hotter cause the brisket is bigger than my heat deflector and I’d like to get a more even cook if possible. I cooked it on the lower grate and thought of maybe trying on upper grate. Does anyone have any pointers for my next brisket this weekend? The smallest brisket I could find was almost 17 lbs, would separating the point and the flat and cooking separate on 2 level grate be my best option? tia
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