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  1. Love the build, If I had a covered area, this would be great idea. It would also help if i had any level of diy knowledge.
  2. I don't have experience of the flame boss, but ended up going for the fireboard 2 based on reviews here and a few on youtube. It is a luxury than enables me to go about my business than worrying about what the BBQ is doing. I went for the drive with fan and it has been faultless. I love the app, so easy to use, set and review cooks. It is the best toy I have bought.
  3. Hey Anthony, thanks for that, I try the next one at the lower temp to pull off. I had also forgot they do tend to have some carry over so pulling it iff at 204 could see it go up by another 4 or 5 when wrapped and in the cooler.
  4. I was really interested in this thread and have experienced the same problem great point but flat a bit dry. When checking the temperature and it being done (205), my probe is always in the point. Would it be better at the flat as I am sure the flat must be over 205 at the point. Do you think this would help? Many thanks, Rich
  5. Been a lurker on here for a while now and thought it was time to introduce myself. For many year I have used webber kettle and webber smoker mountain, but after lusting after a ceramic one. My wife treated to me (birthday present) bought me a Kamado Big Joe and so far added the soapstone, cast iron griddle and the joetissoire. And I have just treated myself to the Fireboard 2 Drive with fan after reading the reviews here and on line to help with the over night cooks. Looking forward to reading, learning and contributing to the forum.
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