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  1. Hi Guys, Since my half moodn deflectors are not good... And there is literally no stock anywhere ! Can I use BGE pizza stone in place of deflector ? Thank you
  2. Yes I think over all it's great idea from perspective of longevity.... To be honest bamboo looks pretty freaking new after years of "abuse" But they realized this is an issue, and 3rd gen has metal shelves. My fault for not requesting copy of instruction... and assuming it's heat resistant... I will not attempt to clean the heat deflectors or pizza stone... Just not worth risk. Again this was posted to serve as ugly reminder to users.
  3. Not a joke ...there was no manual included except red label attached saying to tighten bands. It was bad assumption on my end that the shelves were made from "plastic" material like Richlite, Nelson, Teflon etc ... That can handle hot object's.... Reading comments obviously im not the only since KJ re designed them and 3rd version is aluminum tubbing ... Quick google returns a lot more people with this issue. If they had manual in box and didn't read it whole different story And off course I searched ... And everyone is out of stock of the alu shelves that I could find me. And my dealer does not list the deflector Plates. This wasn't a complaint just a warning for other users that might not have manual in box
  4. Hi Guys, I gave away my old kamado with bamboo shelves... Today I was heating up for pizza ... I removed pizza stone and put it on one shelve and and the indirect heat plates on other side ... Both shelves started to melt ... Uhhh Warning to others .. this plastic is not heat resistant !!! Damage: Deflector Plates New pizza stone lol And two shelves .... Where I can order replacement in Canada... I hope non of that melted plastic ended up inside as this would be toxic cocktail Just little warning for others... Bamboo ones are ok with heat done it before and they handled it
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