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    Smoking meat of course! Watercolor painting, gardening, hiking, woodworking, kayaking, metal detecting, cooking, just about anything that's creative. Oh yeah, I make my own soap too.
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  1. Can't thank you enough for this! Wish that I would have checked back a little earlier. I will be sure to read the entire document. Thank you SO very much!
  2. Thanks! Yes, I made something really simple and not too expensive to begin... smoked burgers. Of course I messed them up and they were too dry, but on the bright side my dog is loving them as training treats! I next smoked some ribs but I got the KJ too hot too fast and couldn't get the temp stabilized after that. They were still good with the exception of being too dry and done too soon. Tomorrow I'm going for a beer can chicken. I think it will be easier to get to that temp and hold it rather than keeping it low for a low & slow cook. Thanks for the welcome!
  3. Oh my, I gotta try this! Another good one is a jalapeno popper stuffed pork loin. I'll try to remember to post that recipe soon. You won't be disappointed! Thanks for posting!
  4. My first ever kamado is supposed to arrive this Thursday (June 25th). I ordered the Joe Classic II and I'm so psyched that I can barely sleep! I've been watching all the videos on YouTube and can't wait to get this thing smoking. I'm really happy to become a part of this forum!
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