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  1. Thanks John and Mike. So it sounds like the dome temp is a good guideline and as long as it is steady, then its good to go. I read some posts that point to the grate temp as the most accurate, but when you have two grate levels, its hard to know which one is the "accurate temp." As for Mike's point on the Temperature Control system, I just purchased the BBQ Guru UltraQ with the Viper Fan, haven't had an opportunity to test it out yet, but I look forward to seeing if it works well. Thanks again!
  2. Hello I'm fairly new to smoking and hope some of you can help me with an issue i've been having with my Kamado grill. I have a Vision pro-C which overall I would say I am fairly happy. The grill has a cast iron bottom grate and a 2nd level grate stacked on top. During smoking sessions I clip a thermometer in the bottom grate, one on the top grate, and another one sticking into the top vent. Strangely, i receive 3 wildly different tempt. I try to achieve a temp of around 225F. The bottom grate measures 200F, top grate measures 265F, and top vent 220F. All temps were very steady over a 5 hr cook. Do any of you have this issue? I figured since Kamados are so well insulated the temps would be even throughout.
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