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  1. So, I decided to take the plunge on the monolith trays. The 18” ‘le chef’ versions perfectly fit on the kJ classic as they’re an 18” diameter. They work nicely as roasting tins and I’m really pleased; you can really maximise your cooking space. I roasted some veg in one tonight, with the second underneath it as a tray for some sweet potatoes. Chicken breasts over direct heat on the other side. 100% would recommend to KJ users wanting half-moon roasting tins/drip trays 


  2. 9 hours ago, adm said:

    I can't help you with whether or not they will fit, but I can confirm they are 18" diameter. Let me know of any pictures or measurements you might need and I will happily take them for you.

    Awesome, thank you! Are they the “Le chef” ones? How deep are they? And do you think you could use them as roasting tins as well as drip


  3. Does anyone have any experience of using monolith accessories with a KJ 3 classic? I’ve been wanting some semi-circular drip trays for my KJ3 for a while but the only ones I can see are made by monolith as part of their smart grid system. It looks like they are 18” diameter, so will presumably fit into the divide & conquer rack ok, but would love to know if anyone can confirm that they fit before I buy them!


    Thanks in advance

  4. 18 hours ago, Chief57 said:

    Again, thank you all so much guys....really useful advice.  I've got the gloves, the half moon grate is now on order as is the ash basket.  Just looking for a stainless steel griddle and a thermometer.


    I've had a BBQ table built (see below) and once I get the KJ, I've found a place that will make a waterproof cover (certainly need it for UK weather!!) at a reasonable price.  Granite top to go on top and then I'm ready!!




    That table looks great, where did you get it from?

  5. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/kamado-joe-grills-accessories/products/adjustable-rig-combo-classic-kamado-joe

    Has anyone used one of these with a KJ3 classic? All of the manufacturer’s demo videos seem to be with the classic 2.


    Would it fit with the sloroller? 

    Would you be able to fit the GrillGrate half moon on it directly? It needs to be sat on the steel grates when using the divide & conquer rack. 

  6. 6 hours ago, BURGER MEISTER said:

    Haven't tried it yet but, I've wanted to do something like this but putting the veggies directly under the bird and let the juices drip on them.  If you come up with something that will help both of us out, post pics.  :-D

    I used the grill expander to put a chicken on and a cast iron paella pan underneath it with potatoes in for this effect. I had the sloroller in rather than the joetisserie, so not sure it totally meets your brief but it worked really well. 

    The potatoes were delicious, cooked in goose fat with chicken juices falling on them. 


  7. They still seem to be updating the signals firmware almost weekly, and the beta app even more frequently. 


    I’m still getting quite a lot of overshoot and oscillation, particularly after opening the lid. I think that the fan re-activates too soon after closing. 

    Connection issues seem to be fixed.


    Other minor points are that despite having everything set to Celsius, the pit temp on billows can only be set in degrees F, which is annoying. The maximum temp you can set to is also only 300F for some reason. 

    Overall much better though. How’s everyone else doing?

  8. I guess you may have done them already, but I used the sloroller for some that I did recently, and they were superb! Consensus I’ve seen generally for sloroller vs deflectors is that the sloroller is generally better for even cooking, so use it when you can. I’ve only been using my heat deflectors for 2 zone setup direct/indirect

  9. 12 hours ago, SeaBrisket said:

    They just released a new firmware update. I've had issues with Signals freezing with the fan blowing nonstop and they are saying this update will fix that issue. 

    “Just” as in, today (23 Jun 20)? I installed a firmware update a week or so ago and although the temperature control is tighter, with less on an overshoot after lid opening, the connection to the app was v buggy and the whole unit froze/crashed twice when I used it yesterday. 

    I had to turn it off and on to reconnect to the app 5 or 6 times during a 6 hour cook. Unimpressed ☹️. Have downloaded the beta app today after emailing them so will try that. 

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