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  1. The problem is I have no idea how I can lift it to get the mortar between the bottom one third and top two thirds. It is so heavy. I was hoping to be able to just mortar the inside
  2. I acquired a 15 year old K7. It was in good shape but suffered a complete crack all tge way around in shipping. Can refractory cement fix this?
  3. Peganded8


    I received a K7 from my sister. It received a big crack a the way around in shipping. Can it be repaired with refractory cement?
  4. I just brought home a Johnson K 7. My sister used it for 15 years and it never moved. It was in great condition. Moved it on a trailer and the jostling made the body suffer a crack all the way around. Can this be fixed with refractory cement? I am so disappointed!
  5. I brought this on a trailer to my house. The whole body cracked all the way around. And the inside bowl ring is cracked in half. Can this be fixed?
  6. I am picking up a K7 next week. I am worried about getting the 600 pounds out of a backyard. Can the lid come off easily to help cut some weight?
  7. This is awesome. I am getting an old tiled #7 from my sister.
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