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  1. You are not exaggerating about the WY wind. I first started trying to smoke things while living in Cheyenne, with a basic Weber and an add-on smoking attachment. Temp control was basically non-existent, though the results were never too bad.
  2. So this finally happened today (just a few days short of 6 weeks). Since we’re rapidly running out of month, the inaugural cook also happens to be for the Five Ingredient Challenge. I was inspired by John Setzler’s SloRoller chicken video so I opted for that method. Ingredients: Whole chicken Pineapple Red pepper Vidalia onion Honey Wayward Gourmet Applewood Smoked BBQ Awesomeness Salt & Pepper Olive Oil I did a dry brine on the chicken the night prior. Finally fired up the grill and set it for 375. I swapped sides at about the 35 minute point and bumped the temp up to 425, checked on them after an hour and reduced the temp to 400. Pulled both at about 80-85 minutes. Slow roasted the veggies with some salt & pepper and olive oil in the oven at 350, and finished on the grill. True to John’s video, the chicken skin was crispy and the chicken super moist. My wife’s assessment was ‘the best chicken I’ve ever cooked’ so I consider the first round (of many) a success.
  3. Final piece falling into place tomorrow! Assuming all goes well. Now the quandary...have a five ingredient challenge meal planned to cook tomorrow, and was going to use gas since that's all I had available. But now should have the kamado. Good problems to have.
  4. I wish I had an ETA. Shipping time was 3-4 weeks when I ordered, then changed to 3-5 weeks, and now it's 6+ weeks, so who knows. I was going to be stuck at home for a couple of weeks, so have a freezer full of meat and a lot of plans...just no way to execute them right now. But someday soon...maybe...
  5. Just the grill to use it all with/on.
  6. Just one piece missing from this puzzle...
  7. That's a good looking yardbird!
  8. Thanks for the thorough rundown- I appreciate the raw data and will definitely refer to this as I try out different options.
  9. Following this one with interest. I have one waiting for me at home, and plan to run it with the Pit Viper. Really looking forward to getting home and working on my BBQ/grilling/baking skills.
  10. New to the forum...and since I'm just doing an intro that's probably obvious. Previously moved a lot, so a kamado was never a practical investment. But we now plan to stay put for a while, so I finally pulled the trigger and have a KJ Classic III on the way. I'm out of town for a while, so ideally it and I arrive at home about the same time. Since I'll have a couple of weeks to hang out at home I look forward to firing it up and working on my BBQing/grilling/baking skills. There's certainly a lot of great info here, and I look forward to both learning and eventually contributing.
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