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  1. I need a kettle for this weekend and I noticed that I can pick up a Napoleon kettle today for a little less than the Weber Performer Deluxe (which is out of stock in my city). Does anyone have any experience with Napoleon kettle grills? Can you please give me some pros/cons compared to the Weber Performer Deluxe? I’ve attached a photo of the one I’m referring to. Thank you!
  2. I also thought about PK Grills. How do you think they compare to Weber Kettles in my particular situation?
  3. Thank you all for the very helpful replies! If I decide to go Weber, is Performer Deluxe vs Summit simply a price decision? If I have the money to spend, should I go for the Summit? Or is it not as useful given that I will have a KJ Classic II available as well?
  4. Hey everyone, I’ve been battening in my head over a decision, so I decided to seek the community’s advice! My current situation: - Kamado Joe Classic II, which I’m absolutely in love with. Best purchase I ever made! - I have a ton of classic griddled/accessories. - I mostly use it to reverse-sear steaks, and make smash burgers on the cast iron griddle. - I occasionally grill chicken and seafood, but the primary use is steaks and burgers. - I love low-and-slow cooking but have not really dabbled in serious smoking. What I’m looking for: - More capacity when I’m hosting larger BBQs. Right now, the 18” Kamado doesn’t cut it. - I wanna be able to cook 2 things in parallel. Like steaks and burgers... or steak and fish. - Compactness helps, as I live in a townhouse with a patio/terrace but no backyard. Options I’m considering: - Replace classic with a big joe (but I still wouldn’t be able to do parallel cooks) - Add a 2nd Kamado (classic, big joe or big green egg?) - Add a Weber Summit kamado/grill. - Add a Weber Performer kettle. The Weber Performer is the least costly, but I don’t just want to make the decision based on cost. What do you think I should do? Which option would you take if you were me. Or do you have an other opinion that’s not included above. Thank you for your help!
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