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  1. Thanks KamadoChris. I was under the impression that the springs should have already been in place on the new hinge, but was told otherwise after being able to reach someone from Pit Boss. Was told they won’t ship with the springs In place due to they could pop while in transit. Also it doesn’t look I would been able to get the hinge onto the grill with the springs in place. After installing the hinge, I used some some vice grips to stretch the springs into place. Glad I was able to get this done before the 4th.
  2. Hi all, I noticed the two screws on my hinge were constantly coming loose. Pit Boss sent me a replacement, but I am not sure how to get the hinge springs in place. I tried to put the old hinge back on until I can figure out how to get the new hinge on, but the old hinge is no longer lining up with the four bolts ( two on the grill and two on the lid). Anyone have any suggestions, pics or know a link to videos that might help? Also I took the new hinge a part and not sure if I have a re-assembled it properly. The new hinge is slightly different from the old. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello all from Arizona. Hope to get opinions, recipe ideas and share mine as well. Been a Kamado owner for 3 years. Chargriller Acorn Chargriller Acorn Jr Pit Boss K24
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