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  1. Cool thing about last night's pizzas.......they provided dinner & lunch......and the toppings provided breakfast and our dinner salads tonight, too. Was nice having my hands free to work on finishing up her old car. New owners will be her to pick it up in the next day or so. Gonna rest a while and then get an early start on road trip.
  2. Thank you !!! One of the benefits of making pizza for dinner.....is that the same toppings make for great omelettes the next morning. Last night I asked my bride what time she wanted breakfast....she said 8:00am would be good. That gave me plenty of time to knock down some good coffee and make omelettes for us. Jalapeños, red onion, carmelized yellow onions, sweet peppers, shrooms, garlic, fresh ground pepper and Chupacabra rub. Nailed the 8:00am turn-in time like a boss !!!!!!!!!!! Now.....gotta get back on finishing that car. Compound & waxing.....grrrrrr.
  3. Cowboy Ribeye Date Night

    OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Kick Butt on wings ?

    Tried the same rub combo on some boneless breasts the next day....was killer in our salads. Thanks again !!!
  5. Working on my wife's old car that she is selling after buying a new ride. Using up the last of my old car care stuff on this project.....Started the project after getting home from work on my day off. Washed, clay bar, and then began compounding. Ran out of time.....and running low on beer. Dinner needed to be made. The dinner plans were made with son and his girlfriend coming home for dinner, too. He'd requested pizza. Gladly broke away from the car detailing to make an easy dinner. Wife's white sauce pizza..... Son & his girlfriend's pizza........
  6. Gave this one a test run yesterday on some wings after a long afternoon spent driving. Kick Butt on the wings prior to grilling......and Kosmos Honey Dust added after they came off the grill (didn't get pics of this step). Wings went quick.....family loved 'em. Thanks for the rub @BOOMSTICK069
  7. Thank, man. I appreciate all your help with making the decisions on this grill.
  8. Food porn!

    Very cool. Great looking eats. Change the soundtrack to ZZTop........
  9. I run my wings around 350-375. I want a crispy skin. I detest eating any type of chicken with rubbery skin. I won't eat it and I sure as hell won't serve it to anyone.
  10. Reusing lump

    Yup.....just stir and rake the ash through the grate holes, clean out the area beneath the coal grate so you'll be assured good air flow. Then reform the old coals in a gradual volcano shape and toss a Kamado Joe lighter tab on top and fire 'em up. That's about all that I do for normal cooks. On slow'n'low cooks, however, I do as @BOOMSTICK069 said and start with fresh lump.....and place the large pieces in first. I'll sometimes use some of the old to fill in the spots, but always begin with a base of large fresh lump.
  11. Thanks, bro. That'll be a fun development there. We could use all of those we can get, lol.
  12. Family was worn out from a long work/school week. Needed to do something easy....I hit the store on the way home and picked up some breasts & runners and stuff for sides. Used a base layer of Meat Church's Gospel rub & RecTec's Greek rub as my base....then topped off during the cook with Plowboy's Yardbird rub. Zatarain's Caribbean Rice mix.....gotta love the microwave on this side. Little trees grill so dang easy & tasty.
  13. Yesterday was time to run it for the first time. Checked the accuracy of the thermometers using boiling water. They did just fine. Pulled the firebox coal grate out and placed it in the main chamber as a tuning plate. Dropped the firebox food grate down to the act as the coal grate. Hit the outside with canola oil, too. May not make a hill of beans difference, but it looks good when wiped down. Started the cook with a bed of hot Kingsford and then just added hickory chunks for the remainder of the cook. Didn't take long at all to get the thin blue smoke.
  14. Painted outside and coated inside with canola oil. Back into the garage it went for another week.