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  1. The other morning I had a very rare treat for breakfast. On a few occasions there will be leftover steak to reheat with some eggs for breakfast..........but this was a much more infrequent occurrence.............leftover onion-jalapeno hush puppies, shrimp & oysters.
  2. Wife & I had discussed going out for dinner over the weekend. The evening arrived and the hurricane that was pounding my family in Eastern North Carolina was pushing rain and wind our way. She agreed seafood was in order, but no longer wanted to go out for it. Heck....I'd rather stay at home and cook anyway. So.........a quick trip to a great local spot that always has anything I'd ever want to cook.....got to use 4WD for part of the rainy trip Some folks like heat.....some don't.......here are there options at my table. Only one option on what I bread my seafood with...since I was riding a bike. It's already seasoned and super simple to use.....and always perfect. This goodness went into the hush puppies. I love some hot sauce or cocktail sauce on shrimp........and tartar sauce on fried oysters. My plate......everyone else wanted salads or tacos. They can have 'em. My eats are straight up. No crowded restaurant to deal with......good music and cold suds and my dogs hanging around wanting to see what was coming their way. Family loved it.
  3. Sunday morning's breakfast.....my biscuit game is weak....but getting a little better after trying this easy method. Three cups of strong java put the boot scoot in my boogie and I figured it was about time to roll out some biscuits. Cool thing was that these didn't require any rolling at all. Didn't have all the ingredients on hand that I wanted.....but, it turns out I had exactly what I needed to slap together a decent batch following this guy's recipe....even the King Arthur AP flour and etc. Nothing to it....very little mess made. I'll keep working with this one for a while see where it leads. Tried out some of the sausage that a grilling guru recommended, Tennessee Pride Hot. This is the second pack of it that I've cooked recently. I was in the store getting "storm provisions" last week and saw it and my normal Jimmy Dean Hot was sold out. It was on par with my normal and 10X better than the Jamestown garbage stuff I've tried in the past (nothing but a tube of fat). My new skillet is getting better with every such cook...... I think I'll be keeping a low-walled non-stick skillet for eggs, though.....unless I run across a cast iron skillet that has low rounded sides... I could've let 'em ride in the oven a coupe minutes more....but was getting impatient. Bottom side not too overdone... S-E-C biscuits ready to go for me. Wife kept had her eggs & sausage on the side and sliced her biscuit open and put butter & honey on it. She was mighty pleased with this biscuit attempt. She commented on how little mess was made, too. Always a good thing.
  4. Breakfast this morning.....had a couple apples left in the fruit bowl....figured I'd put 'em to use on making a Dutch Baby and some jazzed up oatmeal. Almost didn't use enough skillet.
  5. Had a blast watching two of my college teams deliver beatdowns yessaday......and grilled up a nice meal. Today, though.....just chilling out a bit and hoping my my Texans would be able to snag a win against the Patriots. It's just not happening, I'm afraid. At least I got a great pair of wins yessaday and hoping this pair of slabs is a win today. Fired up Ole Red....with her cracked firebox.....figured I'd do one more slow 'n low on her today....and replace the firebox next weekend. Gonna run each of these on their own slab and see what the family has to say about 'em. Pic taken just before flipping 'em. Time to get working on my sides and see how things go.
  6. Dub

    A tale of two steaks

    Awesome cook. Thanks for the pst and comparison !!!
  7. Dub


    They make a mean steak. Last steaks I've cooked..... Too dang easy.
  8. Thanks, man. Watching the first episode of Mayans right now. Gonna get onto Ozark later on this evening.
  9. Wow.....I didn't realize season 2 was out. I'm gonna give it a run soon.
  10. Dub

    Labor Day Ribs

    Steak on a stick. Looks great.
  11. Dub

    Saharah Desert Pulled Pork

    I've had pulled pork that folks cooked that seemed tough & dry. In each case they raved about the stuff they injected into it. My guess is the salt content of whatever they shoot it up with is detrimental to the end result. Some pork cuts come packaged with a high sodium content. It can be sneaky, too....you have to read the fine print on the label.....getting harder for me to do as I get older...sucks having to take my reading glasses along with me in the store. I'm not sure why it turned out that way for you. I've had some tough shoulder butts and brisket flats before.....they were on the smallish side....turned out tough & dry. I prefer smoking 8-10 lb butts. I'll remove the crepe-like fatty connective tissue on the top. The fat cap is left intact, just scored in 1/2" grid pattern. In a kamado, I also run mine fat side down. If I use a probe, then I make sure to keep it away from the bone. 250-ish on the temp. I don't worry about removing at certain temp.....I bring it in when it probes tender all over. I'll rest it a few minutes while I get other items ready to serve. Remove the bone. Shred/pull apart & then hit it with some homebrew finishing sauce. Stand back and watch them go for the barked pieces first. Dang.....now I'm hungry for some pulled pork.
  12. Dub

    Sahlen's Franks

    I saw them at my local Publix. I wasn't sure about them and went with Hebrew National's beef dogs. I may give them a shot next time.
  13. Dub

    Keep it simple ribeye

    Steak is about as simple as it gets....yet so many folks screw it up. They tend to under-season & overcook. I'd say your cook was right on target. Great looking results.