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  1. Combination of these rubs.....
  2. Dub

    Really California? WTH

    Maybe Maxine & Nancy had something to do with the whack warning labeling.
  3. Dub

    Happy 4th of July Check out this Food City add

    Powerful. Thank you for sharing that.
  4. Not an option on this cook, but yes....it really would have been better with it.
  5. Very nice looking work. Beautiful knife.
  6. Dub

    4th of July Impromptu Cooks

    Outstanding looking meal. Ribs, beans and even the kaleslaw looks great (I like kale).
  7. Made breakfast for the tribe earlier.......brunch, actually. Fed 'em and then moved my game outdoors for some pressure washing fun on the deck. I'm officially 1/3 done with the house now. Spacing this project out because there's plenty suds to consume whilst working. 5 hours of manual labor was about my limit.....time to move on to other endeavors. Finally getting my grill-on.....sorta. Since the deck is clean....figured I'd cook on it. Mesquite smoke filling the air.......I'm addicted to the stuff. No worries, it'll mostly be gone by the time the yardbird hits the grates. Mostly. Suspect grilling weather......rain may be coming in soon. Bird is injected, rubbed and ready to roll as soon as the grill hits cruising temp.
  8. Hellsyes !!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely nailed it. Way to break in a brand new BigJoe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Dub

    Blue Corn Tamales

    Wow. Huge respect for your efforts on that delicious looking meal !!
  10. That looks absolutely delicious !!!!!!!