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  1. Local restaurant serves them on their breakfast menu. They are actual bone-in chops, too. When I go their I get an egg over easy on top.
  2. Yesterday my son and I were hanging out together and the subject of "what's for dinner, Dad?" came up. Little hombre is always hongry. Freshmen in college, hits the gym in between classes. Lean, mean, studying machine. I'd had some chops marinating since morning. Informed him of such and he asked what I was waiting on. The order to fire 'em up was given. I was also planning on cooking some other stuff at the same time for future meals, too....as I'm working this upcoming weekend. Figured I'd do wings on this 'un and also sear some chops and tenderloin while doing the sides on the other little Weber. Little Weber accommodated my skillet packed full of carrots, onions and potatoes. Was gonna add some Brussels later, too. Course ground pepper & Plowboys did a good job of seasoning the root vegetables. Well......at some point during the cooking my boy got a phone call that altered his plans. He's out of class this week and some buddies are in town.....so he had to scramble. I scaled back the cook but did go ahead with a pair of chops. Haven't done them in a long while for some reason. Seasoned them with Dizzy Pig's Red Eye Express. Vortex did it's job.....even better now that the coals had burned down significantly since I skipped the wing cook. I love carrots cooked this way.....in case you can't tell, lol. Leftover chop was saved in the fridge....... Teenage T-Rex skeert me this morning as I was tinkering with the coffee maker.....trying to conjure up some decent java. Evidently I was grinding the beans when he ninja'd up into the kitchen, "So, Dad, what's for breakfast". Once I settled down from the scare, lol, I put together his leftover chop, some hash browns, scrambled eggs & cheese and a pair of biscuits. He said that'd hold him for a while.
  3. Was craving a Reuben.....

    Way I see it....we all gotta eat, right. I avoid McDonalds and the like.....pretty much don't do restaurants very often at all. I enjoy running the grills on my days off and then live off leftovers on the following work days.
  4. Wings on the Weber

    Excellent looking wings !!!! I really get a lot of use out of my Vortex, too.
  5. Heck yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gimme some of that !!!!
  6. Wild Fires!

    Watched this one again yesterday afternoon. Brave guys who do this.
  7. To Whomever recommended Academy Sports to me

    They sell Old Country pits.....mini-splits of pecan & hickory.....Plowboys Yardbird rub......and Lambert's Sweet Swine O' Mine rub. Bullets aplenty, Under Armor clothing and comfortable shoes. If they put in a meat department & beer section then I could pretty much get 95% of all my shopping done there.
  8. Hey, Dub, thanks!

    Nice job. It's an easy & tasty dessert that my family always seems to enjoy.
  9. I enjoy all types of food, but hands down, my personal favorite is Tex-Mex inspired eats. Over this past weekend at work, the wife and I loosely formulated a plan to have a date day yessaday afternoon on my day off. I'd planned on knocking out some chores around the house and then easing over to "our spot"....a local cantina that has the coldest Dos Equis Ambar grande drafts that this ole boy has ever found. It was my plan to get my son to drop me off there an our or two before she arrived from work. That way I'd be able to feed the little carnivore, catch up with him a bit and enjoy some of those ice cold drafts that were aforementioned. He'd cut out after a while and then my wife would show up and we'd have some excellent guac made at the table and a good mango 'rita for her would arrive magically. Those aforementioned cold cervezas would keep coming as needed. They have impeccable timing there. It's the type of spot that enjoys it's long term patrons and the service is super. They treat us like family. What's it they say about "best laid plans" ?? Well....son had a study session for an exam pop up....wife is winding down her last couple days of her current job and wouldn't be able to get there. 4th down....we were about to punt. Dang. Couldn't let that happen. Looked at the coverage....checked in with the sideline coaches (my dogs)....surveyed the field one more time before snapping the ball.....(field was rainy outside....sitting outdoors was my hope at the cantina...didn't look favorable).....called an audible. Made a fast beer run that included a heap of other stuff and got'r'dun at home. Homebrew Tex-Mex inspired eats done on the family's altered schedule. The only downside was the lack of cold Ambars. Grocery store's were all stacked off in the aisle way. Modelo was a suitable substitute, however. Son always wants his to be mighty meaty. So beef filling was conjured up. I make double deckers for him....hard taco shell inside, cheese around it and wrapped in a soft taco. He needs the calories. Little joker busted off a 90 minute gym workout between classes yesterday that sounded intense. Wife & I prefer fish in ours. Used some coconut to batter the skrimps.....and added some smallish flounder fillets and cook in the enchilada sauce. Pics insufficient to describe the great flavor. Big ole batch of pico was made up. I freaking love this stuff. Could literally eat it with every meal. No kiddin real deal flavor that I love. Batch of fresh guacamole made up. Turned out perfectly. The last batch had a bit more salt in it than it should have. This batch I added the salt at the very end and went in tiny increments until that "juss rite" taste was had. Also used this as a drizzle topping. Fish 'n skrimp tacos for wife & I. Teenage T-Rex's mighty meaty....and then he killed a pair of fish'n'skrimp, too. Pics blurry due to him snatching the plates aways as I was trying to get iPhone pics. Great meal. Easily made. Slicing, dicing, stirring and sauté work all done while they were at the table and having a great family time together. Easy meal. Great time together, in spite of foiled cantina plans. So......what's your favorite type of food to make ? Tex-Mex is the ticket, here.
  10. I have a normal chili recipe that is much loved by everyone in the house. It's mildish but very well balanced. Son & I will kick it up a notch with some habanero hot sauce in our own bowls. This ghost peppa mix is hawt at a different level. It was more than I could handle in a bowl, but my son said it was super as a topper on his hot dogs. I'm gonna take some to work today on some hot dogs and see how it goes. I may not make it through the entire workday, lol.
  11. A couple weeks ago a box arrived on the front steps and my son called me at work...."Dad, what the world did you order?......weighed a ton getting it inside". Had gone and priced some slider style steps for my truck at a local truck store.....then quickly decided to mail order them and D-I-Y. Smartly waited for a day that he could be home and give his old man a hand. Today was that day. Lawdy mama, it was thirsty work watching my boy work.... Didn't take him long to ask about what was for suppa.....I broke ranks and fired up the grill and left him to his work. Figured a small batch of chili would be good. @KismetKamado angus ripping chili recipe was used !!!! Thank you @KismetKamado , mighty tasty stuff. Thirsty indoor work, too. Plenty of leftover ground beef........burgertime !!!! Fired up Ole Red and let it ride. Made up a batch of home fries for him, too. Since chili was being served up.....so was a pone. His ghost peppa chili & cornbread appetizer & then the rest. Teenage T-Rex nailed it !!!!! Next time we get underneath my truck there will be ribs smoking and we'll be tackling the puny exhaust, lol. New tires are the next enhancement.......
  12. Primo pizza

    Lawd have mercy that looks perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Any help with salmon?

    Cedar works great.....soak it all day in water.....then just before you put the salmon it, brush with olive oil. In fact, brush both sides of the salmon with olive oil....hit the skin side with salt and lay it down on the plank. Hit the top side with rib rub and let it ride on the grill. Just before taking it off, brush on a blend of melted butter & pancake syrup....then hit with rib rub again. Remove it from the grill at 140-145.... Mix a drink or pour a beer and kick back and watch your tribe pounce on it. Fun times.
  14. I used to keep my BJ covered.......then added a Smokeware rain vent replacement on the top vent. The new KJ top vents are a step above that one, too. No need to cover, in my opinion. That being said, I'm in Georgia and two hours removed from the coast. Coastal salt air is a different beast.
  15. Just for the record, though...............they tasted GREAT !!!!! That's my story & I'm sticking with it.