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  1. Gameday snacks........

    Thank you so much. I had some leftover cabbage for dinner tonight when I got home from work. The stuff is delicious and I don't even care for cabbage, lol. I pretty much followed this recipe: https://www.evergladesseasoning.com/blogs/news/18988635-everglades-seasoning-butter-and-bacon-cabbage-made-in-tin-foil-packet
  2. Gameday snacks........

    I'm very sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Stressful jobs certainly don't help. I find myself entertaining thoughts of retirement. I'm still a long way from that point, but it's nice to ponder some of the stuff that I'd like to do. The basic 22" Weber kettle is a very useful grill. Arguments are often made that it's the only grill most folks will ever need. I'm not one to make that argument as I know we all NEED multiple grills....just.....because. I bought this 22" MasterTouch new on eBay for 1/2 the price it was selling for at Lowe's & Home Depot. It's lightweight and easily portable. It's no kamado....yet it's kamado-ish when you play with the vent settings. I'll be throwing it in the pickup truck and taking it with me to a buddy's shooting range next week. We'll have a group shooting and will do a batch or two of wings on it. The Kingsford Original blue bag generates a ton of ash, but the cleaning system that Weber incorporates in these things makes it quick work to remove the ash.
  3. Gameday snacks........

    That tailgate has been mighty helpful for all sorts of fun shenanigans.
  4. Gameday snacks........

    Poppers were demolished.... Cabbage was a hit !!!!!
  5. Gameday snacks........

    Thanks. My kamado grills live on the back deck. They work so good that I was scared it would make me lazy and I'd lose skills....thus the going back to the easily portable Weber grills. Rolling one out to my tailgate is mighty easy and grabbing a cold one from the garage fridge is therapeutic. Slaw ratio is unknown to me. A bag of shredded cabbage, 3 tbsp cider vinegar, 2 diced jalapeños, 4 tsp honey, 1/2 cup Dukes is my best guess ???? NFL gameday eats today.. I truly enjoy my time off work. Yesterday's gameday eats were fun......and now I have some NFL fun to prep for. Wife placed an order for shicken salad this workweek. I obliged. And bracketed the effort by watching my Texans do it up nicely. Since picking up the mini-chimney......I have yet to fire up the big'un. It's mighty handy. Her boneless shicken went on.....and had been rubbed with some leftover Killer Hogs AP/Chinese 5-spice mix on it. Turns out to be a winning combination that works on many things. I think she'll be happy with the results. Now....time to get to moving on our evening dinner......
  6. Since the Weber kettle was already sitting out.....I decided to use it for some gameday grilling. Made up a batch of slaw for my bride......she loves the stuff on her hotdogs. I like mine like my son does.......Just some cheese and some of John Setzler's Man Cave Meals Hot Dog Chili on them. Garage tunes for this cook were some skinny Colt.....and fat Colt. Noting fancy cooked here.....but the flavor was spot on. Borrowed the meatball recipe from Man Cave Meals once again. Bacon wrapped meatballs and hot dogs doing their dance over the coals. Son's first plate....... Well.......my Pirates are giving up early points and looking ugly. I'm more than ready to transition over to the Dawgs game. Wife said she was ready for some eats. Wanted her sauce and dogs dressed out like she likes them.
  7. This week I made two pit stops on the way home from work to a shop that sells BGE's and a nice selection of rubs. First stop I grabbed these. Second stop I picked up the Killer Hogs AP. I used 1/4 cup AP with 1 tbsp Chinese Five Spice and it made for a really nice flavored wing seasoning. While the coals were lighting I sliced some boneless chicken breast and hit them with the AP/5spice rub for a pan of stir fry. The Jah Love had been mixed with peanut oil as per instructions on package....and the wings were slathered with it and had 36 hrs to soak in the fridge. The Wicked Que rub went on at the same time. Yesterday afternoon I bought another pack of wings and hit 'em with the AP/5spice rub just before going on the grill. The Jah Love was good, but just what I was hoping for. I prefer making jerk seasoning fresh and letting the bird soak in it. That being said, it was a good flavored rub and shouldn't be expected to trump freshly made jerk seasoning. The Wicked Que Orange Habanero was interesting for certain. Flavor was good. Good on the wings and had a bit of different zing to it that was good. I didn't sauce either of those two. The AP/5spice wings were sauced with some General Tso's sauce and were delicious. I grabbed one off the grill and tried it prior to the saucing and really liked it. I can easily see them being good with a wide range of sauces. Make sense as the AP is mainly salt, garlic powder and black pepper.....what isn't good with that ? :thumb: Great flavors on something that was very easy to cook. Wings are a basic staple around my house. My family loves 'em.
  8. Meat Church Rubs

    Excellent list !!! I've tried each of the primary rubs you listed and really like them all a great deal. That Slabs rub, Birds and Bones and their Stephy Style are excellent on wings and chicken. Color is not as great as some, but flavor is spot on. I've got some rubbed wings resting in the fridge overnight tonight. One batch has the Wicked Que Sweet Orange Habanero and the other has the OakRidge Jah Love (with peanut oil) on them.
  9. L vs XL amount of coal

    Complete agreement. XL size is highly useful. I really enjoy the spilt ring heat deflectors and how they make it real easy to move from direct to indirect during a cook. Wing magic ! Being able to divide the firebox is also something that I've done quite often.
  10. Weather Delay

    Adverse conditions lead to some great looking brisket !!!!
  11. Looks mighty good !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Easy brisket on the WSM

    Well.......wife made it home well before my 6:30 stated ready-time. She asked for a plate right away...didn't feel like waiting on son and his date. Mashed taters, string beans and sliced brisket. She said the brisket wasn't all that.......so I changed direction on the remaining flat and cubed it....doused in some home-brewed hickory sauce and into the oven. It was ready about the time the rest of the diners arrived. Their plates looked more promising than her's. Son gave me high marks on the grub later on. Happy griller who had to scramble to get it right.
  13. Easy brisket on the WSM

    3 hours into the cook. Rock steady.
  14. Fired up the pellet tube full of hardwood pellets and a chimney full of Kingsford Professional. Smoking tube under the charcoal grate of my Weber 22" WSM. Turned the pecan splits over towards the coals and let the bark burn off prior to stacking everything on. Pro-tip.....if you are going to be using OakRidge BBQ's rubs.......and I HIGHLY recommend you do, then get their metal shaker. It works perfectly with their rubs. Nice grain size that shakes well and covers easily. Came up to the preset temp of 275 and has stayed locked in nicely. Let me run errands and get stuff done in the meantime.
  15. Long day at work yessaday. No lies....it sucked and was a grind. Made it through and finally made it to my truck for the ride home. Called into headquarters and spoke with my son about dinner plans. We both agreed that tacos sounded great. Made it home and pulled apart the leftover jerk chicken and chuck roast. Put in a pot with some taco seasoning & beer and let it simmer a while. Had 6 soft shells and 6 hard shells on hand. Frijoles, cheese and sauce in between the layers. He killed these four and then grabbed up one of the remaining two. I made off with the lone taco and it was mighty good.