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  1. Thanks, man. It's been a long while, I'm afraid. My grilling has falling off to almost forgetting how to start the coals, lol. I did cook a batch of brats'n beer last night with my son, nephew, Dad & BIL.....used Dad's Weber gasser. They turned out great.....but man....it has been a long time.
  2. Very nice !!! He's a great guy. That's one to be proud of.
  3. They are even better camouflaged in the dead grass, pine straw and wooded areas I sometimes hunt. As bad as I dislike rattlesnakes......I HATE water moccasins. They are aggressive and meaner all get out. Territorial brutes. You made a good snake outa that one.
  4. One of the owners of my favorite local gun shop has his 4-door Jeep completely "painted" with the bedlinen material. It looks great. He loves it.
  5. Thank you both. This was something different than the cancer mess. Working with a cardiologist to sort it all out. He’s getting all his ducks in a row. No blockages or evidence of “plumbing “ problem. Appears to be “electrical “. My terms not his.
  6. Thanks. The guacamole and beans are family favorites.
  7. I wished I'd have found out about these prior to buying the Stargazer..........they have 8", 10" and 12" and look to be even better finished. https://smitheyironware.com/seasoning/ I know what just made it to my Christmas list.
  8. Tonight's dinner..........I'm still holding back because the frenzy is real.........not wanting to get forked or knifed. I'll go ahead and introduce the star of the show on our table tonight....the dry pintos....that were soaked quicklike and made into frijoles. Made a batch of mango-pineapple salsa. Made a batch of Ro-Tel salsa....easiest thing you've ever made. Also worked up a batch of guacamole which is one of my favorite things on the planet !!! Beef taco meat........ Vegetarian taco "meat".... Frijoles.....bad pic, sorry...........but may have been then best tasting thing I've cooked....PERIOD. Table condiments............ My tribe......and extended tribe........made their whole wheat vegetarian tacos.........double decker extra cheesy & meaty carnivore tacos..........and superkiller nachos. I laid back and chilled and stayed well away from the carnage and grinned knowing two things: 1) we migrated from ENC and yet we love spicy Messican eats 2) If the wall is built tomorrow we will survive. Snuck back in the kitchen after the second wave and made a plate..........did a double-decker like my boy does........and sampled the rest. Finished off a third of it.....but had some of everything. The guac & frijoles vanished from the plate.
  9. I've got a small assortment of cast iron skillets that I cook with. I've been running a 10" Lodge the longest. It still has that pebbly feel on the cooking surface no matter what I've re-seasoned with. Thusly I use it for my cornbread and such....as well as other things. I wanted something smooth enough that I could cook eggs with. I found that with the Stargazer 10" skillet. It arrived smooth as silk and it's been a nice work in progress to season it through cooking meats on it. It's a hoot watching eggs slide around nicely with a shake of the handle. If I decide to something different, I may use a disc wheel and take some off the surface of one of the Lodge pans and re-season it and see what's possible there.
  10. Posting from my Mac......have been extremely well served by this thing..............hoping your new one will handle your needs for many years of trouble free service.
  11. Thank you. These are very, very simple in terms of ingredients. Ingredients: 2.5 cups of White Lilly or Southern Biscuit Flour (I'm sure other brands of self-rising would work just fine...these are the two I've tried). 1 stick of frozen butter that is removed and grated.....or a 1/2 cup butter version of Crisco vegetable shortening 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese (optional) 1 cup cold butter milk parchment paper pan 425 degree oven Directions: Use large mixing bowl to stir in grated frozen butter, cheddar (if used) and flour. If substituting butter version of Crisco, then tear it into very small pieces and blend in with flour. Add cold buttermilk to mix and stir lightly to incorporate it evenly. Add extra flour onto a large piece of parchment on the counter and spread some out to lay the ball of dough onto. Add flour to hands and rolling pin. Add flour over the top of dough and work down and form with hands. Use rolling ping to roll it out more.....adding floor as needed. Fold the dough up into another stack and then work it back out with hands or rolling pin (repeat this a few more times) Form the final roll out with the rolling pin so it's 1/3"-1/2" tall for normal sized biscuits (or 1/4" for the silver dollar sized) Flour the rim of whatever size glass you are gonna use to cut the biscuits....do so in between each biscuit. Press the glass down firmly, but don't rotate it (continue this until full coverage is made) Remove cut biscuits and place on the parchment lined pan you will bake them on Roll out remaining dough and repeat until you've used it all up......the final pieces I roll into "bones" for my dogs Place in 425 oven and begin checking at 15-18 minutes and cook until a light browning occurs on top Brush on melted butter (optional) There are numerous other ways to make them......but this is a simple version that requires few ingredients to be kept on hand.
  12. I can say with today's breakfast.....it was much better than yesterday's protein shake on the way out the door. Hour-plus round trip to the doctor and 4 hour appointment/testing/consult for my wife & her doctor all went well. Very relieved. Confirmed & ruled out some stuff that had been concerning us. So relieved, in fact.....that we both slept 12+ hours last night....catching up on the missed sleep over the past few days. I can't remember last time I slept so long or so well. Relief and answered prayers evidently added to the comfort that cool weather and a warm blanket provided. Good stuff, folks. I still beat the sunrise on getting out of bed (which tells ya how early I crashed yesterday evening). Started stirring and dogs realized I was about to be oscar mike and went nutz to get downstairs and outside in hopes there would be squirrels to chase into the trees. Still too dark for that action, but coffee was made and by the second cup....I was able to go out and watch 'em get after the limb rats. Our oldest one still shows her puppy tendencies when she's on the chase. Their growling and yipping at the limb rats must have fired up my neighbor's dogs....could hear them waking up in her house. Time came to finish that cup and call in the dogs and get some grub ready. Nothing fancy. Nothing special. Just some buttery cheddar biscuits, Tennessee Pride Hot sausage (which I hit with yellow mustard) and eggs loaded with course pepper & American cheese. Had the biscuits cut and & the pan just in time to her a deep voice from above & behind me......"Good morning.....what's cooking?". Said Darth Vader voice came from our 6'8" son, Teenage T-Rex. Startled the heck outa both me & the dogs. For a kid so tall....he can ninja up on an old dude with great stealth. He went into feeding frenzy like a bull shark and rolled out his schedule for the day and asked about my cooking plans. I'd wanted to do Tex-Mex for dinner and gave him the menu rundown. He stopped me just in time. I was about to put the dry pintos on to soak all day for the frijoles later on. His schedule clashes mightily with said Tex-Mex dinner plans. Looks like there will be some mid-day burgers instead.....wife & I can reheat ours whenever it comes around to our dinnertime. Tex-Mex will be tomorrow night, it seems. Very grateful for such simple things to contemplate. Very grateful.
  13. Thanks, man. Favorite meal of the day on those day's off we get. Good strong coffee & chilling with the dogs and then get stuff ready before the house wakes up. Thanks. Let's just say they are mighty fond of when I'm here and firing up a grill or breaking out a skillet. They know they get their pirate's share of the loot. They each had some steak this morning. I held off on letting them have the T-bone bones. So......this morning I wiped out the last of the T-bonz. I used the strip side for an omelet for my wife.......and kept the tenderloin side for myself with some cheesy scrambled eggs. Gotta love a steak that you can slice with your fork. She said the sweet red pepper came through hugely in terms of flavor.
  14. Before I even lifted a knife I knew tonight's dinner would be a home run with the tribe. Reason being that a buddy at work brought me some of his excellent hash that folks go crazy over. All I had to do was thaw it out and pour it over some rice....easy....done.....no work involved. I'm not a big fan of hash but I have to say his is mighty good. Already had some leftovers from yessaday so no work there, either. So....what did I have to do ? Cut up a smallish shicken and rub it down and try not to ruin it on the grill. Easy. Done. Heck....I didn't even make up a batch of sauce, but used a bottle I had on hand of some that I've been waiting for the right time to use. Today I was lazy enough to bust it open. Time to play with fire. A chimney full of Kingsford blue bag is the perfect amount of coals to cook a heap of stuff in their little 18" Smokey Joe....just about perfect for today's yardbird. Had the lower vent at full throttle and the top at 1/4 and dropped it on after brushing off the grate. It took exactly two Yang-Lings and then it was time to flip the parts. One more and it was time to sauce 'em up. And a final 'un to serve it up. Yessaday's mashed taters were reinvigorated with a dose of Colby Jack & cheddar. My bride thinks I'm a mad genius......and all I did was heat up some sides and put a knife to a shicken and toss it on some hot coals. The real work was done by our grandparents and their grandparents who didn't have the luxury of microwaves & supermarkets. I'm just a dude that is grateful for them paving the way. They probably would scorn how I spend the free time saved....Yang-ling & football....I'll meet up with them one day and apologize.
  15. Excellent looking meal !!! Gotta love an LCB. That liquid crab boil is super. A little goes a long way on assuring excellent flavor.
  16. What an awesome looking meal. Great pics. Super blade, too.
  17. Broke out the little Weber last night for some T-bonz. Truth be told I wasn't so much interested in them due to wanting to get back to the football watching.....grateful for a fast cook. By morning time today, though, my interests have settled in on those T-bonz that were leftover. Rare occurrence.....no pun intended. I cut off the strip side of the leftover T-bone and heated it up along with some vegetables & cheesy eggs. Made a batch of biscuits that my Grandma used to call "silver dollar biscuits". Tasty breakfast was had....gotta love steak & eggs. Interested parties are hoping this old guy will be clumsy and drop something.......even after having the biscuit that I made for them...
  18. I sure hope that Christians, Joe Tax Payer & Joe Hunter show up bigly tomorrow. Figured I'd cook some All-American eats tonight.......burgers & brats. First step was to conjure up some proper burger sauce. Hit the fries with some of this homebrew rub....... All American eats on a major eve for our country. Hoping folks will say a prayer tomorrow before casting their ballot.
  19. The other morning I had a very rare treat for breakfast. On a few occasions there will be leftover steak to reheat with some eggs for breakfast..........but this was a much more infrequent occurrence.............leftover onion-jalapeno hush puppies, shrimp & oysters.
  20. Wife & I had discussed going out for dinner over the weekend. The evening arrived and the hurricane that was pounding my family in Eastern North Carolina was pushing rain and wind our way. She agreed seafood was in order, but no longer wanted to go out for it. Heck....I'd rather stay at home and cook anyway. So.........a quick trip to a great local spot that always has anything I'd ever want to cook.....got to use 4WD for part of the rainy trip Some folks like heat.....some don't.......here are there options at my table. Only one option on what I bread my seafood with...since I was riding a bike. It's already seasoned and super simple to use.....and always perfect. This goodness went into the hush puppies. I love some hot sauce or cocktail sauce on shrimp........and tartar sauce on fried oysters. My plate......everyone else wanted salads or tacos. They can have 'em. My eats are straight up. No crowded restaurant to deal with......good music and cold suds and my dogs hanging around wanting to see what was coming their way. Family loved it.
  21. Sunday morning's breakfast.....my biscuit game is weak....but getting a little better after trying this easy method. Three cups of strong java put the boot scoot in my boogie and I figured it was about time to roll out some biscuits. Cool thing was that these didn't require any rolling at all. Didn't have all the ingredients on hand that I wanted.....but, it turns out I had exactly what I needed to slap together a decent batch following this guy's recipe....even the King Arthur AP flour and etc. Nothing to it....very little mess made. I'll keep working with this one for a while see where it leads. Tried out some of the sausage that a grilling guru recommended, Tennessee Pride Hot. This is the second pack of it that I've cooked recently. I was in the store getting "storm provisions" last week and saw it and my normal Jimmy Dean Hot was sold out. It was on par with my normal and 10X better than the Jamestown garbage stuff I've tried in the past (nothing but a tube of fat). My new skillet is getting better with every such cook...... I think I'll be keeping a low-walled non-stick skillet for eggs, though.....unless I run across a cast iron skillet that has low rounded sides... I could've let 'em ride in the oven a coupe minutes more....but was getting impatient. Bottom side not too overdone... S-E-C biscuits ready to go for me. Wife kept had her eggs & sausage on the side and sliced her biscuit open and put butter & honey on it. She was mighty pleased with this biscuit attempt. She commented on how little mess was made, too. Always a good thing.
  22. Breakfast this morning.....had a couple apples left in the fruit bowl....figured I'd put 'em to use on making a Dutch Baby and some jazzed up oatmeal. Almost didn't use enough skillet.
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