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  1. Are you guys lighting the top of the pile or the bottom.. i guess im using my vague knowledge of how to start a bonfire and was adding kindling under the coal so it would catch and light the rest
  2. Update* After 2 hours of vigorously fighting this thing like i was tyson in his prime.... ive managed to get the temp regulated (i think).... thanks for the tips though. In the future i will definitely do my homework first
  3. Thanks.... yea i think i used way to much coal.... almost filled it halfway... this was given to me used... so i sorta winged it... i see now the errors of my ways... anyways to fix it ? Im currently trying to get it to temp by spraying it down with water.... or would i need to remove some coal ?
  4. So yea im sure this is an ongoing question in these forums... and i should probably search for the answer... ive tried YouTube vids and a few other resources but cant seem to get a good answer... a friend gave me a akorn jr recently and this is my first time using it. Im using harwood lump. The issue is i cant get the thing to go below 400 degrees... ive tried burping it. Ive tried closing the vents... but the moment i close it the temperature skyrockets up to 400. Im trying to get it to the 250 - 275 range.... any advice is greatly appreciated.. P.s. im standing in front of it right now with my poor ribs begging to be put in
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