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  1. That is a great thread. I’ve read it a few time. I usually only buy FOGO or BandB but money was tight this week and I wanted to clean the grill before I smoke some Beef Plate Ribs.
  2. Yeah I was annoyed cause I was trying to do a cleaning burn. My grill was super dirty from smoking two pork shoulder the last weekend
  3. So update. This stuff sucks!!!! Finding ribbons of plastic in the charcoal. Charcoal smells like literal dirt. Almost like opening a bag of soil. Mostly powder and small chips. Terrible stuff. Takes forever to get lit and come up to temp. Can’t get it to go over 650
  4. Awesome!! Well i'll have to give it a go. Money is tight and this seemed like an affordable option for now.
  5. Just curious if anyone has tried the Smart And Final Mesquite Charcoal. Its cheap and you get a lot of it. But how is the quality of the burn?
  6. So , just pulled it off and let it rest for two hours. Came out amazing. Threw it on some Hawaiian Rolls with some coleslaw. MMMMM good.
  7. So I ended up moving my prob to the outside of the grill and closed the top vent a little. Now the dome temp and grill temp are a lot closer to each other. I have a cake pan underneath the butt filled with apple juice and I’m spraying it every two hours. I also have a meat thermometer inside to make sure I don’t go over my 165 degree trigger point to wrap my butt in foil. I’m dorking out on this way to much but I strive for perfection when I can. I used to be a bbq cook in California specializing in Santa Maria Style bbq. I don’t do that anymore but I get to cook amazing stuff for my family at home.
  8. I just saw that. Ive been reading it. Slowly loosing my mind LOL hopefully this butt doesn’t turn out like crap. I have been over cooking it according to the Dome temp for the last two hours. :( I put the brakes on it now to get it down to 275 on the dome. Hopefully I can save my cook. Fingers crossed
  9. That drop in Temp around 1030 was me spraying with apple juice for a brief moment
  10. So I am currently smoking a 9.5lb Boston Butt for dinner and I’m using my FireBoard 2. Them temp gauge is set up on the grill and is riding at a nice 275. But looking at the Dome gauge on the Kamado Joe its showing 350. What temp should I be going off of. I know my dome gauge is off by 10 degrees. Should I lower my grill temp to like 250 to compensate for the dome temp being higher? Or just let it ride and trust the grill temp gauge?
  11. John, Thanks for the heads up, I bought the Fireboard 2 drive. and Fan. Just got the Kamado setup today. and I am about to do my first burn to mess around with it. I have been watching your Youtube Videos and read your manual. Great stuff. Thanks again.
  12. So just bought my first KJ Classic II. Coming over from a Traeger. (Sold it) But was wondering how low of a temp can you achieve with the KJ without the fire going out. I bout the FireBoard and fan system to go with it. Delivery is tomorrow and want to get cooking. First burn though is just going to be charcoal, no food. Just messing with vents to see how it reacts to things. In the mean time, I read and dream of all the delicious food that is to come..
  13. Looks amazing. Curious where or what is that rack system you have
  14. Just sold the Traeger to get a Kamado Joe. Excited to finally work with really fuel.
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