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  1. Posted a few weeks ago about my attempt on a brisket and over the past weekend took my knowledge and tackled it. I don't think I did too poorly, the thinner portions of the meat got to temp faster than the center of it so the edges were drier and more like jerky but a majority of the cuts were as expected. After my first attempt I can see where some downfalls are to tweak in the future and the first one was trimming the brisket. Due to my knives either not being sharp enough or small enough to get out some of the thicker pieces of fat I realized as time went on and the my brisket wasn't as cold it was getting harder to cut as some tips I've gotten from trimming the brisket. In the end, decided to invest a true boning or carving knife for future briskets. Per your guy's experience what's a solid knife for the long term? I don't need high end, but I also don't want to have something so cheap that will die in a year. I tend to take care of my products well so looking for that in the middle quality. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks
  2. Sometimes the programming language is confusing for me, set temp, ideal temp etc. So when I do short cooks I just click on the app and manually set the temperature of the KJ temp. Aka I want it at 250 I just press manual and set it to 250 instead of using a program. Otherwise yes lower the max fan setting. Its an awesome product!
  3. Thank you again! Could you clarify the resting process, are we talking 1-2 hours? the longer the better? I do not have a Yeti so im assuming just any closed cooler will work. Also sounds like I am not going to be using a water pan and trust my Kamado, drip pan at most
  4. Really appreciate the kind words! Will definite keep that in mind. When you mean season in advance do you mean 1-2 days prior and plastic wrap and place in fridge? Post trim correct
  5. Hello all, first all love this forum and its community. I've tried a brisket from a friend who got me into kamado cooking and ive tackled things like ribs, boston butt, pork shoulders but I would love to tackle a brisket. I've done some research but would love some clarity on some topics. 1) Plan to trim the brisket after buying it, I am not a butcher by all means but i've read some guidelines on orientation and removing the fat. Experienced people anything you've learned that have helped you that I may not read about? 2) Season the brisket, and do not wrap it on the intial cook. My friend also uses a drip tray with water for moisture but i've read you do not need that. 3) Cook at 225-250 for 12 hours or so, each brisket is different until you reach an internal temp of 210. 4) When it stalls, take it out and wrap it in butcher paper to finish I likely plan to not be perfect on my first cook but I hope to not destroy the thing. Being a bit drier or soggier is not a big deal as long as its edible and ill be able to tweak it. I use the fire Fireboard 2 temp controller with a fan and I love the thing so hopefully that makes my life easier. Any tips are appreciated and thanks!
  6. Just got the email saying from AGC that they carry this product, interesting. Just curious if anyone has it and thoughts Does it just make traditional slow cooking smoke easier? Sounds like if know basic smoking contents on our kamado styled grills shouldn't need this https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/kamado-joe®-sloroller-w-stainless-steel-cooking-rack?_pos=1&_sid=b0618ec70&_ss=r&mc_cid=5470a41c0d&mc_eid=7b0d0cf782
  7. Trying my first chuck roast soon. Besides the rub the consensus seems to be to have an external temperature of around 220-240 Degrees and an internal of 150, wrap until 190? From the responses it looks like if you dont wrap with butcher paper/foil/plastic then it tends to dry out by the time it hits 190. Just wanted to confirm peoples thoughts. Thanks
  8. My firebox when I first bought it had cracks in it, took me about 2-3 months to get a replacement. It is tough but sometimes talking to the original distributor who has their sales contact with KJ may make it faster. If it gets bad I could sift through my emails and find the contact info for the rep for you to harass them but in my experience I had a way better experience talking to the Atlanta Grill Rep who sold me than KJ itself. They told me that KJ is having good growth but as a result theyre staffing and customer services are playing catchup
  9. Thanks @John Setzler I just asked because you said you were going to try the atlanta brand charcoal
  10. @John Setzler Any thoughts on the charcoal? Plan to restock soon. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, Ill try that the cheapie in me always tries to do just enough but yes I think it kills me in the end to add more midway. I reuse charcoal yes when its not completely burnt but what do you mean about clean ash? Just clean the ash try to make sure bottom vent has air? I make sure to do that
  12. Literally bought it from that website 5 minutes ago. Bought my Kamado Big Joe from there during a big sale and no regrets. You may be getting more messages from me in the future John regarding kamado tips!
  13. Sold, buying a fireboard 2 as we speak HAH
  14. You guys are selling me on buying one, The biggest problem I have on my Kamado Big Joe is temp control as i'm sure most first time users are. I used to see my friend cook on his regular sized green egg and the biggest problem i have is fuel gauging. I know a monitor won't fix that but might help me fine tune. Will this work on a big joe size? As well I know this is a different topic, how heavy are you guys packing in charcoal into a larger size kamado? I generally fill as much as I can with maybe a layer of 2-3 charcoals stacked but do I need it more like 4-5 layers? Thanks!
  15. I look forward to you giving me feedback John! Thanks I am curious to your signature what do you mean about temperature control system? Something other than a wired thermometer?
  16. Hi guys! Long time reader first time poster. Was just looking to refill charcoal and wondered if anyone used atlanta grill company charcoal? Good pricing but i've found out that I rather pay for a little extra for better quality cooks and longer burns. At the moment I am a fan of Kamado XL charcoal and have had problems with other types like Cowboy. Ive yet to use Royal Oak brand, I hear from you guys its the best but unfortunately my store only carries the briquette version and I would like to avoid those chemicals. https://www.amazon.com/Royal-Oak-195228021-Lump-Charcoal/dp/B019H0DAQ4/ref=sxin_7?ascsubtag=amzn1.osa.dfff58df-bf3e-4ae4-b5bd-35a046ceb1a6.ATVPDKIKX0DER.en_US&creativeASIN=B019H0DAQ4&crid=JIR1X4JCJGS4&cv_ct_cx=lump+charcoal&cv_ct_id=amzn1.osa.dfff58df-bf3e-4ae4-b5bd-35a046ceb1a6.ATVPDKIKX0DER.en_US&cv_ct_pg=search&cv_ct_wn=osp-single-source&dchild=1&keywords=lump+charcoal&linkCode=oas&pd_rd_i=B019H0DAQ4&pd_rd_r=ffb8041e-a064-4837-9b33-12e437f700db&pd_rd_w=oLojc&pd_rd_wg=iCyAd&pf_rd_p=239b7e46-2801-4de5-be76-268606e8ded2&pf_rd_r=9Q0CDZ85FTA9WNY8P68F&qid=1594060727&sprefix=Lump+charcoal%2Caps%2C204&sr=1-2-72d6bf18-a4db-4490-a794-9cd9552ac58d&tag=thesprucepublish-20 https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/atlanta-grill-company-charcoal?variant=32126550048877 Just curious on peoples thoughts. Thanks!
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