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  1. New Gasket vs. Felt Gasket for Classic

    New gasket is not yet available as a replacement for the older style gasket . When it will become available is anyone's guess.
  2. Smobot

    @reinhart36 I used 3/16" x 1 flat bar and put it though a ring roller then just welded a cap on top . I think turning them would be a huge waste but also if you wanted to produce quite a few of these that casting them in aluminum might be option but not sure about cost.
  3. Smobot

    @reinhart36 I made the cap out of mild steel and just sprayed it with some high temp paint , it is a friction fit which I happened to make a little big and ended up adding some gasket to the inside of the cap as well but overall works like a charm. Next one I'll make a little tighter.
  4. Kamado Joe Jr Rotisserie

    @pesto3 Thanks for the info , not exactly sure when I get to it but once I do I'll post it here , thanks again
  5. Kamado Joe Jr Rotisserie

    @pesto3 really like this unit you did a great job coming up and building this . I like it so much thinking about making one for myself so any dimensions you could share like back and front heights as well as the inside , outside dimensions of the rings that would be great. Think this info would save me some grief.
  6. Smobot

    I can't say it is any more convenient , I just prefer it shorter and not being able to get caught up in something or hanging on the ground. I also decided to make a cap for my friend's Vision and gave it a run last weekend . It worked out great and he really likes it so he will be buying one , along with another friend that also as a Vision and I will be making a cap for them also. Any time frame for the phone app?
  7. Turkey on the Joetisserie

    I would say a high percentage of people that own a Joetisserie on here have cooked a turkey . Just google Turkey Joetisserie and Kamado Guru and you should have a few threads pop up
  8. Fire Bowl is here rejoice !

    This was the same rep I have been dealing with since the start , I don't think what happened was in control but rather when the claim gets put though to the Canadian side this is when things go awry , then finally giving up and shipping it directly from the US location to Canada.
  9. Fire Bowl is here rejoice !

    Many of you will know of my long ordeal with KJ Customer service , losing my cheese on here etc.... , won't rehash all that just my last experience. Got a hold of support again told her how my bowl was shipped and that it was only half there and totally busted , after she asked that I send the pics I had posted on here and that should would be sending to management as this is not how they should be shipped . Then was told that she was going to ship it directly from there. 1 day less a week I get home to find the KJ box there , seeming shipped from Texas I'm not sure but that was quick and looked much more promising then the previous box I received. What I take from this not knowing how KJ organization works is that they have some issues on the Canadian side of things but this just my opinion and nothing more. Promising looking box Even better inside all intact Installed and end of saga
  10. Current size of BIG-JoeTisserie?

    This what my JT measures across the outside dim. , not sure what you mean about the gasket giving it play ? , there is no gasket around the lip of the JT it just sits down on the base gasket. So I get about 24 1/4" OD.
  11. Smobot

    Heavy G answer to question is correct the servo's are quite waterproof as they use them in RC planes , cars , boats etc... Although my Kamado is under shelter I'm going to make something similar as with winter coming the wind pick's up so even under cover rain can still end up going into my shelter. I said in one of my earlier post that I didn't like the long cord that was attached to the servo so I decided to cut it and spliced on a female mini headphone jack and now just run a extension with male plugs on both ends. Also for a update I did a super long cook and was able to run this device for 21.5 hrs on one fully charged battery and for anyone else that has this and the Thermoworks Smoke the meat probes are interchangeable.
  12. Do I or don't I?

    This is exactly what I was thinking and would do
  13. Dub , I do apologize for posting in this thread and sending it in to derail , I know my approach was wrong and should have never posted here .Which In my locked thread I try to address some of these points in my 2nd post. But this line seems to imply that I am continuing to post here which is not the case. ( except for this post)
  14. Smobot

    I have been running it out close to front and just make sure the wire is close to the inside of dome when closing the lid and not sticking to far to the middle , I think you could also run it though the vent but I haven't tried that so I can't say for sure.
  15. Kamado Joe Customer Service ( Canada Edition It Blows)

    I will agree the my post is more of a rant than I wanted , a long day a few drink's and emotion's probably doesn't make the best time to post. Although I still feel that if positive experiences are accepted here negative one's should be as well , maybe a little bit eloquently and tactful than mine . It just seems for the most part that I've been ignored left in limbo with the KJ CS rep . then when I feel it's going to come to a close , I receive a package that from first glance I can tell it as been carelessly packaged and most likely there are going to be broken pieces , which they were , and to top it off even if they weren't broken I am still missing 3 other pieces and the metal ring . So now I have dealt with 2 divisions of this company and feel both have failed to deliver , which now puts me back to square one. I know that posting here isn't going change what has happened but just my experience of what has happened. I'm sure that eventually everything will get worked out and that day will be a much better one.