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  1. As HeavyG said a 1/2" gap will fine no need to worry about it , also I think it just won't look that aesthetically pleasing
  2. Yes I realize that vents are what ultimately control your temps , my thinking is that restricting airflow to one side and directing to other will get you achieve a higher temp quicker , I have no scientific evidence to prove or disprove this , and the whole point might be mute. I'll will be trying it out and see what happens. no harm , no foul. I would say a laser or water jet cutter.
  3. The way I look at it is by getting more airflow though the fire is that it will heat up the coals faster and hotter , akin to one blowing on fire to start it , or a blacksmith using a bellow to increase heat for forging. I see it as restricting air flow to one side will accomplish this .That is the reason I thought most prefer the KAB , for the purpose of better airflow.
  4. I like this divider only thing is I think the one side should be solid with no air holes to keep as much airflow to the one side as possible , just my 2 cents. Well anyways today I ordered some material to make my own KAB for my BJ and JJ and this thread as given me some idea's to modify it a bit Thanks
  5. Thanks was just curious , I pre ordered mine and got a delivery date for April 10th but seeing that others are starting to get them I am hoping it is sooner.
  6. When do expect to receive it ?
  7. The only issue I see is that 22ga, is fairly light material and it might severely wrap from the heat , but great none the less
  8. This is not good news at all , I just don't understand why that lip has to be so @#$$#@@ tight they must know that there is going to be slight variances with every grill made , just not understanding it after all this time to get this product to market I was looking forward to see these things going on here , and being envy watching you guys while I waited for mine , this has truly waned me a bit
  9. Sorry to here that I know how I will feel if this happens to me after this long wait and still a longer wait for us Canuck's probably. Would you mind post the pics on here , just curious and would like to see
  10. This is something I have been looking into for a while , and after looking at , I see that there is a lot of false claims about the temperature resistance , some will state 932 degrees but really there are only 450 or so after looking at manufacturers specs. Then trying to find anything in Canada has made it more difficult as for some odd reason they won't ship here , thankfully I live close to border town and use a postal drop off and drive down and pick them up. Well anyways I found these gloves and I am fairly hopeful that these will work with temperature range Going to order off
  11. I like the cast iron divider but seeing that you have to bolt it to grate to make it stand seems a bit of a PITA , I think a solution for this would be to include a second grate to permanently attach it to and it could also have only the holes on one side where you want the airflow . Then you just switch them out when needed. I know this is the way I would go if I had that divider and just make 1 myself.
  12. Just pre ordered mine price was 389.00 CDN and they give me a date for April 10th
  13. As much as I like to build things with mortise and tenon I usually don't just for how time consuming it can be . There are a couple of different methods that can be used that are quicker and give a very strong joint and are less time consuming. One is with a domino tenon , this is great way to build something but with that said , the machines are expensive and not really practical to buy for one job , but if have one or access to one that would be a bonus. Here is a thread of a table built with domino tenons You could use a router and buy the domino tenons , but this will be time consuming also as you will have to make jigs for the router but it will work . Another way to make a fairly strong joint is the way I did it on my table which was with biscuits and pocket hole screws , not as strong as a domino but not to bad , now a biscuit joiner and pocket hole jig will be way less expensive , also this way doesn't require one to have a shop full clamps . You could also use pocket holes with the domino's to overcome this too. Here is a link to my thread showing how I built my table Also could go the route of dowels as well but they can be hard to keep everything lined up . Now I'm not trying to convince you not to go the mortise/tenon route , if that's the way you want to build it great can't beat that method of construction , just thought I throw out some different methods for you . Hope you post some pic's of your build.
  14. I highly recommend getting a rib rack , I used one for the first time last weekend and was able to fit 8 racks on no problem.
  15. yeah that seems to be better thanks