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  1. Clothes pins?

    Here is a link for Lee Valley a Canadian store that sell woodworking and gardening tools but also carry a array of other items geared towards traditional innovation. Wooden clothes pins right here http://www.leevalley.com/us/garden/page.aspx?p=63682&cat=2,42194
  2. Second Hand DEMO Primo

    Ya I get it , go with what got , just thought I throw it out there not sure what the cost of aluminum would be compared to ceramic but with the aluminum or steel for that matter it won't break
  3. Second Hand DEMO Primo

    Not only what this ^ but it will definitely burn and you and your Kamado will not like the toxic fumes it gives off Also if this me I would go with aluminum lighter and won't rust
  4. Been a long time since I ever checked after shutting down but if I remember correctly after I cooked and opened the dome after a couple of hours I have had a small amount of hot coals still burning This normal , I will probably get some hate for this but I see a lot of people on here so concerned on here about seal and dollar tests and for the most part to me is just wasted energy , unless it is some huge leaking air flow there is no need to worry about it and just learn your vent settings for you cooker no water pan needed that the beauty of having a Kamado
  5. Big Joe Dimension

    This what I was able to measure , hope it makes sense.
  6. Kamado Smoked Cheese

    Not sure how they work in a Akorn but they come in a few different variations but here's a link to their site. http://www.amazenproducts.com/category_s/12.htm
  7. Replacement Chimney Top

    Hey Dylan welcome to the forum , I think it might be best to contact Vision customer service and see if they would be able to hook you up with what you need.
  8. Kamado Transporter

    If it was me and wanting to transport on a regular basis I would go the Big Steel Keg route with the hitch attachment.
  9. here you go https://www.jbweld.com/products/j-b-extremeheat
  10. Kamado Smoked Cheese

    I did this last year in the winter months last year , I used the Amaze pellet smoker as well with it placed at the very bottom of my BJ , the x-rack with my soapstone pizza stone with a tray of ice placed on top of that and then with grate with the cheese placed directly above and didn't open the vents much as these really don't consume much oxygen to keep going. Had no problems with the cheese getting soft. The Havarti came out awesome and will definitely be doing more during the holidays.
  11. I think the above post say's it best. This what I call EV (entertainment value ) around my house , EV = cost / hours of use. If it is something I will rarely use the I go bottom end and if it's going to used on constant basis I usually try to go high end as financially possible. Almost every hobby I ever started out in I would start out in the would be the bottom end and if stayed within that hobby would eventually end up buying higher end products. I think for most it is just a natural progression.
  12. SMOBOT Thanksgiving Sale, 20% off

    No not yet but it is in the works
  13. New Gasket vs. Felt Gasket for Classic

    New gasket is not yet available as a replacement for the older style gasket . When it will become available is anyone's guess.
  14. Smobot

    @reinhart36 I used 3/16" x 1 flat bar and put it though a ring roller then just welded a cap on top . I think turning them would be a huge waste but also if you wanted to produce quite a few of these that casting them in aluminum might be option but not sure about cost.
  15. Smobot

    @reinhart36 I made the cap out of mild steel and just sprayed it with some high temp paint , it is a friction fit which I happened to make a little big and ended up adding some gasket to the inside of the cap as well but overall works like a charm. Next one I'll make a little tighter.