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  1. I have one of these I they work great , does a good on other things as well and cleans easily
  2. just saw this posted by Rak73 in another thread in case somebody has missed it "The Big JoeTisserie will arrive in our Canadian warehouses next week, barring any unforeseen circumstances, and will ship to our dealers shortly afterwards. The dealers will most likely have them around the end of the month. "
  3. Just thought I start a new thread for us Canucks , so any info we learn about it's arrival can be contained to one thread. Maybe Rak will have some answers. GO GO GO
  4. Ordered mine at Johnstone's BBQ in Surrey , stopped by last week on my way home from work to see if they had a idea if it would be in before April 10th , but they didn't know , but they did have the 2017 Joe's on display. I keep waiting for the phone call that's it's in because this as been a excruciating long wait for this.
  5. Well made a pledge to push it over , was a hard decision because of the Canadian exchange rate is terrible but been following and really like this product so I sucked it up and did it. GL reinhart36
  6. There was another thread on here talking about high temp gloves , well after researching and scouring the net trying to find something that was available in Canada , and not full of false claims as some were on Amazon .ca , I eventually found these I thought they should work for moving hot items off the grill and what not. Here is a link to the site Just got them this weekend , here's a pic of the front and backs of them. They are made in the USA and of high quality , so they should last me quite along time for as much as they will be used , they are bulky for sure and you won't be picking up change with these. The labels state not to wash or dry clean so I will assume that you shouldn't get the soaking wet as well. Although I do wish they were black as I know they will covered in grease stains etc. , something I can live with if they work well. Tonight I just cook some burger's , so I decided to heat up one of my small soapstone pieces and test them out by seeing how long I was able to comfortably hold on to it. First temp test was at 350F and was able to hold on for 2 minutes easily and it never got to the point of being uncomfortable so I'm sure one could go on indefinitely at this temp, so then I stepped up the temp to a 620F and was able to comfortably hold on for about 50 seconds were it was getting quite warm but not to the point of burning All in all I really like these gloves and should serve me well for quite some time.
  7. I totally agree with you on this , after checking out Johnstones BBQ website posted by odamaK , the local dealer in my area and seeing a price of 2699 for the BJ I alsmost fainted. I got my BJ at the Costco roadshow here last year with the JR deal , but trying to justify spending another 700 above 2016 BJ retail seems really hard for me even with the new hinge , vent ,etc. Everything on the new version looks great but the price is a lot to get over . Glad I got mine when I did and completely happy with it the way it is.
  8. Been down this road , got BJ all setup in the table and then find out they ask for the #'s on the base couldn't believe it !! , so then I checked JR. and could not find any numbers at all and finally just used the ones in the book. Don't think there is any #'s on the base and why they can't update there manuals , which mine were outdated with other material is beyond me.
  9. Yes I did than just flipped upside down and tied it so it didn't slide around
  10. When I did this in a pickup truck , I just bought some cardboard with me , I put some under the fire bowl and then around it to keep it from shifting , put some more in the corner of the truck bed and just ratchet strap it in the corner , then for JJ I had extended cab and just seat-belted him in the back , the grills and ceramic dividers I just laid on the floor in the back also. Forgot to mention to make sure the lid is tied down so it doesn't bounce open , think I put a strap over the handle also
  11. there as been some pictures posted already here And @Michealf48 nothing like new toys
  12. Still sorry to hear about your frustrations , I have yet to use their customer service but from many have said on here is second to none , so this situation seems very odd but by posting here maybe John can get something done.
  13. As HeavyG said a 1/2" gap will fine no need to worry about it , also I think it just won't look that aesthetically pleasing
  14. Yes I realize that vents are what ultimately control your temps , my thinking is that restricting airflow to one side and directing to other will get you achieve a higher temp quicker , I have no scientific evidence to prove or disprove this , and the whole point might be mute. I'll will be trying it out and see what happens. no harm , no foul. I would say a laser or water jet cutter.
  15. The way I look at it is by getting more airflow though the fire is that it will heat up the coals faster and hotter , akin to one blowing on fire to start it , or a blacksmith using a bellow to increase heat for forging. I see it as restricting air flow to one side will accomplish this .That is the reason I thought most prefer the KAB , for the purpose of better airflow.