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  1. My man from Portaferry is on the way
  2. You lost me with green stuff
  3. King19

    My 1st Rib Competition - The 'Cue & Brew Way

    What a cool local contest
  4. King19

    Saucy Jerk Pork Ribs

    What is this catsup you speakbof? Looks great
  5. King19

    Smoked Cheez-Its

    Can't wait to smoke some hot cheetos and cheese A south Texas delicacy
  6. King19

    Tired of pork and chicken

    Lamb shank Tomahawk steak Dino ribs
  7. King19

    First cook. All the ribs

    Ribs don't need a foil wrap unless time is a concern Every time I have caved into the guests and foiled my food has not been of the standards i strive for
  8. Nobody from Texas eats grits if they can help it It is a true southern thing and my cousin vinny was where I heard of them as well that's hilarious
  9. King19

    Cookies in July

    Love the toll house cookies Def gonna do this next bbq
  10. Get your kamado and we walk you thru food 10x better than that place You have 3 of the best on this thread offering you advise Yes that includes you ckreef
  11. King19

    Cookies in July

    Great use of the cool down nestle till house recipe?
  12. Gotta love a homemade sauce made with all name brand products
  13. Yeah its half central TX menu with some very light Cajun New Orleans is a top 5 food city in the world But Cajuns are weird just like the Welsh so this could a perfect mesh
  14. Not too much Cajun food on that menu and is kid of all over the place hope it's good and you should be able to make all of that on your Kamado http://louisianasbestseafood.com/30701.html This is a Cajun online store check out the fowl de cohon
  15. King19

    Pulled Pork Help

    The rest let's me cook some chicken and sausage and other goodies