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  1. King19

    Head fake (pizza)

    Great pizza and every time I see your posts I see PhilPorn as your username PhoodPorn it is
  2. How is the recovery? Heard not a lot is open yet
  3. Thanks Walmart is at 247 on 36 trying to see if it goes lower 28inch sold out prob bc it comes with grill hood
  4. I am looking everyday for just a regular 36 or 28 Will keep eyes open for this one as well
  5. King19

    36" Blackstone cover

    Ship it ground and to a business if possible Open a ups account and get discounts
  6. Waiting for clearance
  7. King19

    Bacon crust pizza

    Can't believe you went vegetarian
  8. King19

    Some call it a Trisket

    That is completely opposite from where I am
  9. King19

    Some call it a Trisket

    Why not just buy a flat? Costs less than a tri tip
  10. King19

    Corn Beef Brisket Weave

    No offense but corn beef is literally the worst piece of meat I have cooked It was brutal yours looks way better than my disaster
  11. King19

    What to do with hot deflector plate

    I put it on the chimney starter
  12. King19

    Tomahawk Ribeyes

    The first pic didn't show just how big those are Awesome cook
  13. That is a lot of work for 20 wings They look amazing
  14. King19

    North Alabama White Sauce

    That's a good recipe but I would add some sugar But I live in TX and think vinegar is for cleaning
  15. King19

    Scottish seasonings...

    Looks like someone has never been to the Texas State Fair