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  1. Pork butt is the best first cook Then do some chicken while the butt rests Then high heat burn off Then he treated like a cooking God by the family
  2. Nice cook but what does it have to do with Kamado s?
  3. Yeah I won't even use the restrooms at a gas stark n let alone buy wood for smoking Disclaimer Buccees in TX is a lifestyle and not a gas station
  4. Isn't there a theory that the gasket is not needed?
  5. Yes scrape that crap off had it fall in my food once and I thought it was paint everyone here had a good laugh at my expense and now 4 years later my feelings are still hurt
  6. The slocacek is new and they are originally from Snook and there were prob more people in the store than visit Snook in a year try the Czech stop across the street for the proper kolaches and klobanesk should have stopped at the twin peaks for the biker shootout tour stop
  7. I am just thankful you made it out of Wacko alive wrap in bacon and smoke with a lovely bbq sauce s life and make a grilled cheese and bologna and bacon
  8. I hope you started the fire again cooking at 190 is Damn near impossible to me Crank that bad boy up to 300 to make up for lost time
  9. I always remove the membrane it takes 10 seconds and is fun
  10. No need to cook and freeze the butt Just start it earlier then cook ribs for but should rest at least an hour in a cooler before serving done ribs and butts plenty of times
  11. That first picture looked like a lizard to me and I thought of this gonna be good then scrolled down and saw the brisket not as exciting but enjoy
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