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  1. Photos after the rest. For my first cook, I was really happy with it! Our only problem was that we had too much. Should’ve invited over some friends!
  2. Not hijacking at all. Really appreciate the feedback and suggestions. Gotta admit, I’ve been a little skeptical of the mustard binder, but sounds like a good experiment for next weekend
  3. I know y’all are going to think I’m spoiled since I’m starting my Kamado cooking with a FireBoard, but I’m sharing some of my experiences in case you’re curious about Fireboard’s operation. As a complete novice, I have found this to be a pretty easy system to get up and running. I’ve watched probably 5 hrs of different videos walking through the various processes. Johns video on cooking Boston Butts was particularly informative. Here’s my cook from today. My biggest challenge was the 20 mph breeze that kept my temps elevated. Had to close down the FireBoard damper to prevent too
  4. Seems like a good opportunity for another Kamado Joe (et al) accessory! wouldn’t be a big money maker, but would definitely be appreciated.
  5. The video I mentioned
  6. Saw a video the other day that listed it as 144. Having just setup my grill, I can tell you the weight *is* an issue, but the shape and and awkwardness of the grill was more of a challenge for us. fortunately, we didn’t have too far to go. good luck!
  7. You should be pleased! That’s awesome!
  8. Hey John, Thanks so much for the review. I have one of these coming and hope to be able to share my experiences with it in the coming weeks. Out of curiosity, I think I’ve seen in other posts that you’ve been setting your max fan rpms to around 20%. In the video you mention 30%... Are you changing it depending on the application? Or do you find 20% feels right for pretty much all low and slow? Thanks for all you do!
  9. I’ll be giving this a shot! Thanks for sharing your method!
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