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  1. Well,...it looks like the OP may have left the building.....
  2. To think you could have invented the Donut Pizza had you just left the hole alone.
  3. Welcome to the forum, the only sure fire way way I know to prevent a lot of smoke is to not use it.
  4. I wondered if the amount of steam being generated from a pan in a Kamado is enough to even make a difference to the air pressure beyond the expansion of gases due to burning the charcoal. Does anyone have any idea how to test this or has this already been done? OK, so I did some digging.... With the Classic II, I typically can fill the fire box with about 5 lbs of charcoal. 5 lbs of coal generates roughly 10 lbs of CO2. 1 lb of CO2 fits into a square of roughly 24.6". Therefore 5 lbs of lump produces 80 cubic feet of CO2. Since a 5 lb burn at 275 will generally take let's say 12-13 hours, the Kamado in theory should be throwing out 7 cubic feet/hour or 0.11 CFM of CO2 through a 1" square opening. With these rates, I don't see why there should be any effective back pressure inside the Kamado due to steam since the top opening looks like it can easily handle the CFM. The flow is in reality higher due to the open vent at the bottom. Sorry, hope I'm not rubbing anyone the wrong way, but my theory is that the heat rising out of the top vent is most likely pulling the pressure out of the Kamado faster than pressure can build in it unless the top is almost totally closed. Cheers.
  5. If you look on the local CL down south you'll see guys selling these for less. You just have to be in the right area or be ready to pay for someone to get it & ship it to you.
  6. Looks like one sleepless night waiting in anticipation or dreaming of the first cook.
  7. Wow, REEFER marinated chicken. Must be a first
  8. I was going to say that you're still missing the soap stone & cast iron griddle....
  9. Ordered some KJ BB 1-1/2 weeks ago from Costco on-line and wasn't sure they were going to honor it or just send an email saying they're out of stock but just got notice yesterday that it shipped.
  10. Is that a crack on the inside or an optical illusion? I see on your other post that you have a cracked dome. Sorry to hear about that & hope KJ addresses it soon.
  11. @JeffieBoy, no need to wait, Atlanta Grill Co. has them on sale the last few days for $167 for the Classic version.
  12. I add a small amount of vital wheat gluten to my flour when making a batch of bialy. Bialys are bagels without the holes & without the boiling but with a spoon full of cooked sweet onions in the middle.
  13. Looks good, but that is one short & fat duck as far as proportions.
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