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  1. You can look here. Acts as a pizza stone also so a 2 for 1. https://soapstoneproducts.com/products/soapstone-pizza-stone-3-4-thick?variant=28176117858409 I hope I didn't violate any forum rules by posting this....
  2. Yes people do strange things all the time & there's no need to disparage them just because we don't understand why they do what they do.
  3. Watch out for wood and resin handles if using the 14" wok on the 18" KJ, the heat will flow up the sides of the wok. I would worry about burning or melting the handles. I am using a cast iron wok on the KJ Classic II and have to wear gloves when stirring. Controlling wok temps are also a challenge since you can't turn down a flame when using charcoal.
  4. To everyone who got fleeced, have you thought about having your credit card replaced? I mean, you did just give the credit card number and personal information to a fake retailer......
  5. Magnets on grills???? I thought magnets & heat don't mix well........
  6. Always easier to blame someone else rather than to admit that the owner didn't check the condition of their own equipment especially if the equipment is used often. I'm sure the manual fine prints says what needs to be looked at periodically. Way to go!!!! Oh yeah sorry to hear about the damage to the BGE dome. She should call BGE to see what a replacement cost. Maybe they'll help with the replacement.
  7. It's not. Wish you the best in getting your money back.
  8. The old saying goes that if it's too good to be true, then it usually is.
  9. Nice looking gasser you have there John.
  10. I would be curious to see what happens to the bottom of the metal body once the charcoal and ceramic firebox concentrates the heat & allows a higher temp due to the heat being kept in the firebox.
  11. Can't you put a couple of bricks down first on the plastic shelves?
  12. Rico, Sorry that you found this site too late. Hope you have success in getting your money back.
  13. Highly unlikely, but go ahead and order. Let us know if your credit card number get's stolen........
  14. Looks like mold to me, why don’t you wash it with vinegar & then heat it up dry in the cooker.


    Sounds like a recipe for disaster to use water on porous ceramic surfaces....
  16. Here's some info from a Powder Coat Wiki. ....Powder coating can also be removed by a burning off process, in which parts are put into a large high-temperature oven with temperatures typically reaching an air temperature of 300 - 450 °C. The process takes about four hours and requires the parts to be cleaned completely and re-powder coated. Parts made with a thinner-gauge material need to be burned off at a lower temperature to prevent the material from warping..... 300 - 450 C = 572 - 842 F
  17. Atlanta Grill Co also has them. I have some on mine & use them when using the KJ but try to store everything inside the KJ when possible to keep deflectors & pizza stone dry & out of the rain.
  18. If the OP is only grilling steaks & burgers as he says then I would also suggest a gas grill as the second grill. If the OP thinks he wants to experiment with more smoking of meats than I would say either another KJ or even an electric smoker. As long as he's good with the flavor profile.
  19. I put mine back in under the KAB. I seem to think it helps to control the hot spot at the back of the KJ. Will use it for a few cooks to see.
  20. OP, is this a used one, a gift or a gift of a used one? I'm sure there is some relevance.
  21. Well,...it looks like the OP may have left the building.....
  22. To think you could have invented the Donut Pizza had you just left the hole alone.
  23. Welcome to the forum, the only sure fire way way I know to prevent a lot of smoke is to not use it.
  24. I wondered if the amount of steam being generated from a pan in a Kamado is enough to even make a difference to the air pressure beyond the expansion of gases due to burning the charcoal. Does anyone have any idea how to test this or has this already been done? OK, so I did some digging.... With the Classic II, I typically can fill the fire box with about 5 lbs of charcoal. 5 lbs of coal generates roughly 10 lbs of CO2. 1 lb of CO2 fits into a square of roughly 24.6". Therefore 5 lbs of lump produces 80 cubic feet of CO2. Since a 5 lb burn at 275 will genera
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