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  1. Thanks Rick, appreciate your information, Naaahhhh the thermo is right on the money, I calibrated it the other day and it hit right at the 210-12ish on 1st boil, was just looking to get a bigger dial/larger face or something to add a little for zing to the exterior of my Classic 2...LOL........ I see your information (USN), if you were are in the United States Navy then Sir, Thank you for your service to our nation. Appreciate you my man. Thanks Dave
  2. Hello all- Im going to pose a question, maybe it's already been answered many times, but here goes: If you had to replace your dome thermometer, what would you replace it with. Looking for the most accurate dome thermometer around, even though I know that I can calibrate my Kamado Joe standard one that came with it.....Classic 2. Thanks for any tips/Info....be safe and healthy!
  3. 1st fire......gettin in tune with temp control today cookin ball tips tomorrow...
  4. Gonna do my 1st cook this weekend, going to do a few 'ball tips' with either hickory or pecan..........!
  5. Hello all- I am pretty sure that a lot of you guys/gals have maybe done this already, but i was watching youtube and found a pretty good video in regards to using smoke pellets on the Kamado, looks pretty cool.....so I thought I'd share......let know what you think?........
  6. Thank you for the information and tips...will giv'er a try!
  7. Maybe this has already been answered here somewhere on this awesome site, but im brand new to this community......1st: Do any of you recommend to season a New Kamado Joe? and 2ndly if so suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have heard that Kamado does not recommend high heat right off the bat when brand new...... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave
  8. Thank you, and looking forward to any tips and knowledge that will make my bbq much better for me my friends and family......
  9. Thank you, looking forward to it, going to do my first cook this Saturday.........
  10. Hi all- New to Kamado, just got a Kamado Joe Classic 2 and am going to do my 1st cook on it this weekend. Very excited about the learning curve and my new 'toy'. I'm always looking for new tips and advise. So please feel free to let me know what I can do to make my Kamado Joe Experience as awesome as I think it will be........ Dave O SF Bay Area N. Cali
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