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  1. I seem to have a problem with uploading photos, trust me I tried.
  2. So I finally got to try out the new Akorn, that has been sitting on the deck for the last 3 weeks ( I know, I know). Started off with a rack of ribs. Read a lot of posts, here, there and everywhere to determine the best cook method. Went with 1.5 hrs on the grill uncovered, about 40 mins wrapped in foil with a little apple juice and a final 15 mins uncovered with a coat of Sweet Baby Ray's Hickory and Brown Sugar for the sauce. Turned out not bad for a first attempt. The missus seemed to enjoy them. Time for some tweaking to make them ours!
  3. Downloaded it for a little reading.
  4. Hi all, Just got an Akorn 16820 and mother nature decided to go all cool and wet on me. Looking forward to trying this thing out.
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