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  1. Hey guys-- a quick question about the iKamand bracket. My in-laws bought me an iKamand for my birthday, but purchased the wrong one, and the Big Joe backet is too large for my Classic. I see I can purchase the iKamand bracket from the Kamado Joe website separately, but wasn't sure if the devices themselves were the same size... I originally assumed they were, except I saw a review response from KJ on their website that says: "Unfortunately, if you have the small size door, this suggests the unit you own is a Classic size iKamand, in which case the full accessory will require replacement as the machines are different sizes, not just the damper attachment." Can anyone advise, before I unnecessarily purchase a replacement bracket? Thanks!
  2. On the KJ Classic 2, has anyone had success installing the 2nd Gen iKamand on top of the existing door? I use the KJ almost 50-50 for slow cooks and high-temp cooks, and have heard that the iKamand pieces may melt with excessive high-temp use... would love to be able to just switch back and forth easily as needed... Thanks!
  3. at least 5 years. It was a hand-me-down so not exactly sure.
  4. Hi all anyone know what could be causing the red exterior paint to be chipping off? It doesn’t impact the cooks, so it’s purely cosmetic, but any solutions on how to avoid it getting worse? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I’ll order directly — appreciate the advice.
  6. Hi all, New to the forum. I recently acquired a KJ Classic 1 from my father-in-law, though it has a cracked firebox. I can't seem to find the original style firebox (one piece and ceramic ring that sits on top) -- does this no longer exist? Will the new style for the 18" grill fit? And if so, best place to purchase one? Another question: in the meantime, I'm using a small marble chip stone from our garden to hold the firebox in place-- otherwise, the crack lets through too much charcoal. I basically have the small rock wedged between the outside of the firebox and the inside wall of the grill. Will this be an issue?
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