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  1. It came out great! Photo from last night’s cook, left side was bare ribs, right side wrapped in foil. I was able to keep the temps around 225-260 the whole time. I still need to practice with the vents to get it exactly right. I was tweaking and chasing more than I should have. I’m convinced I put the meat on too late — by the time I did, the hickory was all burned up. There was no smoke ring on the meat at all. Still, absolutely delicious! Wife said it was my best ribs yet.
  2. Fingers crossed it may be okay now... I lit the bad boy up a few hours ago to start today’s cook - baby back ribs. Started my fire cube, gave it a minute or so, then close the lid with both vents. Waited until it hit about 125 degrees, then closed the vents to about 1/8” to 1/4” on bottom and the 1 marker on top. Had to run an errand so I figured I’d let it go and see. Came back about 90 minutes later and it settled at 240 degrees. Put my ribs on, tapped the top vent closed just a little more, and hallelujah! Looks like it’s settled at right about 225-230. Only problem now is I think I didn’t put enough hickory blocks in there, there’s not enough smoke when I put my ribs on!
  3. I’ve added extra felt gaskets at the top and on the spark slider (the one with holes). I also just put a bit of permatex silicone gasket along the bottom vent underneath — there’s a felt gasket there but it isn’t shaped to the ceramic so there was this enormous gap I could see through. I have a Traeger also that does temp controller, but the reason I wanted a Kamado was to do it “tech free” so to speak.
  4. Hi all, I’m a noob learning to cook on my first Kamado grill, which is the new LG K24 from Costco. I’m having difficulty with my low and slow cooks, and am hoping for some advice and tips. First, just a note on how I’ve modded it. Based on the comments on these forums, I added gaskets around both my bottom slider vent and my top vent to get a better handle on the airflow. That being said, here’s what happened to me today. I loaded the grill up with lump coal (Frontier brand from Home Depot — fairly big variety of small and large pieces) alongside some old pieces left over from a previous cook and lit one fire with both vents open and the top up. After about 10-15 minutes, I saw that there were some smoldering embers around where I lit the fire, so I set both the bottom and top vents to where I wanted them and closed the lid. After about 30-45 minutes, the temperature look liked it stabilized around 225 degrees. I noticed that I had forgot to put on the heat diffuser, so I opened the lid real quick and put it on. After another 30 minutes or so the temperature appears to stabilize around 250-270 degrees. That was about the temperature I wanted for my tri-tip, so I opened the lid and fairly quickly put the roast on. I did not make any further adjustments to the vents at that time. I came back about 10 minutes later, and saw the temperature had spiked to about 350 degrees — hotter than I wanted. Fortunately it didn’t matter that much for my tri-tip roast, so I let it go until I liked the internal temperature and then proceeded with a high heat reverse sear. But here’s my problem — even though it worked out okay for this cook, the temperature spiking a hundred degrees from 250 to 350 would work on a true low/slow cook like brisket or butt. And, I’ve had similar problems in the past with low/slow cooks on this grill like with some ribs. Help! Is there something I did wrong? Are there any tips for improving what I’m doing? For example, what if I’d just put the meat on when I decided to close the lid, thus obviating the need to open the lid once it hit 225?
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