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  1. I have only used the grill grates or the soapstone. The soapstone is my favorite.
  2. seasoned with Kinder's "The Blend" (salt, pepper & garlic powder) 250 indirect with bourbon barrel chunks until the steak was about 122 degrees internal seared on soapstone at 600 This was the best steak I have made by a long shot.
  3. Doesn't the weight of the rack, food, and anything else you throw on there hold it in place? Mine stays in place even with nothing on it. It only shows its warped ugly face when I pull it out of the grill, which is maybe twice a year.
  4. I smoked 4 butts in a tornado once while the power was out. Would not recommend. Everything turned out fine, but during the worst of the storm, the wind was so bad it changed the air pressure just enough to pop the latch open, which caused my grill temp to shoot up, which caused my fuel to run out almost, but not quite, too early. Never had an issue with water intrusion even in those conditions, but I have the gen III cap. I have grilled in all manner of weather. I guess what I'm getting at is that I wouldn't sweat a few raindrops.
  5. The bark falling off may be due to putting the brisket in the boat too early. I don't use a boat, but I wrap mine in parchment paper. I do so when the meat hits 165, and my bark stays intact. @John Setzler recommended a higher temp, like 175 or so, to ensure the bark is set before wrapping/boating. Looks good though!
  6. I have only ever used a Looftlighter to light mine. Same idea. I haven't had a single problem. My grills are only a few feet away from an electrical outlet. I keep saying I'll get a Grill Gun if that Looflighter quits working. In 2 years, it hasn't.
  7. I have a Fireboard 2 Drive and absolutely LOVE it. For me, it means the difference between constantly stressing about grill temperature (I'm a bit obsessive about many things in my life), and just relaxing, even sleeping at night as I smoke aaaaallllll night long without worry. I love my Fireboard so much I bought a second one for the other grill.
  8. My rings aren't straight any more either, because of the heat. I only notice when I pull the firebox out for cleaning. I don't see it as a big deal. No thin piece of metal is going to hold its shape after that many high heat cycles.
  9. I have never heard of Golden until now. They sure look interesting!
  10. I wonder if some POR-15 would help. That stuff WORKS.
  11. I cover mine with foil and put an air gap between them and the heat deflectors or Slo-Roller. Other than some discoloration from the smoke, heat, and airborne grease, they have held up fine for 2 years now.
  12. Forums have been my go-to resource for hobbyist knowledge sharing for many years. My experience has been that a buyout is the beginning of the end. I sent a few bones your way. Thanks for all that you do, and let's keep this thing afloat!
  13. What I have been getting wrong most of the time is that I usually have a second grill up to searing temp before the low cook is finished, and I would transfer the steaks directly from low heat to high. I think that might work if you target a lower internal temp prior to the sear, but I always ended up with overcooked steaks. Taking my time, and giving the steaks a good 10-15 min or so wrapped in foil on the kitchen counter while I got the searing surface ready was the trick.
  14. I have always struggled with steaks. The low & slow stuff comes fairly easy to me, but nailing a steak has always been hard. People are picky about them and I tend to overcook them as a result. This time, I got it right. I might have seared them a hair long on the soapstone, but they were still fantastic. pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/anQ1sfR4ocznCjwm7
  15. I have had consistently good brisket cooks the last 3 or so I've done, to the point that I'm confident that people will like it. This one took about 20 hours. I cooked it overnight at 225 until it hit 165, then wrapped it in parchment paper and bumped it up to 250 until the end. Total cook time was about 21 hours. At the end, the temp was starting to fall on the Big Joe. After I pulled the meat off, I pulled the top off the slo roller and saw that I was nearly out of fuel. click here for pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/z1TDwTspE3GhtT2d8 I have had issues during my last couple cooks with running out of fuel toward the end. This time I filled the basket up almost to the bottom of the slo roller. I'm going to assume that the cold weather is having an impact. Last night it was cold, windy and raining, all night long. The time before that, it was subzero outside. If it continues into the warmer weather, I might have to look harder at my technique, but for now I don't think that's the issue. I think the issue is my bad luck with the weather.
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