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  1. That's kind of how it goes around here as well! My wife's closet feels bigger than the bedroom I had as a kid. Glad you're ok!
  2. I just ordered my first Fireboard yesterday. I went with the Fireboard 2 Drive, not because of cost, but because of probe capacity. If I only had one grill I'd have probably gone with the pro, but with 2 Big Joes, the extra probe ports will come in handy, I think.
  3. Mine is getting pretty greasy as well. I'm curious to hear solutions. If someone asks whether or not the Slo-Roller is worth the purchase if it's not included in the grill, I say no, and just use the heat deflectors. I don't find a huge difference between the two, and the heat deflectors are much easier to keep clean.
  4. All of my warranty concerns so far have been resolved aside from my cracked base. I received the KJ in question on 8/21/2020. It's midway through Jan 2021 and I'm still waiting for the base. I'm not bashing them; it's just a simple fact. Other than the timeline, I can't complain. They have gone above and beyond, and have left me with 2 fully functioning Big Joes for the price of 1. Once the base shows up, I'll be way ahead.
  5. Sometimes you get the option to buy it back from the insurance company. You'll end up with a salvage title, but if you have no plans to sell the car, so what?
  6. This is what I do, both with the heat deflectors and the pizza stone. Dirty side down for each cook.
  7. When I served, at some point shortly after boot camp, they lost my medical record, and I had to get those boot camp injections all over again. I had a pretty bad reaction to the typhoid shot that made my arm pretty much unusable for a couple days.
  8. Yep, a clean cycle in the grill will turn all that stuff into ash. Then you just brush it off.
  9. John, I only know you from your grilling stuff here and on YouTube, but you seem like a good guy. That sucks about your job. I hear you about the social media stuff. I gave up on all social media years ago and had all of my accounts deleted. I truly feel I'm better off for it. My grandfather always said, "Cheer up; it'll get worse." There's some truth to that! But seriously, we'll ride this thing out. It'll get better, we'll have a story, and we'll be tougher because of it.
  10. I actually took this one myself in Hong Kong back in the 90s.
  11. I bought the 16" from Ceramic Grill Store for the slo roller on my Big Joe 3. It fits perfectly. The top of the slo roller is just a hair wider than the pan. I know @John Setzler mentioned the 14" for the Big Joe in his post, but I measured first and went with the 16". https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/drip-pans-stainless-steel-round/products/16-round-stainless-drip-pan-l I can provide pics of it in place if anyone would like to see.
  12. I just used a pizza stone. I wasn't real interested in the DoJoe. The pipe fittings are these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0058PS2J8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 You just place three of them spread out between the pizza stone and the heat deflectors to introduce an air gap. It keeps the pizza stone from overheating. They give you a 1.25" air gap, which is just about perfect.
  13. I had that issue on my first Big Joe as well. I didn't mind the boogery things on the outside so much as the crack in mine, so I ended up getting a replacement. What's that hole in the last pic?
  14. In my Big Joe III, the lid gasket barely brushes the top of the slo roller + divide & conquer when it's aligned that way. I never thought to give it a 1/4 turn to allow it to clear. I'll have to give that a shot next time.
  15. Pizza night is also a fantastic way to clean your grill.
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