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  1. I cook for 5 people on a weekly basis. I couldn't be happier with the Big Joe.
  2. Just don't fall for the scams:
  3. I'd love to see some pics after the paint touch-up. I had a chip like that in mine and I was willing to let it go, until I found some cracks. I didn't know touch up paint was an option.
  4. Dang, I just bought 4 bags. I guess I should get more!
  5. My mom got a security system. This happened.
  6. Here's the old thread. I only shop online from reputable places. I do my research first. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.
  7. That's a hell of a setup. I wouldn't call that lower class at all. :D
  8. Here's a chart from the above CSV.
  9. I don't spritz my low & slow cooks at all. I just put the rub on and let them ride. You can season them early and let it rest in the fridge that way until it's time to grill. Attached is a data dump of my brisket cook if that helps. I ended up running the temp up to 275 toward the end just so it was done in time for a (very) late dinner. Brisket.csv
  10. The cook data was deleted yeah. I don't think those links last forever. It did cook for 27 hours. It spent the first 24 hours at 225, though. No doubt the process would have gone quicker if I ran it at 250 or so. I have a Big Joe 3. I did not add more charcoal during the cook. The firebox was pretty empty when it was over, but it still held temperature the whole time. Charcoal was Fogo Super Premium.
  11. I forgot to charge the battery beforehand, so it was at 60%. Last time I did an overnight, the battery was at 40% in the morning. We also had some snow coming the next morning, so I wanted to be sure it was topped off and I could remove the power supply when the snow came. I also have a USB-C battery pack that I could probably stick up under the grill with the fireboard. I'd run out of charcoal before I ran out of battery power. I could also throw all of it in a plastic bag to ensure it stays dry.
  12. I have a Boston Butt going on overnight tonight, so I'm getting the grill warmed up and wiring up the Fireboard. This is only my second time using it, so it's brand new. As I was connecting things, I draped my grate probe across the grill and let the end fall to the ground. The braided steel probe cable fell right in between the female end of my extension cord and the male end of my Fireboard charger and started throwing sparks everywhere! I thought for sure I shorted out the whole works and ruined my Fireboard. But, aside from a couple of burnt plugs and so
  13. The grills circulate smoke around in the dome. You won't have any problem getting some smoke flavor in something that's sitting on top of a soapstone.
  14. I'm still new at this myself, so I can't speak from experience. The only thing I have read here is that having the top vent too closed off can cause excess fuel consumption. This is due to the intake vent pulling in cool and and pushing out hot air at the same time, preventing the heat from rising to the top of the grill. Therefore, you burn the coals hotter than necessary to maintain your grate/dome temp.
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